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Last updated on 2017/05/19

World Junior Heavyweight Title
[Los Angeles]

Alvin Britt (Albion Britt) 1936/04/20 Hollywood, CA
Defeats Ted Christy in tournament final to become the first champion; recognized by National Wrestling Association.
Dude Chick 1936/12/21 Hollywood, CA
Sgt. Bob Kenaston 1938/09/05 Hollywood, CA
John Swenski 1939/03/27 Tulsa, OK
The 39/04/02 issue of The Oklahoman says Swenski has defeated Kenaston "in Tulsa last Monday."
Leroy McGuirk 1939/06/19 Hollywood, CA
Vacant in Los Angeles sometime after 47/02.
Billy Varga 1947/09/29Hollywood, CA
Defeats Danny McShain in a 40-man tournament final; McGuirk continues to be recognized in other territories.
Martino Angelo1947/11/24Hollywood, CA
Leo Wallick1948/04/05Hollywood, CA
Gorilla Ramos 1948/05/05 Bakersfield, CA
Maurice La Chapelle 1948/06/14Hollywood, CA
Danny McShain 1948/07/05 Hollywood, CA
Billy Darnell 1948/08/16 Hollywood, CA
Billy Varga 1949/03/14 Hollywood, CA
Danny McShain [2]1949/07/11Hollywood, CA
Red Berry 1949/08/29 Hollywood, CA
Johnny Demchuck 1949/09/06 San Diego, CA
Sonny Myers 1949/09/26 Hollywood, CA
Ivan Kalmikoff 1949/11/22 San Diego, CA
Danny McShain is billed as champion in Bakersfield, CA and loses to Kalmikoff on 50/01/04.
Billy Varga [2] 1950/01/18 Bakersfield, CA
Leo Garibaldi 1950/03/03 Los Angeles, CA
Also billed as Pacific Coast Title.
Billy Varga [3]1950/05/29Hollywood, CA
Leo Garibaldi [2] 1950/07/11San Diego, CA
Baron Michele Leone 1950/08/22 San Diego, CA
Billy Varga may be billed as champion in Pasadena, CA on 51/03/05.
Leo Garibaldi [3]1951/06/28Salt Lake City, UT
No mention of the title on local papers in Salt Lake City but reported as a title change on Long Beach Press Telegram (Long Beach, CA) on 51/07/03; "just six days ago" according to The Van Nuys News (Van Nuys, CA) on 51/07/05.
Red Berry [2] 1951/10/03Los Angeles, CA
Rito Romero 1952/04/16 Los Angeles, CA
Danny McShain [3]1952/05/25Los Angeles, CA
Unified with NWA title.

*See NWA World Junior Heavyweight Title.