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Past information last updated on 2014/02/22

World Wrestling Council
World Junior Heavyweight Title

(as of 2017/02/18)

Dick Steinborn1974/12/14
Billed as champion upon arrival.
Carlos Colón1974/12/21Caguas, PR
Dick Steinborn [2]1975/01/11Caguas, PR
Les Thornton # 1980/07/24
Holds NWA World Title; may be billed as WWC champion upon arrival.
Joe Lightfoot # 1981/11/07 Bayamón, PR
Les Thornton [2] # 1981/11/14 San Juan, PR
Thornton's title changes may be for NWA World Title.
Dick Steinborn [3]1982/08/28
Billed as champion upon arrival.
Jerry Brisco1982/11/04San Juan, PR
Perro Aguayo1983/01<
Title Vacant.
Billed as champion upon arrival.
Invader III (Johnny Rivera)1984/09/15San Juan, PR
Title Vacant.
Invader III [2]1985/06/01
Defeats Denny Brown.
Eric Embry1985/11/25Dorado, PR
Invader III [3]1986/01/18San Juan, PR
Chicky Starr1986/03/05San Juan, PR
Invader III [4]1986/03/19Caguas, PR
Chicky Starr [2]1986/04/12Caguas, PR
Invader III [5]1986/05/04Caguas, PR
Don Kent1986/10/25Caguas, PR
Invader III [6]1986/11/09Caguas, PR
Frankie Lancaster1987/03/14Guaynabo, PR
Title held up after match against Super Medic on 87/04/11 in Caguas, PR.
Frankie Lancaster [2]1987/04/18San Juan, PR
Defeats Medic in rematch.
Gran Mendoza1987/07/18San Juan, PR
Huracán Castillo Jr.1987/09/20San Juan, PR
Galan Mendoza [2]1987/10/07Cataño, PR
Huracán Castillo Jr. [2]1988/01/05Mayaguez, PR
Tony Falk1988/04/02San Juan, PR
Invader III [7]1988/04/13Guaynabo, PR
El Profe1988/11/16Cataño, PR
Ricky Santana1989/01/14Caguas, PR
Jonathan Holiday1989/04/02Aguadilla, PR
Super Medic I1989/05/20Caguas, PR
Chicky Starr [3]1989/06/24Caguas, PR
Super Medic I [2]1989/07/29Caguas, PR
Eddie Watts1990/01/27Guaynabo, PR
Huracán Castillo Jr. [3]1990/04/21Bayamón, PR
Ron Starr1990/08/25Caguas, PR
Invader IV (Maelo Huertas)1990/09/15Bayamón, PR
Ron Starr [2]1990/09/26San Juan, PR
Huracán Castillo Jr. [4]1990/10/06Bayamón, PR
Billy Joe Travis1990/11/03Bayamón, PR
Huracán Castillo Jr. [5]1990/11/20Bayamón, PR
Mr. Pogo1991/02/09Caguas, PR
Title held up after match against Ricky Santana on 91/04/06 in Carolina, PR.
Ricky Santana [2]1991/04/20Aguadilla, PR
Brad Anderson1991/05/11Guaynabo, PR
Ricky Santana [3]1991/05/25Caguas, PR
Alex Porteau1991/09/04Cataño, PR
Ray González1991/09/21Caguas, PR
Masayoshi Motegi1993/01/07Tokyo, JPN
Hiroshi Itakura1993/02/05Tokyo, JPN
Masayoshi Motegi [2]1993/03/22Osaka, JPN
El Texano1993/05/09Saitama, JPN
Masayoshi Motegi [3]1993/10/19Tokyo, JPN
Shin’ichi Nakano1993/12/16Kawasaki, JPN
Masayoshi Motegi [4]1994/01/14Toda, JPN
Vacant on 94/03/13 when W*ING promotion closes.
Ken Wayne
Billed as champion upon arrival.
Ray González [2]
Ken Wayne [2]
Tiger Mike Anthony1996/03/07
Billed as champion on arrival; vacant on 97/10/05 when Anthony leaves WWC.
Steve Corino1997/10/29Negro Gurabo, PR
Defeats Halcon.
Jerry Estrada1997/11/16Cobo Rojo, PR
La Ley1997/12/13Caguas, PR
Jerry Estrada [2]1998/01/06Caguas, PR
Wins by forfeit when Ley leaves the promotion.
