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WWF Junior Heavyweight Title
World Junior Heavyweight Title [Pittsburgh WWWF affiliate] ( 1965 - 1972 )
World Wide Wrestling Federation Junior Heavyweight Title ( 1978/01 - 1979/03 )
World Wrestling Federation Junior Heavyweight Title ( 1979/03 - 1985/10 )

Paul DeGalles 1965/09<
Previously billed as International Junior Heavyweight Champion in 60/07 in Charleston, WV by Toots Mondt, who later runs the Pittsburgh territory.
Johnny DeFazio 1965/10/15 Pittsburgh, PA
According to an article on Weekly Puroresu, DeFazio and Jackie Nichols trade the title four times, but Nicholas' reigns have not been confirmed; vacant in 72; some reports have title being inactive after Bruno Sammartino takes Pittsburgh territory over in 66; still billed as champion on an Altoona, PA paper as of 68/03.
Carlos Jose Estrada 1978/01/20 Uniondale, NY *
Defeats Tony Garea.
Tatsumi Fujinami 1978/01/23 New York, NY
Ryuma Go 1979/10/02 Osaka, JPN
Tatsumi Fujinami [2] 1979/10/04 Tokyo, JPN
Defeats NWA World champion Les Thornton on 81/07/31 in Osaka (NWA title not on line); vacates in 81/12 upon moving up to the heavyweight division.
Tiger Mask (Satoru Sayama) 1982/01/01 Tokyo, JPN
Defeats Dynamite Kid; vacant in 82/04 due to injury.
Black Tiger (Mark Rocco) 1982/05/06 Fukuoka, JPN
Defeats Gran Hamada.
Tiger Mask [2] 1982/05/26 Osaka, JPN
Vacant on 83/04/03 after Tiger Mask is injured by Dynamite Kid in a tag team match in 83/04/01; Dynamite Kid and Kuniaki Kobayashi meet for the vacant title on 83/04/04 in Niigata, JPN but had no winner decided.
Tiger Mask [3] 1983/06/12 Mexico City, MEX
Defeats Fishman; vacant on 83/08/12 when Tiger Mask retires.
Dynamite Kid 1984/02/07 Tokyo, JPN
Wins a triangular match defeating Davey Boy Smith on 84/02/03 in Sappporo and The Cobra on 84/02/07; vacates in 84/11 when Kid jumps to All Japan; WWF takes over Georgia Championship Wrestling in 84/07, and Les Thornton, who has been then billed as NWA World champion in Georgia, wrestles as WWF champion in some WWF shows before title is forgotten.
The Cobra 1984/12/28 New York, NY
Defeats Black Tiger.
Hiro Saito 1985/05/20 Hiroshima, JPN
The Cobra [2] 1985/07/28 Osaka, JPN
Vacates on 85/10/31 when New Japan and WWF end their working agreement; Shiro Koshinaka defeats The Cobra on 86/02/06 in Tokyo to become the first IWGP champion.

* Replaced with IWGP Junior Heavyweight Title.

* WWF recognizes World Cruiserweight Title after the acquisition of WCW brand in 2001/03.