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Last updated on 2018/02/13

NWA Gulf Coast Tag Team Title

Roger Kirby & Dennis Hall 1967/03/03 Dothan, AL
Defeat Don Carson & Ron Carson in tornament final to become first champions.
Don Carson & Ron Carson (Dick Murdoch) 1967/03/21Pensacola, FL
Roger Kirby & Dennis Hall [2] 1967/03/24Dothan, AL
Don Carson & Ron Carson [2]1967/04/07Dothan, AL
Roger Kirby & Dennis Hall [3]1967/05/12Dothan, AL
Don Carson & Ron Carson [3]1967/05/19Dothan, AL
Ken Lucas & Bobby Fields1967/07/05Mobile, AL
Rip Tyler & Tim Tyler 1967/07/14Dothan, AL
Held up after a match against Ken Lucas & Bobby Fields on 67/07/21 in Dothan, AL.
Ken Lucas & Bobby Fields [2] 1967/08/11 Dothan, AL
Defeat Rip Tyler & Tim Tyler, The Avengers, and Jim Dalton & The Ox in 4-team elimination match.
Rip Tyler & Randy Tyler 1967/10/13Dothan, AL
Held up after a match against Eddie Sullivan & Ramon Perez on 67/11/02 in Mobile, AL; vacant when Tyler no-show for the scheduled rematch on 67/11/08.
Jack Dalton & Frank Dalton1968/01/05Dothan, AL
Defeat Dick Dunn & Don Carson in tornament final.
Lee Fields & Bobby Fields1968/01/12Dothan, AL
Chin Lee & Pancho Villa1968/02/16Dothan, AL
Ken Lucas & Dennis Hall1968/03/01Dothan, AL
Scorpion & Cobra Kid1968/03/15Dothan, AL
Lee Fields & Bobby Fields [2]1968/03/27Mobile, AL
Interns (Bill Bowman & Joe Turner) 1968/05/25Dothan, AL
Ramon Perez & Pepe Perez1968/06/12Mobile, AL
Interns [2]1968/06/21Dothan, AL
Lee Fields & Mario Galento1968/07/31Mobile, AL
Interns [3]1968/08/14Mobile, AL
Bobby Fields & Bob Kelly1968/09/04Mobile, AL
Interns [4]1968/10/16Mobile, AL
Don Carson & Dick Dunn1968/11/08Dothan, AL
Rocket Monroe & Flash Monroe1968/11/22Dothan, AL
Don Carson & Dick Dunn [2]1969/01/15Mobile, AL
Rocket Monroe & Flash Monroe [2] 1969/01/21Pensacola, FL
Mitsu Sito & Sugi Sito 1969/02/07Dothan, AL
Bob Kelly & Ramon Perez1969/02/26Mobile, AL
Rocket Monroe & Flash Monroe [3]1969/03/12Mobile, AL
Bob Kelly & Bob Boyer 1969/05/05 Laurel, MS
Rocket Monroe & Flash Monroe [4] 1969/05/19 Laurel, MS
Ken Lucas & Chris Lucas 1969/05/28 Mobile, AL
Rocket Monroe & Flash Monroe [5] 1969/06/06 Dothan, AL
Ken Lucas & Don Carson 1969/07/04 Dothan, AL
The Black Hand defeats Don Carson for the right to the title on 69/07/11 in Dothan, AL; Ken Lucas defeats The Black Hand in a singles match for the right to the title on 69/07/18 in Dothan, AL.
Ken Lucas & Mac MacFarland 1969/07/18  
MacFarland chosen by Lucas to replace Don Carson.
Frank Dalton & Black Hand1969/08/20Mobile, AL
Ken Lucas & Don Carson [2]1969/09/17Mobile, AL
Rocket Monroe & Flash Monroe [6]1969/10/03Dothan, AL
Ken Lucas & Bobby Fields [3]1969/10/22Mobile, AL
Rocket Monroe & Flash Monroe [7]1969/10/29Mobile, AL
The Blue Yankees 1969/12/11 Hattiesburg, MS
Rocket Monroe & Flash Monroe [8] 1969/12/18 Hattiesburg, MS
Dick Dunn & Ken Lucas1970/01/16Dothan, AL
Rip Tyler & Randy Tyler [2]1970/03/05Panama City, FL
Don Carson & Rocket Monroe1970/05/21Panama City, FL
Eddie Sullivan & The Wrestling Pro1970/05/25Panama City, FL
Vacate on 70/07/10 to challenge for World Tag Team Title.
Ken Lucas & Bob Armstrong 1970/07/17 Dothan, AL
Defeat Eddie Sullivan & The Wrestling Pro in a tournament final.
Eddie Sullivan & The Wrestling Pro [2] 1970/08/07 Dothan, AL
Don Carson & Greg Peterson 1970/11/30 Panama City, FL
Vacant when Peterson leaves the territory.