El Rockero1998/08/15Caguas, PR
Sean Hill1999/02/20Humacao, PR
El Rockero [2]1999/05/22Guaynabo, PR
Maelo Huertas (Invader IV) [2]1999/07/03Guaynabo, PR
Black Boy1999/08/14Caguas, PR
El Rockero [3]1999/09/11Fajardo, PR
Black Boy [2]1999/10/02Guaynabo, PR
Sean Hill1999/10/09Guaynabo, PR
Maelo Huertas [3]1999/11/13Naguabo, PR
El Rockero [4]1999/11/20Cayey, PR
El Exotico1999/12/11Guaynabo, PR
El Rockero [5]2000/02/05Caguas, PR
El Exotico [2]2000/03/04Guaynabo, PR
El Rockero [6]2000/06/10Lares, PR
Title Held Up on 00/09/16.
Black Boy [3]2000/09/30San German, PR
Pins Richi Santiago in a 3-way match against Santiago and Rockero for held-up title.
Trailer Park Trash2000/11/25Carolina, PR
Vacant when Trash no-shows on 00/12/16 for a scheduled title defense against Eddie Colon.
Damien Steele2001/01/05Ponce, PR
Wins a 5-way tornado match against Eddie Colon, Richie Santiago, Black Boy, and Rockero.
Eddie Colon2001/02/10Carolina, PR
Damien Steel [2]2001/02/17Manati, PR
Eddie Colon [2]2001/03/10Morovis, PR
Barrabas Jr.2001/08/25Manati, PR
Eddie Colon [3]2001/10/13Carolina, PR
Justin Sane2001/10/27Carolina, PR
Not a Hawaii-based wrestler under same name.
Eddie Colon2001/11/24Caguas, PR
Rey Misterio Jr.2002/01/06Caguas, PR
Eddie Colón [6]2002/04/06Caguas, PR
Held up after match against Kid Kash on 02/10/20 in Bayamón, PR; declared vacant on 02/12/07.
Tommy Diablo2002/12/14Caguas, PR
Defeats Brent Dail in tournament final.
Alex Montalvo2003/01/18San Lorenzo, PR
Wins 3-way match against Tommy Diablo and Brent Dail by pinning Diablo.
Tommy Diablo [2]2003/01/25Cayey, PR
Brent Dail2003/02/15Ponce, PR
Defeats Alexander Montalvo and Tommy Diablo in 3-way match.
Livewire2003/03/22Morovis, PR
Defeats Brent Dail, Alexander Montalvo, Pablo Marquez, New York Hit Squad I & New York Hit Squad II in 6-way match.
Alex Montalvo [2]2003/04/19Carolina, PR
New York Hit Squad II2003/05/18Carolina, PR
Pablo Marquez2003/05/24<
Alex Montalvo [3]2003/05/31Carolina, PR
Jose Rivera Jr.2003/07/19Carolina, PR
Alex Montalvo [4]2003/08/15
Diabólico2003/08/16Naguabo, PR
Pablo Marquez [2]2003/09/06Caguas, PR
Alex Montalvo [5]2003/10/18Santa Isabel, PR
Maniac2003/11/29Bayamón, PR
Diabólico [2]2003/12/20Caguas, PR
Pablo Marquez [3]2004/02/28Caguas, PR
El Rockero [7]2004/03/27Caguas, PR
Brent Dail [2]2004/07/03Caguas, PR
Maniac [2]2004/07/17Caguas, PR
Kid Kash2004/08/21Caguas, PR
Alex Montalvo [6]2004/09/25Carolina, PR
Brent Dail [3]2004/10/09Gurabo, PR
Alex Montalvo [7]2004/10/23Camuy, PR
Juventud Guerrera2004/11/25Caguas, PR
Alex Montalvo defeats Guerrera on 04/11/26 in Arecibo, PR in a non-title match.
Alex Montalvo [8]2004/12/10Hatillo, PR
Brent Dail [4]2004/12/04Caguas, PR
Alex Montalvo [9]2004/12/11Caguas, PR
Brent Dail [5]2005/01/15Arroyo, PR
Chris Joel2005/02/19Caguas, PR
Brent Dail [6]2005/04/23Carolina, PR
Eliminates Jeff Jeffrey to win the title in an elimination battle royal style match; other participants include Alex Montalvo, A.J. Marley, and Justin Sane.
Jeff Jeffrey2005/04/30Penuelas, PR
Superstar Romeo2005/08/20Carolina, PR
Possibly by forfeit.
