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Kaientai Dojo
Champion of Strongest-K Title
(as of 2017/10/15)

Defeats Kengo Mashimo in 16-man tournament final to become the first champion.
Kaz Hayashi2004/09/11Tokyo
Also holds World Junior Heavyweight Title (All Japan).
TAKA Michinoku2005/01/10Tokyo
Wins both titles; loses the World title to Shuji Kondo on 05/10/22 in Tokyo
Kengo Mashimo2006/10/09Tokyo
Yuji Hino2008/04/13Tokyo
Kengo Mashimo [2] 2008/08/09 Chiba
TAKA Michinoku [2] 2009/04/12 Chiba
KAZMA 2009/10/18 Chiba
Yuji Hino [2] 2010/08/15 Chiba
Kengo Mashimo [3] 2011/06/18 Tokyo
Daisuke Sekimoto 2012/08/22 Tokyo
Yuji Hino [3] 2012/11/13 Tokyo
Taishi Takizawa 2013/04/14 Tokyo
Stripped on 13/07/02 after Takizawa is arrested for secret photography.
Kengo Mashimo [4] 2013/09/01 Chiba
Defeats Ryuichi Sekine in 16-man tournament final.
Saburo Inamatsu 2014/04/13 Tokyo
MIYAWAKI 2014/06/22 Osaka
Wins by the referee stoppage when Inamatsu injures his left shoulder; MIYAWAKI refuses the title and it is declared held up, but the commissioner officially recognizes MIYAWAKI as the champion on 14/06/25.
Kengo Mashimo [5] 2014/08/24 Chiba
Yuji Hino [4] 2015/04/12 Tokyo
Tank Nagai 2015/09/06 Chiba
Tomato Kaji 2016/07/31 Chiba
Kengo Mashimo [6] 2016/08/20 Chiba
Isami Kodaka 2017/05/28 Tokyo
Tank Nagai 2017/09/18 Tokyo
Taishi Takizawa [2] 2017/10/15 Tokyo