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NWA Gulf Coast Tag Team Title

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Roger Kirby & Dennis Hall67/03/08
Recognized as first champions.
Don Carson & Ron Carson (Dick Murdoch) 67/03/21Pensacola, FL
Roger Kirby & Dennis Hall [2]67/03/30Dothan, AL
Don Carson & Ron Carson [2]67/04/07Dothan, AL
Roger Kirby & Dennis Hall [3]67/05/12Dothan, AL
Don Carson & Ron Carson [3]67/05/19Dothan, AL
Ken Lucas & Bobby Fields67/07/05Mobile, AL
Rip Tyler & Tim Tyler67/07/17Panama City, FL
Stripped when Tim Tyler suffers a broken leg.
Ken Lucas & Bobby Fields [2]67/08/14
Rip Tyler & Randy Tyler67/10/20Dothan, AL
Held up after a match against Eddie Sullivan & Ramon Perez on 67/11/02 in Mobile, AL; vacant when Tyler no-show for the scheduled rematch on 67/11/08.
Jack Dalton & Frank Dalton68/01/05Dothan, AL
Defeat Dick Dunn & Don Carson.
Lee Fields & Bobby Fields68/01/12Dothan, AL
Chin Lee & Pancho Villa68/02/16Dothan, AL
Ken Lucas & Dennis Hall68/03/01Dothan, AL
Scorpion & Cobra Kid68/03/15Dothan, AL
Lee Fields & Bobby Fields [2]68/03/27Mobile, AL
Interns (Bill Bowman & Joe Turner) 68/05/25Dothan, AL
Ramon Perez & Pepe Perez68/06/12Mobile, AL
Interns [2]68/06/21Dothan, AL
Lee Fields & Mario Galento68/07/31Mobile, AL
Interns [3]68/08/14Mobile, AL
Bobby Fields & Bob Kelly68/09/04Mobile, AL
Held up after a match against the Interns in 68/10 in Hattiesburg, MS;
Bobby Fields & Bob Kelly [2]68/10
Defeat the Interns in rematch.
Interns [4]68/10/16Mobile, AL
Don Carson & Dick Dunn68/11/08Dothan, AL
Rocket Monroe & Flash Monroe68/11/22Dothan, AL
Don Carson & Dick Dunn [2]69/01/15Mobile, AL
Rocket Monroe & Flash Monroe [2]69/01/24Dothan, AL
Mitsu Sito & Sugi Sito69/02/21Dothan, AL
Bob Kelly & Ramon Perez69/02/26Mobile, AL
Rocket Monroe & Flash Monroe [3]69/03/12Mobile, AL
Ken Lucas & Chris Lucas69/05/28Mobile, AL
Stripped when Chris Lucas leaves the area.
Rocket Monroe & Flash Monroe [4]69/06/18
Ken Lucas & Don Carson69/07/04Dothan, AL
Ken Lucas & Mac McFarland69/08/01
Lucas is allowed to pick new partner when Carson leaves the area.
Frank Dalton & Black Hand69/08/20Mobile, AL
Ken Lucas & Don Carson [2]69/09/17Mobile, AL
Rocket Monroe & Flash Monroe [5]69/10/03Dothan, AL
Ken Lucas & Bobby Fields [3]69/10/22Mobile, AL
Rocket Monroe & Flash Monroe [6]69/10/29Mobile, AL
Dick Dunn & Ken Lucas70/01/16Dothan, AL
Rip Tyler & Randy Tyler [2]70/03/05Panama City, FL
Don Carson & Rocket Monroe70/05/21Panama City, FL
Eddie Sullivan & Wrestling Pro70/05/25Panama City, FL
Vacant and inactive.
Eddie Sullivan & Dandy Jack Morrell71/01/01
Ken Lucas & Johnny West71/03/11Hattiesburg, MS
Recognition withdrawn when Lucas & West win the U.S. Tag Team Title on 71/06/02.
Mike Boyette & Frank Dalton # 72/02/03<
Defend title against Eddie Sullivan & Rip Tyler in Panama City, FL.
Ken Lucas & Mike Boyette 74/05/21Mobile, AL
