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Last updated on 2014/08/15

NWA Georgia Tag Team Title

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Mike Paidousis & Wild Man Zimm face Jack Steele & El Toro for the title on 54/09/20 in Valdosta, GA; however, it is unclear which team holds the title at this point.
El Toro & Whitey Whittier 1955/09/30 Atlanta, GA
Defeat Farmer Jones & Danny O'Shocker; still champions as of 55/10/15.

Ramon Torres & Alberto Torres 1968/07/05 Atlanta, GA
Defeat El Mongol & Tarzan Tyler in one-night 8-team tournament final.
Butcher Vachon & Stan Vachon (Stan Pulaski) 1968/09/06 Atlanta, GA
Ramon Torres & Alberto Torres [2] 1968/09/20 Atlanta, GA
Butcher Vachon & Stan Vachon [2] 1968/10/29 Savannah, GA
Ramon Torres & Alberto Torres [3] 1968/11/11 Augusta, GA
May be for Southern Title.
Assassins [2] 1968/11/22 Atlanta, GA
Ramon Torres & Alberto Torres [4] 1968/12/25 Savannah, GA
Assassin #2 & The Professional (Doug Gilbert) 1969/01/25 Atlanta, GA
Declared vacant after a match against Ray Gunkel & Buddy Fuller on 69/03/21 in Atlanta, GA.
Assassins [3] 1969/04/04 Atlanta, GA
Defeat El Mongol & Louie Tillet in one-night 8-team tournament final.
El Mongol & The Professional 1969/06/27 Atlanta, GA
Chati Yokouchi & Mr. Ito (Umanosuke Ueda) 1969/07/10 Athens, GA
Assassins [4] 1969/08/08? Atlanta, GA?
Ray Gunkel & Buddy Fuller 1969/10/10 Atlanta, GA
Assassins [5] 1969/12/19 Atlanta, GA
Win title in a 6-man tag match with Nick Bockwinkel against Gunkel, Fuller, & The Professional.
Ray Gunkel & Buddy Fuller [2] 1970/03/20 Atlanta, GA
Vacant in 70/06< (sometime after 70/05/01).
Bobby Shane & The Professional 1970/07/03 Atlanta, GA
Defeat Homer O'Dell & Buddy Colt in one-night 8-team tournament final.
Assassins [6] 1970/08/28 Atlanta, GA
Bobby Shane & Doug Gilbert # 1970/09/25 Atlanta, GA
Declared vacant because of the headgear worn by Shane & Gilbert in the match.
Assassins [7] 1970/10/16 Atlanta, GA
Defeat Mr. Ito & Great Ota (Gantetsu Matsuoka) and Bobby Shane & The Professional in 3-team tournament.
Ray Gunkel & El Mongol 1971/04/02 Atlanta, GA
Assassins [8] 1971/06/11 Atlanta, GA
Title is initially held up after the match but the decision is later reversed; held up after a match against Dick Steinborn & George Scott on 71/10/01 in Atlanta, GA.
Assassins [9] 1971/10/08 Atlanta, GA
Draw with Steinborn & Scott in a rematch with a stipulation that unless Scott & Steinborn win the match, the Assassins continue to reign as champions; stripped on 71/11/20 due to "multiple infractions over recent months".
Assassins [10] 1971/11/26 Atlanta, GA
Defeat Bill Dromo & Bob Armstrong in one-night 7-team tournament final.
Ray Gunkel & Buddy Fuller [2] 1971/12/17 Atlanta, GA
Assassins [10] 1972/03/10 Atlanta, GA
Initially lose the match; awarded on 72/03/18 following a review of the match; held up after a match against Bob Armstrong & Dick Steinborn on 72/08/25; declared vacant after the rematch on 72/09/01 ends as draw.
Skandor Akbar & Ox Baker 1972/09/15 Atlanta, GA
Defeat Bob Armstrong & Dick Steinborn in one-night 8-team tournament final.
Dick Steinborn & Argentina Apollo 1972/10/20 Atlanta, GA
Vacant in 72/11 Steinborn & Apollo jump to ASWA with the title.
Eddie Graham & Mike Graham 1972/12/29 Atlanta, GA
Defeat Sputnik Monroe & Rocket Monroe in one-night 4-team tournament final.
