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Ken Fenelon 1943/05
Has defeated Johnny Carlin on 42/08/26 in Des Moines, IA to be recognized as world light heavyweight champion; recognized as NWA World Junior Heavyweight champion as of 43/05/23 by Pinkie George, who later founds the current version of the NWA in 48; introduced as "newly crowned" National Wrestling Alliance champion on a Topeka, KS paper in 43/06 for winning a tournament in Chicago; also defeats Eddie Campbell on 44/11/01 in Des Moines, IA to unify MWA title.
Marshall Estep 1945/05/30 Toronto, IA
Larry Tillman 1945/12/31 Des Moines, IA
Ken Fenelon [2] 1946/03/11 Des Moines, IA
Marshall Estep [2] 1947/01/06 Des Moines, IA
Ray Steele 1947/03/24 Des Moines, IA
Marshall Estep [3] 1947/04/28 Des Moines, IA
Billy Goelz 1947/10/06 Des Moines, IA
Officially recognized by the National Wrestling Alliance during its first convention in 48/07.
Al Williams 1948/08/22 Waterloo, IA
Billy Goelz [2] 1948/09/05 Waterloo, IA
Recognition withdrawn in 49 when NWA selects Leroy McGuirk as champion.
Leroy McGuirk 1949/11  
Has won National Wrestling Association title, defeating John Swenski on 39/06/19 in Hollywood, CA; recognized by National Wrestling Alliance during the convention in 49/11; defeats Billy Goelz on 49/12/28 in Des Moines, IA; vacant on 50/02/07 when McGuirk blinded in an auto accident; Goelz continues to defend the title in Illinois and Wisconsin (at least until 51/04).
Verne Gagne 1950/11/13 Tulsa, OK
Defeats Sonny Myers in the final of 14-man tournament; also defeats Billy Goelz on 51/04/21 in Milwaukee, WI.
Danny McShain 1951/11/19 Memphis, TN
Unifies the Los Angeles version of the world title, defeating Rito Romero on 52/05/25 in Los Angeles, CA; Red Berry defeats McShain by DQ on 52/11/11 in Dallas, TX and claims the title; Whitey Whittler defeats McShain by DQ on 52/10/17 in Oklahoma City, OK and claims the title; McShain defeats Whittler on 52/11/14 in Oklahoma City, OK and Berry on 52/11/27 in Galveston, TX to regain the respective claims.
Baron Michele Leone 1953/08/17 Memphis, TN
Ed Francis 1955/04/11 Tulsa, OK
Mike Clancy 1956/04/10 Tulsa, OK
Fred Blassie # 1957/03/26 Nashville, TN
Title immediately held up.
Mike Clancy [2] 1957/04/09 Nashville, TN
Defeats Blassie in rematch; again held up after a match against Fred Blassie on 57/11/12 in Nashville, TN.
Mike Clancy [3] 1957/11/19 Nashville, TN
Defeats Blassie in rematch.
Angelo Savoldi 1958/02/28 Oklahoma City, OK
Dory Funk Sr. 1958/06/05 Amarillo, TX
Angelo Savoldi [2] 1958/07/11 Oklahoma City, OK
Ivan the Terrible 1959/02/20 Oklahoma City, OK
Angelo Savoldi [3] 1959/03/06 Oklahoma City, OK
Mike DiBiase 1959/05/29 Oklahoma City, OK
Angelo Savoldi [4] 1959/08/21 Oklahoma City, OK
Danny Hodge 1960/07/22 Oklahoma City, OK
Hiro Matsuda 1964/07/11 Tampa, FL
Angelo Savoldi [5] 1964/11/13 Oklahoma City, OK
Danny Hodge [2] 1965/04/30 Oklahoma City, OK
Or 65/04/28 in Springfield, MO.
Lorenzo Parente * 1965/11/23 Little Rock , AR
Danny Hodge * 1966/01/04 Little Rock , AR
Lorenzo Parente 1966/01/14 Oklahoma City, OK
Parente wins by forfeit when Hodge collapses during the match.
Joe McCarthy 1966/02/11Oklahoma City, OK
Danny Hodge [3] 1966/05/03 Little Rock, AR
Sputnik Monroe 1970/07/13 Shreveport, LA
Danny Hodge [4] 1970/08/10 Tulsa, OK
Or 70/09/14 in Shreveport, LA.
Roger Kirby 1971/05/20 New Orleans, LA
Ramon Torres 1971/09/10 Oklahoma City, OK
Dr. X (Jim Osborne) 1971/12/03 Oklahoma City, OK
Danny Hodge [5] 1972/03/20 Shreveport, LA
