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Last updated on 2016/05/20

National Wrestling Association
World Junior Heavyweight Title

Ralph Hammonds # 1935/02/15<  
Claims the National Wrestling Association Title in Texas; still champion as of 35/04/15; continues to claim the title in Texas even after the tournament in Hollywood, CA (see below); still/again billed as world champion in Texas as of 36/05/29 and 37/03/14.

Albion Britt 1936/04/20 Hollywood, CA
Defeats Ted Christy in tournament final to become the first champion.
Dude Chick 1936/12/21 Hollywood, CA
Britt again loses the title to Leroy McGuirk on 37/01/04 in Tulsa, OK.
Sgt. Bob Kenaston 1938/09/05 Hollywood, CA
Dan Savich 1938/12/15 Toledo, OH
Kenaston is billed as Sgt. George Kenaston in this match.
Paul Bozzell 1938/12/22 Toledo, OH
Sgt. Bob Kenaston [2] 1939/01/05 Toledo, OH
Billed as Sgt. George Kenaston in Toledo; Bobby Chick defeats Kenaston via DQ on 39/02/16 in Toledo, OH, but NWA president Col. Harry J. Landry states that title cannot change hands on a DQ and orders an immediate rematch, won by Kenaston 39/02/23 in Toledo, OH.
John Swenski 1939/04/03 Tulsa, OK
Has originally been awarded the title after defeating Kenaston via DQ in the third fall on 39/03/27 in Tulsa, OK but the decision is later reversed.
Leroy McGuirk 1939/06/19 Hollywood, CA
Unified with National Wrestling Alliance Title when McGuirk defeats Billy Goelz on 49/12/28 in Des Moines, IA.

* See National Wrestling Alliance World Junior Heavyweight Title.