Super Infernos (Doug Gilbert & Don Smith) 1973/05/11 Atlanta, GA
Mr. Wrestling II & Bob Orton Jr. 1973/06/09 Atlanta, GA
Super Infernos [2] 1973/08/04 Atlanta, GA
Stripped on 73/09/03 in Savannah, GA for deliberately getting disqualified.
Stan Vachon & Bobby Duncum 1973/09/21 Atlanta, GA
Defeat Bob Armstrong & Tom Jones in one-night 7-team tournament final.
Robert Fuller & Bob Armstrong 1973/10/27 Atlanta, GA
Bobby Shane & Gorgeous George Jr. 1973/12/21 Atlanta, GA
Title held up after a match against Bob Armstrong & Robert Fuller on 74/01/04 in Atlanta, GA.
Ron Garvin & Terry Garvin 1974/01/18 Atlanta, GA
Defeat Robert Fuller & Bob Armstrong in tournament final.
Robert Fuller & Bob Armstrong 1974/03/08 Atlanta, GA
Ron Garvin & Terry Garvin [2] 1974/03/15 Atlanta, GA
Robert Fuller & Bob Armstrong [2] 1974/05/24 Atlanta, GA
Gene Anderson & Ole Anderson 1974/05/31 Atlanta, GA
Tim Woods & Mr. Wrestling II 1974/08/02 Atlanta, GA
Mr. Wrestling II pays Harley Race $10,000 to defend his half of the belt against Gene Anderson & Ole Anderson on 74/08/16 in Atlanta, GA.
Gene Anderson & Ole Anderson [2] 1974/08/16 Atlanta, GA
Defeat Tim Woods & Harley Race.
Mr. Wrestling & Mr. Wrestling II 1974/09/06 Atlanta, GA
Gene Anderson & Ole Anderson [3] 1974/09/20 Atlanta, GA
Held up after a match against Harley Race & Buddy Colt on 74/10/25 in Atlanta, GA.
Buddy Colt & Roger Kirby 1974/11/01 Atlanta, GA
Defeat the Anderson in rematch.
Rocky Johnson & Jerry Brisco 1975/01/24 Atlanta, GA
Assassin #2 & Toru Tanaka 1975/03/17 Augusta, GA
Robert Fuller & Bob Armstrong [3] 1975/05/09 Atlanta, GA
Dick Slater & Bob Orton Jr. 1975/06/27 Atlanta, GA
Vacant in 75/08 when Slater & Orton win US Tag Team title.
Toru Tanaka & Mr. Fuji 1975/09/19 Atlanta, GA
Defeat Tony Garea & Dean Ho in one-night 4-team tournament final.
Jerry Brisco & Bob Backlund 1975/10
Les Thornton & Tony Charles 1975/12<
Ted Oates & Jerry Oates 1976/03/19 Atlanta, GA
Title may be vacant in 76 as the Oates Brothers defeat Les Thornton & Tony Charles and the Red Devils in a 3-team round-robin tournament for the title on 76/05/21 in Atlanta, GA.
Red Devils: Black Gordman & Goliath 1976/06/07 Augusta, GA
Dean Ho & Ken Mantell 1976/07/02 Atlanta, GA
Jimmy Valiant & Johnny Valiant 1976/08/06 Atlanta, GA
Black Bombers: Tom Jones & Porkchop Cash 1976/09/03 Atlanta, GA
Gene Anderson & Ole Anderson [4] 1976/10/22 Atlanta, GA
Repeated on 76/10/25 in Augusta, GA.
Mr. Wrestling & Mr. Wrestling II [2] 1977/01/21 Atlanta, GA
Held up in Macon, GA after a match against Ole Anderson & Gene Anderson on 77/02/08; the Andersons continue to defend in Atlanta.
Mr. Wrestling & Mr. Wrestling II [3] 1977/02/15 Macon, GA
Defeat the Andersons in rematch.
Gene Anderson & Ole Anderson [5] 1977/02/25 Atlanta, GA
Mr. Wrestling & Thunderbolt Patterson 1977/04/29 Atlanta, GA
Gene Anderson & Ole Anderson [6] 1977/06/10<
Sometime after 77/05/17; still champions as of 77/07/06; vacant in 77/09<.