Defeat Duke Miller & Wrestling Pro in one-night tournament final when the title is reinstated.
Ron Bass & Don Bass74/05/26Pensacola, FL
Wrestling Pro & Mighty Yankee74/08/06Mobile, AL
The team splits and is allowed to chose new partners to meet in a match to determine new champions.
Mighty Yankees74/08/13Mobile, AL
Defeat Wrestling Pro & Big Bad John; Yankees split up and Yankee 2 unmasks to reveal Duke Miller, who has been under suspension; Yankee 1 is allowed to keep the title and chooses Mighty Yankee #3 as new partner.
Wrestling Pro & Duke Miller74/09/10Mobile, AL
Miller's suspension has been lifted with the votes by the fans before the match.
The Patriots74/10/06Pensacola, FL
Mike Boyette & Bearcat Brown74/11/05Mobile, AL
The Hell's Angels74/12/17Mobile, AL
Bobby Fields & Bob Kelly [2]75/02/04Mobile, AL
The Hell's Angels [2]75/02/21Dothan, AL
Terry Latham & Ron Starr75/03/07Dothan, AL
Mighty Yankees [2]75/05/04Pensacola, FL
Rip Tyler & Big Bad John75/05/13Mobile, AL
Mighty Yankees [3]75/06/03Mobile, AL
Bounty Hunters75/07/08Mobile, AL
Ken Lucas & Nick Kozak75/08/01Dothan, AL
Wrestling Pros75/08/19Dothan, AL
British Bulldogs: Edward Heath & Jonathan Foley75/11/30Pensacola, FL
Lanny Poffo & Randy Poffo76/01/20Mobile, AL
Stripped when the Poffos are fired on 76/02/17 after an altercation with matchmaker Rip Tyler.
Rip Tyler & Eddie Sullivan76/02/17
Ron Bass & Dutch Bass76/03/19Pensacola, FL
Bob Kelly & Rip Tyler76/05/18Mobile, AL
The Challengers76/06/04Dothan, AL
Ken Lucas & Gorgeous George Jr.76/06/11Dothan, AL
The Challengers [2]76/06/25Dothan, AL
Rip Tyler & Eddie Sullivan [2]76/08/24Mobile, AL
Bobby Fields & Ricky Fields76/09/23Panama City, FL
Islanders: Afa Anoia & Sika Anoia77/03/04Dothan, AL
Eddie Sullivan & Sonny King77/04/05Mobile, AL
The Islanders [2]77/04/06
Title returned when Sonny King also holds the Alabama Heavyweight Title and is not allowed to hold both titles.
Rip Tyler & Eddie Sullivan [3]77/04/29Dothan, AL
The Real Rip Tyler (Randy Colley) & Jim Dalton 77/05/17Mobile, AL
Vacant in 77/05.
Rip Tyler & Eddie Sullivan [4]77/05/31
Wrestling Pro & Eddie Sullivan [2]77/06/01
Pro replaces Tyler.
Blue Yankee & Billy Spears77/06/21Mobile, AL
Blue Yankee & Eddie Sullivan77/07/19Mobile, AL
Billy Spears gives his share of the title to Sullivan and becomes the manager for Yankee & Sullivan.
Ken Lucas & Ricky Fields77/08/30Mobile, AL
Pat Kelly & Mike Kelly77/10/25Mobile, AL
Ken Lucas & Wrestling Pro77/12/02Dothan, AL
Awarded when the Kellys no-show.
Rip Tyler & Eddie Sullivan [4]77/12/09Dothan, AL
Awarded; promotion is sold to SECW in 78/01; the southern division of Southeastern Tag Team Title is often billed as Gulf Coast Tag Team Title after 78/01.

* See Southeastern Tag Team Title.

* Special thanks to Michael Norris for the complete history of the title.

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