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Last updated on 2017/04/02

NWA United States Tag Team Title


* Also recognized as the Southwestern Title until 1964.

Jan Madrid & Louie Tillet 1962/04/29<
Billed as Southwest Tag Team Title as of 62/03/29; billed as United States Title in Wichita Falls, TX as of 62/04/29.
Al Torres & Ramon Torres 1962/05/11 Oklahoma City, OK
Repeated on 62/05/17 in Wichita Falls, TX; billed as Ark-La-Tex champions in Shreveport, LA.
Jack Dalton & Jim Dalton 1962/07/02 Tulsa, OK
Repeated on 62/07/04 in Wichita Falls, TX; still champions as of 62/07/30; in Shreveport, LA, Dan O'Shocker & Don Kent defeat the Torres Bros. for Ark-La-Tex Title on 62/07/30, and the Toress Bros. "regain" the United States Title on 62/08/06.
Jan Madrid & Louie Tillet [2] 1963/08<
Bill Watts & Jerry Kozak 1963/09/02 Tulsa, OK
Defeat the Masked Bolos: Great Bolo I & Mighty Bolo.
The Great Bolo & Mighty Bolo 1963/09/12 Wichita Falls, TX
Bill Watts & Jerry Kozak [2] 1963/09  
Karol Krauser & Stan Pulaski 1964/03/21<
Mainly billed as Southwest Tag Team Title in Wichita Falls, TX in 64.
Mike Clancy & Al Lovelock 1964/05/02 Joplin, MO
Karol Krauser & Stan Pulaski [2] 1964/06<
Bobby Graham & Jerry Kozak 1964/06/19 Oklahoma City, OK
Mike Gallagher & Nelson Royal 1964/08/06 Wichita Falls, TX
Billed as Southwest Tag Team Title in Wichita Falls, TX; still champions as of 64/09/05.
Jack Dalton & Jim Dalton [2] 1965/09/30<
Start wrestling as Don Fargo & Jim Fargo in early 65/10; both Southwest and United States titles are declared vacant in late 65/10 when the Fargos leave the area; Daltons continue to be recognized in Louisiana as of 66/02/22.
Assassins 1966/05/09 Tulsa, OK
Defeat Danny Hodge & Tiny Smith in a tournament final; win another tournament on 66/05/10 in Little Rock, AR, defeating Great Matsuda & Stan Kowalski in the final; in Wichita Falls, AR, the Assiassins defeat Hiro Matsuda & Stan Kowalski and Danny Hodge & Tiny Smith in a 3-team "rotation match" for what is billed as the World Title (billed as United States Title in the following week); Lou Thesz & Jack Brisco defeat the Assassins on 66/12/12 in Tulsa, OK and on 66/12/13 in Little Rock, AR but the title does not change hands due to illegal karate chops being used.
Haystack Calhoun & Jack Brisco 1966/12/31Oklahoma City, OK
Vacant sometime after 67/02/03; the Assassins may be billed as champions in Joplin, MO on 67/01/14 and 67/02/25; Jack Dalton & Frank Dalton are billed as champions in Louisiana as of 67/01/10 but lose to Bobby Fields & Danny Little Bear on 67/03/07 in Baton Rouge, LA.
Assassins [2] 1967/03/10 Oklahoma City, OK
Defeat Krusher Karlson & Skandor Akbar in tournament final; held up after a match against Red Raiders: Dick Dunn & Billy Garrett on 67/04/10 in Tulsa, OK and again on 67/04/14 in Oklahoma City, OK.
Assassins [3] 1967/04/21Oklahoma City, OK
Win rematch; in Joplin, MO, it is announced that the Red Raiders have defeated the Assassins in "the previous week in Tulsa, OK" and Assassins defeat Raiders on 67/04/22 to win the title.
Jack Brisco & Gorgeous George Jr. 1967/05/08 Tulsa, OK
Repeated on 67/05/09 in Little Rock, AR.
Chati Yokouchi & Togo Shikuma 1967/05/16Little Rock, AR
