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Last updated on 2017/04/01

NWA Southern Tag Team Title
[Gulf Coast]

Lee Fields & Herb Welch1955/01/04Mobile, AL
Defeat Red Roberts & Mario Galento in tournament final.
Red Roberts & Mario Galento1955/02/08Mobile, AL
Awarded when Lee Fields is injured and unable to compete in title match.
Jack Curtis & George Curtis1955/05/24Mobile, AL
Red Roberts & Mario Galento [2]1955/07/05Mobile, AL
Don Fields & Lee Fields1955/11/16Mobile, AL
Awarded when Roberts is injured and unable to competein title match; title inactive after 56.

* Tennessee/Mid-America version is defended between 56 and 59.

John Smith & Tosh Togo1959/10/28Mobile, AL
Defeat Don Fields & Bobby Fields in tournament final.
Don Fields & Bobby Fields1959/11/11Mobile, AL
Corsica Joe & Corsica Jean1960/01/06Mobile, AL
Also recognized as champions in Mid-America territory.
Don Fields & Bobby Fields [2]1960/01/27Mobile, AL
Also win Mid-America version, defeats the Corsicas on 60/02/22 in Memphis, TN.
Great Bolo & Joe McCarthy1960/04/20Mobile, AL
Don Fields & Bobby Fields [3]1960/04/27Mobile, AL
Title inactive.
Mysterious Medics1961/02/22
Billed as champions on arrival.
Don Fields & Bobby Fields [4]1961/04/05Mobile, AL
Mysterious Medics [2]1961/04/12Mobile, AL
Jackie Fargo & Joey Fargo1961/04/26Mobile, AL
Mysterious Medics [3]1961/05/03Mobile, AL
Jerry Kozak & Nick Kozak1961/06/14Mobile, AL
Billy Hines & Bad Boy Hines1961/08/08Pensacola, FL
Don Fields & Bobby Fields [5]1961/10/06Dothan, AL
Billy Hines & Bad Boy Hines [2]1962/03/02Dothan, AL
Mysterious Medics [4]1962/03/28Mobile, AL
Tex Riley & Gus Taylor1962/04/18Mobile, AL
Mysterious Medics [5]1962/04/25Mobile, AL
Jackie Fargo & Jack Donovan1962/06/01Dothan, AL
Vacant on 62/06/20 when Donovan & Fargo split.
Lee Fields & Greg Peterson1962/09/26
Billy Hines & Bad Boy Hines [3]1962/10/26Dothan, AL
Mysterious Medics [6]1962/10/31Mobile, AL
Billy Hines & Bad Boy Hines [4]1962/11/07Mobile, AL
Jan Madrid & Jack Curtis Jr.1963/01/11Dothan, AL
Don Greene & Al Greene1963/01/16Mobile, AL
Lee Fields & Joe Scarpa1963/04/10Mobile, AL
Tiger Tomasso & Pancho Villa1963/05/01Mobile, AL
Lee Fields & Joe Scarpa [2]1963/05/03Dothan, AL
Vacant on 63/06/05 when Scarpa leaves the territory.
Mysterious Medics [7]1963/12/04
Lee Fields & Mario Galento1964/03/18Mobile, AL
Mysterious Medics [8]1964/04/01Mobile, AL
Vacant in 64/04/25 when Medics leave the territory.
Lee Fields & Bobby Fields1964/10/19
Corsica Joe & Corsica Jean [2]1964/10/21Mobile, AL
Vacant on 64/10/28 when the Corsicans leave the territory.
Terry Garvin & Chin Lee1964/11/09
Adrien Baillargeon & Tony Baillargeon1964/11/20Lafayette, LA
Terry Garvin & Chin Lee [2]1964/11/27Lafayette, LA
Lee Fields & Bobby Fields [2]1965/02/03Mobile, AL
Vacant on 65/08/01 when Lee Fields retires; the Fields are billed as holding both Southern and Louisiana titles as of 65/11/06 and continue to be recognized as Southern champions in Louisiana as late as 66/01/02.
Ken Lucas & Chris Lucas1965/08/04Mobile, AL
Defeat Bad Boy Hines & Billy Boy Hines in a tournament final.
Mysterious Medics [9]1965/10/27Mobile, AL
Ken Lucas & Chris Lucas [2]1965/11/17Mobile, AL
Mysterious Medics [10]1965/11/24Mobile, AL
Ken Lucas & Chris Lucas [3]1965/12/17Dothan, AL
Don Carson & Mazie York1966/02/11Dothan, AL
Vacant on 65/02/23 when Carson suffers a broken leg.
Ken Lucas & Chris Lucas [4]1966/03/26
Eduardo Perez & Rocky Montero1966/05/04Dothan, AL
Bad Boy Hines & Billy Boy Hines [5]1966/05/27Dothan, AL
Ramon Torres & Silento Rodriguez1966/06/03Dothan, AL
Rodriguez is injured and gives up his share of the title.
Ramon Torres & Bobby Fields1966/07/20
Fields replaces Rodriguez as Torres' partner; vacate on 66/08/01 when Fields moves to the Louisiana end of the territory.
Ken Lucas & Chris Lucas [5] 1966/08/01  
Awarded; have been billed as champions in Louisiana for winning the title "in Alabama last week", according to Advocate (Baton Rouge, LA) on 66/07/19; held up after a match against the Golden Tornadoes: Don Carson & Maxie York on 66/09/27 in Baton Rouge, LA.
Ken Lucas & Chris Lucas [6]1966/10/04Baton Rouge, LA
Win rematch; title retired in 67/01; Lee Fields & Bobby Fields are billed as champions in Baton Rouge, LA as of 66/12/24; Playground Daily News (Ft. Walton Beach, FL) also mention Lee Fields & Bobby Fields as the champions on 67/02/27.

* Replaced with Gulf Coast Tag Team Title.

* Special thanks to Michael Norris for the complete history of the title.