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World Junior Heavyweight Title
[All Japan]
(as of 2013/12/15)

[ Japanese ]

Hiro Saito 86/07/31 Tokyo
Defeats Brad Armstrong in 3-man tournament final.
Kuniaki Kobayashi 86/11/23 Tokyo
Masanobu Fuchi 87/01/03 Tokyo
Joe Malenko 89/01/20 Fukuoka
Mighty Inoue 89/01/25 Osaka
Masanobu Fuchi [2] 89/03/08 Tokyo
Shin'ichi Nakano 89/04/16 Tokyo
Mitsuo Momota 89/04/20 Osaka
Joe Malenko [2] 89/07/01 Ohmiya
Masanobu Fuchi [3] 89/10/20 Nagoya
Dan Kroffat 93/05/21 Sapporo
Masanobu Fuchi [4] 93/08/23 Shizuoka
Dan Kroffat [2] 94/07/12 Kagoshima
Yoshinari Ogawa 95/09/10 Tokyo
Masanobu Fuchi [5] 96/06/30 Tokyo
Tsuyoshi Kikuchi 96/07/24 Tokyo
Yoshinari Ogawa [2] 97/01/15 Tokyo
Maunakea Mossman 97/08/22 Tokyo
Vacates on 98/06/12 in order to move up to the heavyweight division.
Yoshinari Ogawa [3] 98/07/19 Niigata
Defeats Satoru Asako in 5-man tournament final; vacant in 00/06 when Ogawa leaves the promotion.
Kendo Kashin 02/04/13 Tokyo
Defeats Masanobu Fuchi; Stripped on 04/02/12 due to no-show for the card on the previous day.
Kaz Hayashi 04/02/22 Tokyo
Defeats Blue-K (TAKA Michinoku); also wins Champion of Strongest-K Title, defeating Hi69 on 04/09/11 in Tokyo.
TAKA Michinoku 05/01/10 Tokyo
Wins both titles.
Shuji Kondo 05/10/22 Tokyo
TAKA still holds Strongest-K Title.
Katsuhiko Nakajima 07/02/17 Tokyo
The title belt (not the championship itself) is held up on 07/10/18 after a match against Silver King ends as no-contest.
Silver King 08/03/01 Tokyo
Ryuji Hijikata 08/04/29 Nagoya
Naomichi Marufuji 08/09/28 Yokohama
Kaz Hayashi [2] 09/02/09 Tokyo
Minoru (Minoru Tanaka) 11/01/02 Tokyo
Stripped on 11/06/03 when Minoru is suspended indefinitely for being in the same dressing room when Nobukazu Hirai is physically assaulted by TARU and hospitalized in Kobe on 11/05/29.
KAI 11/06/19 Tokyo
Defeats Shuji Kondo.
Kenny Omega 11/10/23 Tokyo
KAI [2] 12/05/27 Tokyo
Hiroshi Yamato 12/08/12 Tokyo
Shuji Kondo [2] 13/01/02 Tokyo
Yoshinobu Kanemaru 13/02/23 Tokyo
Ultimo Dragon 13/12/15 Tokyo

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