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Last updated on 2012/05/21

NWA Southern Tag Team Title


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Chris Zaharias & Babe Zaharias # 1949/03<
Nick Carter & Don McIntyre # 1949/03/25 Atlanta, GA
May not be a Southern title; the actual definition of the title is unclear.
Art Neilson & Jack Steel1951/08/31Atlanta, GA
Defeat Farmer Jones & Al Massey.
Don McIntyre & Red McIntyre1955/05<
Whitney Whittler & El Toro1955/09<
May be Georgia Title.
Skull Murphy & Gypsy Joe1961/03/14<
Bob Rasmussen & Guy Mitchell1961/05/05Atlanta, GA
Don McIntyre & Ray Gunkel1961/11<
Assassins1961/12/01Atlanta, GA
Kentuckians: Luke Brown & Jake Smith 1962/11/17<
Lenny Montana & Gypsy Joe1962/11/23Atlanta, GA
Eddie Graham & Sam Steamboat1964/11<
The Mysterious Medics1964/11/20Atlanta, GA
Buddy Fuller & Mario Galento1965/01/29Atlanta, GA
Vacant on 65/01/30.
The Mysterious Medics [2]1965/02/05Atlanta, GA
Defeat Tony Marino & Joe Scarpa in 6-team tournament final.
Buddy Fuller & Jesse James1965/03/19Atlanta, GA
Corsica Joe & Corsica Jean1965/04/16Atlanta, GA
Joe Scarpa & Chief Little Eagle1965/06/04Atlanta, GA
Mario Galento & Al Galento1965/06/11Atlanta, GA
Declared vacant after Al is injured during a match on 65/06/18 in Atlanta, GA.
Corsica Joe & Corsica Jean [2]1965/06/25Atlanta, GA
Defeat Jesse James & Greg Peterson in tournament final.
Billy Hines & Bad Boy Hines1965/07/09Atlanta, GA
Dick Steinborn & Nick Kozak1965/08/27Atlanta, GA
Mario Galento & Dutch Savage1965/10/29<
Infernos1966/04/01Atlanta, GA
Defeat Mario Galento & Bobby Shane; vacant in 66/04 in Atlanta but may have kept the title in Columbus.
Enrique Torres & Alberto Torres1966/05/06Atlanta, GA
Defeat Medics in one-night 8-team tournament final; defeat Infernos on 66/06/22 to win the recognition in Columbus.
Louie Tillet & Butcher Vachon1966/09/23Atlanta, GA
Enrique Torres & Ramon Torres1966/10/21Atlanta, GA
Louie Tillet & Butcher Vachon [2]1966/11/07Augusta, GA
Enrique Torres & Ramon Torres [2]1966/11/16Columbus, GA
Held up after a match against Gene Anderson & Lars Anderson on 66/12/31 in Atlanta, GA.
Gene Anderson & Lars Anderson1967/01
May have defeated the Torres Brothers in rematch.
Enrique Torres & Ramon Torres [3]1967/04/11Savannah, GA
Gene Anderson & Lars Anderson [2]1967/04/28Atlanta, GA
Enrique Torres & Ramon Torres [4]1967/05/12Atlanta, GA
Butcher Vachon & Stan Vachon (Stan Pulaski)1967/06/23Atlanta, GA
Ramon Torres & Alberto Torres1967/08/21Augusta, GA
Butcher Vachon & Stan Vachon [2]1967/08/28Augusta, GA
Enrique Torres & Alberto Torres [2]1967/09/05Macon, GA
Butcher Vachon & Stan Vachon [3]1967/12/18Augusta, GA
Enrique Torres & Alberto Torres [3]1968/01/05Atlanta, GA
Held up after a match against Tarzan Tyler & El Mongol on 68/02/23 in Atlanta, GA.
Enrique Torres & Alberto Torres [4]1968/03/08Atlanta, GA
Win rematch.
El Mongol & Hans Schmidt1968/04/26Atlanta, GA
Enrique Torres & Alberto Torres [5]1968/05/31Atlanta, GA
Butcher Vachon & Stan Vachon *1968/11<
Ramon Torres & Alberto Torres *1968/11/11Augusta, GA
Title reigns in 68/11 may be for Georgia Tag Team TItle.

* Replaced with Georgia Tag Team Title.

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