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World Wrestling Council
North American Tag Team Title

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Huracan Castillo & Don Serrano1974/01/06
Billed as champions on WWC first card.
Carlos Colón & Gino Caruso1974
Huracan Castillo & Maravilla [2]1974
Jose M. Perez & Carlos Colon1974
Bruce Swayze & Jim Dalton1974/06/01Caguas, PR
Jose M. Perez & Carlos Colon [2]1974/07/12Ponce, PR
Assassins1974/07/20Caguas, PR
Jose Rivera & Jack Venano1974/11/23Caguas, PR
Vikingo & Ciclon Sudamericano1974/12/21Caguas, PR
Pierre Martel & Michel Martel1975/03/08Caguas, PR
Jose Rivera & Ciclon1975/08/02Caguas, PR
Bull Gregory & Ali Baba1975/10/11Bayamón, PR
Carlos Colón & Cowboy Bob Ellis1975/12/25Caguas, PR
Spoilers1976/01/10Caguas, PR
Infernos1976/01/17Caguas, PR
Held up after a match against Jose Rivera & Jose Miguel Perez on 76/03/06 in Bayamón, PR.
Infernos [2]1976/03/13Bayamón, PR
Defeat Rivera & Perez in rematch; held up after a match against Carlos Colon & Jose Rivera on 76/08/07 in Caguas, PR.
Infernos [3]1976/08/28Bayamón, PR
Defeat Colon & Rivera in rematch.
Antonino Rocca & Miguel Perez1976/09/11Bayamón, PR
Higo Hamaguchi & Gordon Nelson1976/10/16Bayamón, PR
Hercules Ayala & Victor Jovica1976/12/04Caguas, PR
Medics1976/12/25Bayamón, PR
Mitchell Martel & Daniel Martel1977/03/04Ponce, PR
Held up after a match against Jose Rivera & Hercules Ayala on 77/05/07 in Bayamón, PR.
Mitchell Martel & Daniel Martel [2]1977/05/21Caguas, PR
Defeat Rivera & Ayala in rematch.
Escorpiones1977/06/25Caguas, PR
Mitchell Martel & Daniel Martel [3]1977/07/02Caguas, PR
Carlos Colón & Jose Rivera1977/08/27Bayamón, PR
Samoans1977/10/29Caguas, PR
Carlos Colón & Victor Jovica1977/11/14San Juan, PR
Hollywood Blondes: Jack Evans & Larry Sharpe 1977/12/17San Juan, PR
Held up after a match against Victor Jovica & Chief Thunder Cloud on 78/04/22 in Caguas, PR.
Hollywood Blondes [2]1978/05/06Bayamón, PR
Defeat Colon & Thunder Cloud in rematch.
Carlos Colón & Chief Thunder Cloud1978/05/27Bayamón, PR
Pierre Martel & Jean Martel1978/07/22San Juan, PR
Pierre Martel & Rick Martel1979/01/22
Awarded when Jean Martel leaves the promotion; vacant on 79/02/04 in Bayamón, PR when Martels lose a loser-leaves-town match to Invader I & II.
Dutch Mantell & Frankie Laine1979/02/12Bayamón, PR
Defeat Jose Rivera & Chief Thunder Cloud.
Carlos Colón & Huracán Castillo1979/05/05San Juan, PR
Dutch Mantell & Frankie Laine [2]1979/05/19Guaynabo, PR
Invaders I & II1979/08/05San Juan, PR
Dutch Mantell & Frankie Laine [3]1979/08/11Caguas, PR
Vacant 79/09/24 when Dutch Mantel leaves the promotion.
Haru Sonoda & Mitsu Ishikawa1979/10/13Bayamón, PR
Win tournament.
Huracán Castillo & Ciclon Negro1979/11/17Bayamón, PR
Roger Kirby & Dick Steinborn1979/12/27Bayamón, PR
Carlos Colón & Eric Froelich1980/02/09Caguas, PR
Luke Graham & Gorgeous George Jr.1980/03/22Bayamón, PR
Luke Graham & Bulldog Brower1980/04/14
Awarded when George leaves the promotion.
Pierre Martel & Mr. Fuji1980/05/23Ponce, PR
Vacant on 80/06/14 in Caguas, PR when the team splits up after a match against Carlos Colon & Jose Rivera.
Carlos Colón & Jose Rivera [2]1980/09/11Bayamón, PR
Win tournament.
Dutch Mantell & Danny Condrey (Dennis Condrey) 1980/10/11Bayamón, PR
Carlos Colón & Invader I1981/01/19San Juan, PR
Pastores (Luke Williams & Butch Miller) 1981/02/28Bayamón, PR
Medics1981/04/04Bayamón, PR
Pastores [2]1981/05/22Bayamón, PR
Jack Brisco & Jerry Brisco 1981/08/08San Juan, PR
Kangaroos: Don Kent & Bruno Bekkar 1981/10/22San Juan, PR
Invader I & Super Gladiador1981/11/23San Juan, PR
Kangaroos [2]1981/12/05Bayamón, PR
Invader I & Super Gladiador [2]1982/01/26Bayamón, PR
Moondogs: Rex & Spot 1982/02/13San Juan, PR
Held up after a match against Tommy Gilbert & Eddie Gilbert on 82/05/08 in San Juan, PR.
Moondogs [2]1982/05/15San Juan, PR
Tommy Gilbert & Eddie Gilbert1982/06/05San Juan, PR
Kangaroos: Don Kent & Johnny Heffernan 1982/08/14San Juan, PR
Assassins [2]1982/08/28San Juan, PR
Vacant on 82/09/25 when Assassins split up.
Mercenaries1982/10/30San Juan, PR
Defeat Pierre Martel & Gino de la Serra.
Scorpio & Mr. Tempest1983/02/03San Juan, PR
Gran Apollo & Enrique Vera1983/02/11Manati, PR
Vacant on 83/03/14 when Vera leaves the promotion.
Buddy Landel & Terry Gibbs1983/03/25San Juan, PR
Defeat King Tonga & Gran Apollo.
King Tonga & Gran Apollo1983/06/11San Juan, PR
Medics I & II [2]1983/07/10Aguadilla, PR
King Tonga & Gran Apollo [2]1983/10/08Guaynabo, PR
Vacant on 84/04/09 when Apollo retires.
Medics I & II [3]1984/06/07Bayamón, PR
Defeat Invader III & Toru Tanaka.
Invaders I & III1984/08/04San Juan, PR
Sheepherders: Luke Williams & Butch Miller [3] 1985/01/06Bayamón, PR
Invader III & Super Medico1985/03/02Guaynabo, PR
Sheepherders [4]1985/03/23San Juan, PR
Invaders I & III [2]1985/08/25Bayamón, PR
Ron Starr & Chicky Starr1986/03/05San Juan, PR
Held up after a match against Invaders I & III on 86/04/19 in Caguas, PR.
Ron Starr & Chicky Starr [2]1986/06/02Bayamón, PR
Miguelito Perez & Huracán Castillo Jr.1986/11/08San Juan, PR
Miguelito Perez & Big Red1986/12/03
Awarded after Castillo injured by Chicky Starr.
Gran Mendoza & Bob Heffernan1987/01/06San Juan, PR
Miguelito Perez & Tony Atlas1987/04/25Caguas, PR
Hunters (Dale Veasey & Bob Brown) 1987/06/20San Juan, PR
Title retired in 87/11.

Headhunters 1992/03<
Recognized as NWA North American champions in Dominican Republic.

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