Tommy Rich & Tony Atlas 1977/09/09 Atlanta, GA
Defeat Pak Song & the Executioner in the one-night 8-team tournament final.
Pak Song & The Executioner 1977/09/16 Atlanta, GA
Still champions as of 77/10/25.
Tommy Rich & Tony Atlas 1977/11/15 Macon, GA
Defeat Ole Anderson & Jacques Goulet.
Ole Anderson & Jacques Goulet [2] 1977/12/13 Macon, GA
Or 77/12/12 in Augusta, GA.
Mr. Wrestling II & Tony Atlas 1978/02/07? Macon, GA?
Ole Anderson & Lars Anderson 1978/02/27? Augusta, GA?
Thunderbolt Patterson & Tommy Rich 1978/03/31 Atlanta, GA
Ole Anderson & Lars Anderson [2] 1978/04/28 Atlanta, GA
Thunderbolt Patterson & Tommy Rich [2] 1978/05/05 Atlanta, GA
Ole Anderson & Ivan Koloff 1978/06/07? Columbus, GA?
Tommy Rich & Rick Martel 1978/09/23 Atlanta, GA
Ole Anderson & Stan Hansen 1978/10/20 Atlanta, GA
Stripped on 78/11/11.
Dory Funk Jr. & Terry Funk 1978/11/23 Atlanta, GA
Defeat Jack Brisco & Jerry Brisco in tournament final.
Jack Brisco & Jerry Brisco 1979/01/01 Atlanta, GA
Ole Anderson & Ivan Koloff [2] 1979/01/19 Atlanta, GA
Rufus R. Jones & Norvell Austin 1979/04/25 Augusta, GA
Vacant in 79/05.
Tommy Rich & Wahoo McDaniel 1979/05/18 Atlanta, GA
Defeat Ole Anderson & Ivan Koloff in one-night 10-team tournament final.
Ole Anderson & Ivan Koloff [3] 1979/06/08 Atlanta, GA
Tommy Rich & Stan Hansen [2] 1979/07/02 Augusta, GA
Ole Anderson & Ivan Koloff [4] 1979/08/31 Atlanta, GA
Tommy Rich & Crusher Lisowski 1979/09/21 Atlanta, GA
Ole Anderson & Ernie Ladd 1979/10/05Atlanta, GA
Since the team splits, Ladd & Masked Superstar face Anderson & Stan Hansen for the title on 79/11/10 in Atlanta, GA, but the match ends as a draw; declared vacant.
Masked Superstar & Austin Idol 1979/11/22 Atlanta, GA
Defeat Jack Brisco & Jerry Brisco in one-night 10-team tournament final.
Jack Brisco & Jerry Brisco [2] 1979/11/30Atlanta, GA
Ole Anderson & Jerry Brisco 1979/12
Jack Brisco gives his share of the title to Ole.
Ivan Koloff & Alexi Smirnoff 1979/12/07Atlanta, GA
Kevin Sullivan & Tony Atlas 1980/04/21 Augusta, GA
Ivan Koloff & Alexi Smirnoff [2] 1980/04/24 Rome, GA
Ole Anderson & Lars Anderson [2] 1980/06/08 Atlanta, GA
Assassins 1980/06/16 Augusta, GA
Mr. Wrestling & Steve Kerin 1980/07/30 Columbus, GA
Assassins [2] 1980/08/06 Columbus, GA
Mr. Wrestling & Mr. Wrestling II [4] 1980/09/19 Griffin, GA
Fabulous Freebirds: Terry Gordy & Michael Hayes 1980/10/10 Atlanta, GA
Win 3-team tournament against Messrs. Wrestling and The Assassins; title help up on 80/11/14 after a match against Austin Idol & Kevin Sullivan; replaced with National Tag Team title in 80/11.

Silky Boom Boom & Frency Riviera 1998/10/17 Jackson, GA
Defeat Centerfolds and Serial Thrillaz in triangle match.
Samoan Death Squad: Faku & Spade 1999/03/11 Loganville, GA
Billy Black & Joel Deaton 1999/04/01 Loganville, GA
Vacant on 99/06/10 when Black attacks promoter Bill Behrens.