Eddie Sullivan & Dandy Jack Morrell 1971/01/01  
Ken Lucas & Johnny West 1971/03/11 Hattiesburg, MS
Jim Dalton & Jack Dalton 1971/06/17 Panama City, FL
Ken Lucas & Johnny West [2] 1971/06/24 Panama City, FL
Mike Boyette & Frank Dalton 1971/10/03 Panama City, FL
Rip Tyler & Eddie Sullivan 1972/02/03 Panama City, FL
Vacant and inactive when Tyler & Sullivan leave the territory.
Ken Lucas & Mike Boyette 1974/05/21Mobile, AL
Defeat Duke Miller & Wrestling Pro in one-night tournament final when the title is reinstated.
Ron Bass & Don Bass1974/06/13Panama City, FL
Wrestling Pro & Mighty Yankee1974/08/06Mobile, AL
The team splits and is allowed to chose new partners to meet in a match to determine new champions.
Mighty Yankees1974/08/13Mobile, AL
Defeat Wrestling Pro & Big Bad John; Yankees split up and Yankee #2 unmasks to reveal Duke Miller, who has been under suspension; Yankee #1 is allowed to keep the title and chooses Mighty Yankee #3 as new partner.
Wrestling Pro & Duke Miller1974/09/10Mobile, AL
Miller's suspension has been lifted with the votes by the fans before the match.
The Patriots1974/10/06Pensacola, FL
Mike Boyette & Bearcat Brown1974/11/05Mobile, AL
The Hell's Angels: Chris Colt & Ron Dupree1974/12/17Mobile, AL
Bobby Fields & Bob Kelly [2]1975/02/04Mobile, AL
The Hell's Angels [2]1975/02/21Dothan, AL
Terry Lathan & Ron Starr 1975/03/02Pensacola, FL
Mighty Yankees [2]1975/04/28Panama City, FL
By forfeit when Lathan is injured and unable to compete.
Rip Tyler & Big Bad John1975/05/13Mobile, AL
Mighty Yankees [3]1975/06/03Mobile, AL
Bounty Hunters1975/07/08Mobile, AL
Ken Lucas & Nick Kozak1975/08/01Dothan, AL
Bounty Hunters [2] 1975/09/08 Gulfport, MS
Wrestling Pros1975/09/12Dothan, AL
British Bulldogs: Edward Heath & Jonathan Foley1975/11/30Pensacola, FL
Lanny Poffo & Randy Poffo1976/01/20Mobile, AL
British Bulldogs [2] 1976/02/26 Hattiesburg, MS
Rip Tyler & Eddie Sullivan [2] 1976/02/29 Pensacola, FL
Ron Bass & Dutch Bass1976/03/19Pensacola, FL
Ken Lucas & Gorgeous George Jr. 1976/05/14 Panama City, FL
The Challengers 1976/06/18Dothan, AL
Rip Tyler & Eddie Sullivan [3]1976/08/24Mobile, AL
Bobby Fields & Ricky Fields1976/09/16Panama City, FL
Islanders: Afa Anoia & Sika Anoia1977/03/04Dothan, AL
Eddie Sullivan & Sonny King1977/04/05Mobile, AL
The Islanders [2] 1977/04/06  
Title returned when Sonny King also holds the Alabama Heavyweight Title and is not allowed to hold both titles.
Rip Tyler & Eddie Sullivan [4]1977/04/29Dothan, AL
The Real Rip Tyler (Randy Colley) & Jim Dalton 1977/05/17Mobile, AL
Stripped when the Real Rip Tyler is revealed as Randy Colley and title match contract is voided.
Rip Tyler & Eddie Sullivan [5] 1977/05/31  
Wrestling Pro & Eddie Sullivan [3] 1977/06/01  
Pro replaces Tyler when Tyler leaves the territory.
Blue Yankee & Billy Spears1977/06/21Mobile, AL
Rick Gibson & Reuben Gibson 1977/07/21 Panama City, FL
Blue Yankee & Eddie Sullivan 1977/08/04Mobile, AL
Ken Lucas & Ricky Fields1977/08/30Mobile, AL
Pat Kelly & Mike Kelly1977/10/25Mobile, AL
Ken Lucas & Wrestling Pro1977/12/02Dothan, AL
Awarded when the Kellys no-show.
Rip Tyler & Eddie Sullivan [6]1977/12/09Dothan, AL
Promotion is sold to SECW in 78/01; the southern division of Southeastern Title is often billed as Gulf Coast Title after 78/01.

* See Southeastern Tag Team Title.

* Special thanks to Michael Norris for the complete history of the title.