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New Wrestling Alliance
World Junior Heavyweight Title
(as of 2015/10/11)

Craig Classic 2011/07
Continues to claim a world title after vacating the National Wrestling Alliance Title on 11/07/11; recognized by ZERO1 which officially leaves NWA in 11/10.
Tsuyoshi Kikuchi 2012/01/01 Tokyo
Takuya Sugawara 2012/03/02 Tokyo
Reigning International champion, defeats Kikuchi in a double title match; from this point, both titles are defended simultaneously.
Jonathan Gresham 2013/05/04 Tokyo
HUB 2013/09/16 Tokyo
Defeats Mineo Fujita in the final of 15-man "Tenka-ichi Junior Heavyweight Tournament" to win both titles; Gresham, who has agreed to award the titles to the tournament winner, loses in the 2nd round.
Jason Lee 2014/03/09 Tokyo
Mineo Fujita 2014/09/19 Tokyo
Takuya Sugawara [2] 2014/11/03 Kumamoto
Jason Lee [2] 2014/12/28 HKG
Minoru Tanaka 2015/03/01 Tokyo
Shinjiro Otani 2015/10/11 Tokyo