Vic Violent & Rukkus 1999/06/10 Loganville, GA
Defeat Faku & Mark Davis; vacant(?) on 99/08/19 due to no-show for title defense.
Shane Young & David Young 1999/08/19 Loganville, GA
Defeat Bart Sawyer & Terry Lawler.
Road Hoggs: Joe Harley & Pan Head Nelson 1999/11/20 Cornelia, GA
Defeat David Young & Rick Michaels, subbing for Shane, and unify NCW Tag Team Title.
Underdogs: Mark E. Mark & Big Eddie Cool 1999/12/04 Cornelia, GA
Bad Attitude: Rick Michaels & David Young 2000/01/11 Cornelia, GA
Rock'n'Roll Express 2000/02/19 Cornelia, GA
Bad Attitude [2] 2000/06/17 Cornelia, GA
Stripped on 00/08/19 after winning World Tag Team Title on 00/08/15.
Boogaloo Crew: Scotty Wrenn & J.C. Dazz 2000/08/19 Cornelia, GA
Defeat Terry Knight & Onyx in a one-night 9-team tournament final to win vacant title.
Suicidal Tendencies: John Phoenix & Adam Jacobs 2001/01/06 Cornelia, GA
3 Count: Shannon Moore & Shane Helms 2001/01/19 Cornelia, GA
Boogaloo Crew [2] 2001/01/20 Cornelia, GA
Defeat 3 Count and Suicidal Tendencies in 3-way match.
Kent Kohl & Keith Kohl 2001/02/03 Cornelia, GA
Romeo Bliss & David Flair 2001/03/24 Cornelia, GA
Kent Kohl & Keith Kohl [2] 2001/04/21 Cornelia, GA
Defeats Bliss in a handicap match.
TNT: Tony Stradlin & Todd Sexton 2001/08/04 Cornelia, GA
Blackout: Rainman & Homicide 2001/08/10 Kingsport, TN
Total Destruction: Sean Royal & Rusty Riddle defeat Blackout on the same card; however, title is reverted back to Blackout since Total Destruction has been banned from NWA Wildside for 30 days.
White Trash & Tank 2001/10/19 Cornelia, GA
Blackout [2] 2001/11/17 Cornelia, GA
Defeat Project Mayhem: White Trash & Tank, Bad Attitude: David Young & Terry Knight and Lost Boyz: Azrael & Gabriel in a 4-way match.
Lost Boyz: Azrael & Gabriel 2002/03/22 Cornelia, GA
The Briscoes 2002/08/02 Cornelia, GA
Defeat Lost Boyz, TNT, and The Spanish Announce Team in 4-way match.
TNT [2] 2002/08/17 Cornelia, GA
Scottie Wrenn & Tank 2002/11/02 Cornelia, GA
Have defeated Trent Acid & Johnny Kashmere in a 16-team tournament final on prevoius night to become top contenders.
Future Shock: Jay Freeze & Brandon P. 2003/03/28 Cornelia, GA
Defeat Wrenn & Tank and The Lost Boys: Azrael & Gabriel in a 3-way match.
Impact: Scott Cage & Kaos 2003/06/21 Cornelia, GA
Bulldog Raines & Tank 2003/07/19 Cornelia, GA
Brandon P. & Jeremy V. 2003/10/18 Cornelia, GA
Texas Death Club: Todd Sexton & Masada 2003/12/27 Cornelia, GA
Slim J & Murder One 2004/07/03 Cornelia, GA
Win title in a War Games match.
Mikal Adryan & Azrael 2004/09/18 Cornelia, GA
Tank & Iceberg 2005/01/01 Cornelia, GA
Defeat AAzrael & Rainman and Pomp & Circumstance: Ace Rockwell & Shaun Tempers in a 3-way elimination match.
Pomp & Circumstance: Ace Rockwell & Shaun Tempers 2005/03/05 Cornelia, GA
Tank & Iceberg [2] 2005/03/26 Cornelia, GA
NWA Wildside stops promoting in 05/04.
Pomp & Circumstance [2] 2005/11/22 Soddy-Daisy, TN

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