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National Wrestling Alliance
World Junior Heavyweight Title [International version] ( New Japan: 1979/12 - 1981 )
International Junior Heavyweight Title ( All Japan: 1982 - 1986 )
( CMLL: 2007/03 - 2007/07 )
( Toryumon: 2008/11 - )

(as of 2013/12/09)

[ 日本語 ]

Steve Keirn 1979/12/10 Los Angeles, CA, USA *
Defeats Chavo Guerrero.
Tatsumi Fujinami 1980/02/01 Sapporo
Mike Graham 1980/02/15 Hollywood, FL, USA
Tatsumi Fujinami [2] 1980/04/04 Kawasaki
Vacates in 80/06 when Fujinami injured.
Kengo Kimura 1980/07/02 Kitakyushu
Defeats Bret Hart.
Chavo Guerrero 1980/10/03 Tokyo
Gino Hernandez 1981/02/27 Houston, TX, USA
Chavo Guerrero [2] 1981/05/22 Houston, TX, USA
Atsushi Onita 1982/03/07 Charlotte, NC, USA
Sangre Chicana 1982/04/11 Guadalajara, MEX
Atsushi Onita [2] 1982/04/30 Mexico City, MEX
Title held up after a match with Chavo Guerrero on 82/07/30; renamed NWA International Junior Heavyweight Title at the annual NWA meeting in 82/08.
Atsushi Onita [3] 1982/11/04 Tokyo
Defeats Chavo Guerrero; vacates on 83/04/15 after breaking his leg wrestling Hector Guerrero.
Chavo Guerrero [3] 1983/05/26 Tenryu
Defeats Ultra Seven in tournament final.
Mighty Inoue 1984/02/26 Osaka
Dynamite Kid 1985/06/08 Takamatsu
Kuniaki Kobayashi 1985/06/13 Koga
Tiger Mask (Mitsuharu Misawa) 1985/08/31 Tokyo
Vacant and retired in 86; replaced with the World Junior Heavyweight Title.

Hirooki Goto 2007/03/04 Mexico City, MEX
Defeats Shocker in tournament final; vacant on 07/09/08 when Goto declares he is no longer a junior heavyweight..
Super Delfin 2008/11/09 Osaka
Defeats Ultimo Dragon.
Ultimo Dragon 2008/11/22 Tokyo
Hajime Ohara 2008/12/14 Mexico City, MEX
Mineo Fujita 2009/10/01 Tokyo
Ultimo Dragon [2] 2010/07/19 Tokyo
Under a stipulation that the winners of a 6-man tag team match (combination by drawing lots) face each other in a 3-way bout, Dragon teams with Fujita & Hajime Ohara to defeat Black Tiger & Dark Dragon & Susato and then defeats Fujita and Ohara.

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