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Danny Hodge (b. 1932)

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Real Name: Daniel Allen Hodge
Birth: 1932/05/13 Noble County, Oklahoma
Debut: defeated Sasha the Great on 1959/10/02 in Oklahoma City, OK
First Match in Japan: 1967/01 (IWE)
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Hodge is one of the true legends in the sport and one of the strongest wrestlers ever (the strongest at least in the junior heavyweight division).

Hodge won three consecutive NCAA wrestling championships in the 177-pound class and a silver medal at the 1956 Melbourne Olympics in the 79kg class. He was undefeated during his entire collegiate career at the University of Oklahoma. In 1958, he became an boxer and won 17 consecutive amateur fights and the national Golden Gloves heavyweight championship as well as eight of ten professional bouts. He then became a professional wrestler in the same year.

From July 1960, he held the world junior heavyweight championship eight times until March 1976 when he suffered a serious injury in a auto accident which forced him to retire from pro-wrestling.