Repeated on 67/05/19 in Oklahoma City, OK; Pepe Lopez & Ramon Lopez are billed as champions in New Orleans, LA as of 67/08/09.
Gorgeous George Jr. & Paul Jones 1967/09/04 Tulsa, OK
Chati Yokouchi & Togo Shikuma [2] 1967/10<
Danny Hodge & Skandor Akbar 1967/10/07 Joplin, MO
Chati Yokouchi & Chuck Karbo 1967/12
Sometime after 67/12/09.
Jack Donovan & Ron Reed (Buddy Colt) 1968/04/08Tulsa, OK
Still champions in Oklahoma City, OK as of 68/05/03.
Danny Hodge & Skandor Akbar [2] 1968/05/04 Shreveport, LA
Defeat Chati Yokouchi & Chuck Karbo.
Chati Yokouchi & Chuck Karbo [2] 1968/05/12<
Danny Hodge & Lorenzo Parente 1968/06/03 Tulsa, OK
Disputed decision; Hodge & Parente are billed as champions as of 68/06/10.
Jack Donovan & Ron Reed [2] 1968/08/02<
Danny Hodge & Lorenzo Parente [2] 1968/11/04 Tulsa, OK
Repeated on 68/12/03 in Little Rock, AR, or Donovan & Reed may have regained the title sometime in-between.
Karl Von Stroheim & Treach Phillips 1968/12/23 Tulsa, OK
Lorenzo Parente & Skandor Akbar 1969/01<
Karl Von Stroheim & Treach Phillips [2] 1969/01/06 Tulsa, OK
Chief Big Heart & Kit Fox 1969/01/14 Tulsa, OK
Karl Von Stroheim & Treach Phillips [3] 1969/02<
Alex Perez & Tarzan Baxter 1969/02<
Karl Von Stroheim & Treach Phillips [4] 1969/02/03Tulsa, OK
Alberto Torres & Ramon Torres defeat Von Stroheim & Phillips in a title match on 69/03/07 in Oklahoma City, OK; however, the local paper does not specify whether the win is by pinfall/submission or DQ/COR.
Alberto Torres & Ramon Torres 1969/04/25Oklahoma City, OK
Repeated on 69/05/06 in Little Rock, AR, or Von Stroheim & Phillips may have regained the title sometime in-between.
Medics 1969/08/08 Oklahoma City, OK
Alberto Torres & Ramon Torres [2] 1969/08/15 Oklahoma City, OK
Medics [2]1969/10/10<
Sometime after 69/09/29; Danny Hodge & Skandor Akbar defeat the Medics in a title match on 69/10/24 in Oklahoma City, OK; however, the local paper does not specify whether the title changes hand or not.
Karl Karlson & Tarzan Baxter 1969/11/02 Little Rock, AR
Medics [3] 1969/11/07<
Danny Hodge & Skandor Akbar defeat the Medics in a title match on 69/11/07 in Oklahoma City, OK; however, the local paper does not specify whether the win is by pinfall/submission or DQ/COR.
Karl Karlson & Tarzan Baxter [2] 1969/11/28 Oklahoma City, OK
Medics [4] 1969/12<
69/12/06 or 69/12/07.
Jack Donovan & Jerry Brown 1969/12/08 Tulsa, OK
Medics [5] 1969/12
Karl Karlson & Tarzan Baxter [3] 1969/12/11 Wichita Falls, TX
Luke Brown & Dutch Savage1970/02/01Tulsa, OK
Vacant in 70/04 when Savage leaves the area.
Hollywood Blonds: Jerry Brown & Dale Valentine (Buddy Roberts)1970/05/08Oklahoma City, OK
Defeat Bill Watts & Danny Hodge in tournament final.
Luke Brown & Danny Hodge1970/05/27Springfield, MO
Hollywood Blonds [2] 1970/05/29 Oklahoma City, OK
Held up after a match against Bill Watts & Billy Red Lyons on 70/07/09 in Jackson, MS.
Hollywood Blonds [3] 1970/07/16Jackson, MS
Win rematch.
Bill Watts & Billy Red Lyons 1970/11/29Monroe, LA
Waldo Von Erich & Karl Von Brauner 1971/02/02<  
Kentuckians: Luke Brown & Grizzly Smith 1971/03/07<  
Spoilers 1971/04/14 Baton Rouge, LA
Tom Jones & Billy Red Lyons1971/05/31Shreveport, LA
Continental Warriors: Bobby Hart & Lorenzo Parente1972/03/21Monroe, LA