Ken Mantell 1973/12/19 Jackson, MS
Wrestling Pro # 1974/09/17 Mobile, AL
Awarded with a disputed decision; recognized only in the Gulf Coast territory.
Ken Mantell # 1974/11/05 Mobile, AL
Defeats Wrestling Pro in rematch to become the undisputed champion.
Hiro Matsuda [2] 1975/06/14 St. Petersburg, FL
Danny Hodge [6] 1976/03/02 Shreveport, LA
Vacant on 76/03/15 when Hodge retires after suffering a broken neck in an auto accident.
Pat Barret 1976/09/28 New Orleans, LA
Defeats Nelson Royal in tournament final; or Shreveport, LA.
Ron Starr 1976/12/02 New Orleans, LA
Nelson Royal 1976/12/06 Tulsa, OK
Chavo Guerrero 1978/04/07< Albuquerque, NM
Sometime after 78/02/24.
Nelson Royal [2] 1978
Al Madril 1978/06/25 Houston, TX
Nelson Royal [3] 1978/07
Awarded when Madril is too ill for rematch (or 79/07/28, though Royal defends the title for the rest of 78); vacant in 79/12 when Royal retires; Steve Keirn allegedly defeats Chavo Guerrero on 79/12/10 in Los Angeles, CA to be recognized as champion by New Japan, Los Angeles, and Florida, but the version is later renamed International Junior Heavyweight title in 82.
Ron Starr [2] 1980/02/11 Tulsa, OK
Defeats Les Thornton in tournament final.
Les Thornton 1980/03
Wins by default (sometime between 80/03/09 and 80/03/19); possibly on 80/03/14 in Oklahoma City, OK where Starr and Thornton are scheduled to wrestle.
Jerry Stubbs 1981/01/26 Mobile, AL
Les Thornton [2] 1981/01/31 Dothan, AL
Terry Taylor 1981/06/07 Roanoke, VA
Les Thornton [3] 1981/06/20 Roanoke, VA
Jerry Brisco 1981/09/13 Orlando, FL
Les Thornton [4] 1981/10/16 Knoxville, TN
Joe Lightfoot # 1981/11/07 Bayamon, PR
Les Thornton # 1981/11/14 San Juan, PR
Above changes in Puerto Rico may be for WWC Title.
Tiger Mask (Satoru Sayama) 1982/05/25 Shizuoka, JPN
Some of North American promoters declared the title vacant in 82 after Tiger Mask wrestles for WWF; according to New Japan, NWA Board announces that Tiger Mask is still recognized as champion at the annual meeting in 82/08; vacates the title on 83/04/03 after being injured by Dynamite Kid in a tag match on 83/04/01; Dynamite Kid and Kuniaki Kobayashi meet for the vacant title on 83/04/03 in Tokyo but have no winner decided; Tiger Mask and Dynamite Kid meet for the vacant title on 83/04/21 in Tokyo but have no winner decided.
Tiger Mask [2] 1983/06/02 Tokyo, JPN
Defeats Kuniaki Kobayashi; vacates on 83/08/12 upon retirement.
The Cobra (George Takano) 1983/11/03 Tokyo, JPN
Defeats Davey Boy Smith; Les Thornton starts claiming the title in Georgia later in the same month:
Les Thornton [5] # 1983/11
Wins a fictitious tournament in Manila, PHILLIPINES; vacant in 84/07 when Thornton joins WWF after its takeover of Georgia Championship Wrestling.
Hector Guerrero # 1984/07/13 Los Angeles, CA *
Wins a tournament.
Mike Davis # 1984/10/02 Albuquerque, NM *
Denny Brown # 1984/11/22 Greensboro, NC
Hiro Saito 1985/07/28 Osaka, JPN
Wins the title from The Cobra.
The Cobra [2] 1985/07/28 Osaka, JPN
Returns later on the same card to challenge Saito and wins title; also holds WWF Junior Heavyweight Title; vacates on 85/08/01; Shiro Koshinaka defeats The Cobra on 86/02/06 in Tokyo to be the first IWGP Junior Heavyweight champion.
Denny Brown 1985/08
Recognized as the undisputed champion by NWA first vice president Shohei Baba after The Cobra vacates the title on 85/08/01.
Gary Royal 1985/08/15 St. Louis, MO
Denny Brown [2] 1985/09/21 Atlanta, GA
Steve Regal 1986/08/02 Atlanta, GA