Stefano2005/11/05Bayamón, PR
Brent Dail [7]2006/05/07Caguas, PR
Superstar Romeo [2]2006/07/01Bayamón, PR
Brent Dail [8]2006
Jose Rivera Jr.2006/08/12Bayamón, PR
Rick Stanley2007/03/17Bayamón, PR
B.J.2007/05/12Bayamón, PR
William de la Vega2007/09/15Caguas, PR
Defeats B.J., Hammett, Rick Stanley, El Niche, and Dave Dijour.
El Niche 2007/12/15 Caguas, PR
Vacant in 08.
Ricky Reyes 2009/03/07 Bayamón, PR
Defeats Tommy Diablo, Angel, Carlitos, Johnny Styles, and Hiram Túa in a "Lucha X Match".
Angel 2009/04/18 Agues Buenas, PR
Tommy Diablo [3] 2009/05/16 San Juan, PR
Carlitos 2009/07/11 San Juan, PR
Rikochet 2010/02<
Lynx 2010/02/06 Bayamón, PR
Rikochet [2] 2010/02/20 Bayamón, PR
Defeats Lynx and Tommy Diablo in a 3-way match.
Tommy Diablo [4] 2010/02/27 Ponce, PR
Angel [2] 2010/03/21 Bayamón, PR
Rikochet [3] 2010/04/03 Carolina, PR
Lynx [2] 2010/04/24 Bayamón, PR
Angel [3] 2010/05/08 Lajas, PR
Tommy Diablo [5] 2010/06/06 Bayamón, PR
Rikochet [4] 2010/08/21 Cabo Rojo, PR
Tommy Diablo [6] 2011/04/23 Bayamón, PR
Partiot #1 2012/04/07 Bayamón, PR
Jay Velez 2012/06/02 Ponce, PR
Barrabas Jr. [2] 2012/09/29 Caguas, PR
Jay Velez [2] 2012/10/28 Bayamón, PR
Defeats Barrabas and A.J. Castillo in a 3-way match.
Steve Joel 2012/11/10 Bayamón, PR
A.J. Castillo 2012/11/17 Ponce, PR
Diabolico 2013/02/02 Bayamón, PR
Zcion 2013/03/16 Bayamón, PR
A.J. Castillo [2] 2013/06/29 Caguas, PR
Wins a 7-man battle royal in which Zcion also participates.
Rikochet [5] 2013/08/17 Bayamón, PR
Defeats A.J., Steve Joel, and El Diabólico in 4-way match.
Tommy Diablo [7] 2013/10/12 Bayamón, PR
Rikochet [6] 2013/10/17 Bayamón, PR
Syler Andrews 2013/11/16 Bayamón, PR
Defeats Rikochet and Tommy Diablo in 3-way match.
A.J. Castillo [2] 2014/01/19 Bayamón, PR
Rikochet [7] 2014/03/01 Catano, PR
Tommy Diablo [8] 2014/03/15 Bayamón, PR
Angel Pérez 2014/05/10 Bayamón, PR
Mike Mendoza 2014/06/21 Bayamón, PR
Angel Pérez [2] 2014/09/06 Bayamón, PR
Rikochet [8] 2014/09/27 Bayamón, PR
Samuel Adams 2014/11/08 Bayamón, PR
Rikochet [9] 2015/02/21 Bayamón, PR
Peter the Bad Romance 2015/03/14 Bayamón, PR
Angel Cotto 2015/08/01 Bayamón, PR
Defeats Peter, Morgan, Rikochet, and O.T. Fernandez in 5-way match.
Peter the Bad Romance [2] 2015/08/15 Bayamón, PR
Tommy Diablo [9] 2015/09/26 Bayamón, PR
Peter the Bad Romance [3] 2015/10/17 Bayamón, PR
Defeats Diablo and Rikochet in 3-way match.
Tommy Diablo [10] 2016/01/09 Bayamón, PR
Rikochet [10] 2016/02/27 Caguas, PR
Defeats Diablo and Angel Cotto in 3-way match.
Angel Cotto [2] 2016/03/06 Bayamón, PR
Tommy Diablo [11] 2016/07/16 Bayamón, PR
Jay-Cobs 2016/08/13 Bayamón, PR
Defeats Diablo and Angel Cotto in 3-way match.
Angel Cotto [3] 2016/10/15 Bayamón, PR
Wins battle royal against Jay-Cobs, Angel Fashion, Tommy Diablo, Angel, O.T. Fernández, and Paparazzi.
Tommy Diablo [12] 2016/12/02 Ponce, PR
Angel Fashion 2017/02/18 Bayamón, PR

* Special thanks to Daniel Cordero for the recent updates since 2014 and Brian J. Ortega Muñiz for belt photos and past information.