Tom Jones & Ken Mantell1972/08/21Shreveport, LA
Disputed victory over Hart & Parente.
Terry Garvin & Duke Myers 1972/08/28 Shreveport, LA
Or 72/08/16 in Jackson, MS; win tournemant over Hart & Parente and Jones & Mantell on 72/09/04 in Shreveport, LA to end the dispute over who the rightful champions are.
Dennis Stamp & Bull Bullinski 1973/02/07Baton Rouge, LA
Hollywood Blonds [4]1973/02/20Tulsa, OK
Rip Tyler & Eddie Sullivan 1973/04/23Shreveport, LA
Dennis Stamp & Dewey Robertson 1973/05/28 Shreveport, LA
Alex Perez & El Gran Tapio 1973/08/18<
Sometime after 73/08/06.
Stan Kowalski & Kim Duk 1973/10/04Greenville, MS
Luke Brown & Klondike Bill1974/01
Bob Sweetan & Seigfried Stanke1974/03
Defeat Bob Kelly & Rocket Monroe in 74/03 in Shreveport, LA to unify the Gulf Coast version.
Chief Thundercloud & Chief White Cloud1974/06
Jim White & Steve Lawler 1974/09/09<
Johnny Eagles & Terry Latham1974/10
Stan Hansen & Frank Goodish (Bruiser Brody) 1974/10/10Shreveport, LA
Bob Sweetan & Prince Tapu 1975/02/05
Stan Hansen & Frank Goodish [2] 1975/02/09 Baton Rouge, LA
Ken Mantell & Jay Clayton 1975/05/04 Wichita Falls, TX
Stan Hansen & Frank Goodish [3] 1975/05  
Danny Hodge & Jay Clayton1975/07/09Ft. Smith, AR
Killer Karl Kox & Dick Murdoch1975/10
Vacant in 75/12 when Kox and Murdoch split.
Greg Valentine & Bill Watts1976/01/07
Defeat Hollywood Blonds.
Greg Valentine & Gorgeous George Jr.1976/01
Watts injured.
Hollywood Blonds [5]1976/03/18New Orleans, LA
Buck Robley & Bob Slaughter1976/03/29Tulsa, OK
Ted DiBiase & Dick Murdoch1976/04/28Ft. Smith, AR
Killer Karl Kox & Bob Sweetan1976/05/11Shreveport, LA
Killer Karl Kox & Ken Patera1976/10/19
Defeat Sweetan & Randy Tyler when the team splits.
Bill Watts & Billy Robinson1976Shreveport, LA
Skandor Akbar & Choi Sun1977/01Shreveport, LA
Bob Sweetan & Tony Rocco1977/03/16Shreveport, LA
Medics1977/03/26Shreveport, LA
Killer Karl Kox & Jerry Oates 1977/06/13 Tulsa, OK
Medics [2] 1977/07/06<
Porkchop Cash & Mike George1977/08/16Shreveport, LA
Medics [3]1977/08/23Shreveport, LA
Dr. X & Porkchop Cash1977/09/27Shreveport, LA
Dr. X & Ciclon Negro1977/10/27
Defeat Porkchop Cash & Ray Candy.
Dr. X & The Brute (Bugsy McGraw)1977/11/06<
Ray Candy & Steven Little Bear1978/02/22Baton Rouge, LA
Ernie Ladd & The Assassin1978/04/05Baton Rouge, LA
Ray Candy & Steven Little Bear [2]1978/04/23Baton Rouge, LA
Jerry Brown & Bobby Jaggers1978/05/05Oklahoma City, OK
Mike George & Randy Tyler1978/11/18Tulsa, OK
Declared vacant in 78/12 after a rematch against Brown & Jaggers.
Dusty Rhodes & Andre the Giant1978/12/25New Orleans, LA
Defeat Ernie Ladd & Stan Hansen in 10team tournament final.
Dusty Rhodes & The Spoiler1979/01
Spoiler substitutes Andre.
The Assassin & The Angel1979/01/25New Orleans, LA
Spoiler turns on Rhodes.
Bill Watts & Buck Robley1979/07/21New Orleans, LA
Vacant on 79/08/17 when Robley injured by Angelo Mosca.
Oki Shikina (Zapata Martinez) & Sugar Bear Harris (Kamala)1979/10
Jim Garvin & Herb Calvert1979/11/05Tulsa, OK
Seigfreid Steinke & Steve Lawler1979/12
Tommy Gilbert & Eddie Gilbert1980/03/03Tulsa, OK
Renamed Tri-State Tag Team Title in 80.

* See Tri-State Tag Team Title.

* Special thanks to "The Mask", Charles Hamilton, and oklafan.com for the corrections and additions!