Denny Brown [3] 1986/09/01 Greenville, SC
Lazor-Tron (Hector Guerrero) 1987/03/07 Atlanta, GA
Vacant in 87/10 when Tron leaves JCP.
Nelson Royal [4] 1987/11/17 Columbia, SC
Defeats Denny Brown; takes the title to USA Championship Wrestling in Knoxville in 88/05; some reports say Masanobu Fuchi, recognized as the world champion by All Japan Pro-Wrestling, is briefly billed as an NWA champion in 89< after Royal leaves WCW.
Scott Armstrong1988/07/22Knoxville, TN
Nelson Royal [5]1988/07/23Hazzard, KY
Scott Armstrong [2]1988/08
Nelson Royal [6]1988/08/19Knoxville, TN
USA promotoin closes in 88/10; Royal promotes ACW in the Carolinas and bills himself as world champion until 89.
Masayoshi Motegi 1995/08/30 Tokyo, JPN
Defeats El Hijo del Santo in tournament final when title is revived by NWA.
The Great Sasuke 1996/08/02 Tokyo, JPN
Ultimo Dragon 1996/10/11 Osaka, JPN
Jushin Thunder Liger 1997/01/04 Tokyo, JPN
El Samurai 1997/07/06 Sapporo, JPN
Shinjiro Ohtani 1997/08/10 Nagoya, JPN
Vacates on 97/11/05.
Logan Caine 1999/03/05 Parkersburg, WV
Defeats Viper in 4-man tournament final; stripped on 99/10/28 due to a no-show for title defense against Vince Kaplack.
Vince Kaplack 1999/10/28 Pittsburgh, PA
Defeats Chris Hero.
Tony Kozina 2000/01/14 N. Versailles, PA
Rockford 2000 2000/07/22 Surrey, BC, CAN
Tony Kozina [2] 2000/08/30
Awarded after the NWA board reviewing the tapes of the 8/26 match.
Vince Kaplack [2] 2000/10/14 Nashville, TN
Rocky Reynolds 2001/04/07 Pennsboro, WV
Mike Thunder 2001/05/04 N. Richland Hills, TX
Lex Lovett 2001/08/21 Tampa, FL
Jason Rumble 2001/10/13 St. Petersburg, FL
Defeats Lovett, Jimmy Rave, Brandon K, and B.J. Turner in a 5-way match.
Rocky Reynolds [2] 2002/02/02 Titusville, PA
Jason Rumble [2] 2002/02/16 Malden, PA
Rocky Reynolds [3] 2002/04/06 Parkersburg, WV
Jimmy Rave 2002/06/29 Cornelia, GA
Defeats Reynolds and Jeremy Lopez in a 3-way match.
Star 2002/08/10 Columbia, TN
Jimmy Rave [2] 2002/08/17 Columbia, TN
Brother Love 2003/01/18 Greenville, MS
Rocky Reynolds [4] 2003/06/07 Parkersburg, WV
Chris Draven 2003/08/02 Parkersburg, WV
Jerrelle Clark 2004/01/10 St. Petersburg, FL
Jason Rumble [3] 2004/10/17 Winnipeg, MB
Defeats Clark and Vance Desmond in a 3-way match.
Black Tiger (Ricky Romero) 2005/08/25 Columbia, TN
Tiger Mask 2006/02/19 Tokyo, JPN
A former trainee of Satoru Sayama, the original Tiger Mask.
Mike Quackenbush 2007/05/11 Portage, IN
Craig Classic 2010/11/06 Ft. Pierce, FL
Vacates on 11/07/11 to protest against the decision made by NWA to strip The Shiek off of the World Heavyweight Title; Classic continues to be recognized by Pro Wrestling ZERO1 in Japan as "New Wrestling Alliance" champion.
Kevin Douglas 2011/10/06 Charlotte, NC
Defeats Chase Owens in an 8-man tournament final; stripped on 12/10/13 when Douglas cannot appear on the scheduled title defense due to injury.
Chase Owens 2012/10/13 Kingsport, TN
Defeats Matt Conard and Zac Vincent in 3-way final of 6-man tournament; also defeats Kevin Douglas on 12/11/24 in Rogersville, TN.
Jason Kincaid 2013/08/10 Kingsport, TN
Chase Owens [2] 2013/10/18 Humble, TX
Ricky Morton 2014/01/04 Kingsport, TN
Chase Owens [3] 2014/03/07 Church Hill, TN

The Records of the NWA World Junior Heavyweight Title Matches
(1948 - 1988)

World Junior Heavyweight Championship Tournament
Tulsa, Oklahoma - 1950

"The History of the World's Junior Heavyweight Championship"
by LeRoy McGuirk

Wrestling Monthly, November, 1971

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