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Last updated on 2011/11/05

NWA United States Tag Team Title

[Gulf Coast]

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Bad Boy & Billy Boy Hines1962/10/17
Billed as champions on arrival; probably the Mid-America version; defend the title only once.

Jack Dalton & Jim Dalton1965/11/02
Billed as champions upon arrival.
Jack Dalton & Frank Dalton1966/01/11
Jack chooses Frank as new partner when Jim leaves the area.
Lee Fields & Bobby Fields1966/08/29Alexandria, LA
Jack Dalton & Frank Dalton [2]1966/10/09Lafayette, LA
Wins a 11-team tournament in which the Fields put the title on the line.
Roger Kirby & Dennis Hall1967/02/08Mobile, AL
Jack Dalton & Frank Dalton [3]1967/02/15Mobile, AL
Bobby Fields & Danny Little Bear 1967/02/21Baton Rouge, LA
Jack Dalton & Frank Dalton [4]1967/04/11Baton Rouge, LA
Ramon Perez & Pepe Perez1967/07/19New Orleans, LA
Jack Dalton & Frank Dalton [5]1967/10/03Baton Rouge, LA
Vacant in 68/06 when the Daltons leave the area; title inactive.
The Rising Suns: The Great Ota (Gantetsu Matsuoka) & Masio Koma 1971/04/14
Billed as champions upon arrival.
Mike Boyette & Wrestling Pro1971/05/19Mobile, AL
Pro is immediately suspended and Boyette is allowed to choose Ken Lucas as his new partner.
The Rising Suns [2]1971/05/26Mobile, AL
Ken Lucas & Johnny West (Kevin Sullivan)1971/06/02Mobile, AL
Rip Tyler & Eddie Sullivan1971/06/30Mobile, AL
Mike Boyette & Wrestling Pro [2]1971/07/14Mobile, AL
Awarded because Eddie Sullivan suffers a broken leg; Jimmy Hyde teams with Tyler in the match, but the title is forfeited; Pro turns on Boyette after the match.
Mike Boyette & Calvin Pullins1971/08/11Mobile, AL
Defeat Pro & Rip Tyler; each man allowed to pick new partner after the split.
The Alaskans: Mike York & Frank Monte 1971/09/15Mobile, AL
Mike Boyette & Calvin Pullins [2]1971/10/31Pensacola, FL
Mike Boyette & Cowboy Bob Kelly1971/12/15Mobile, AL
Defeat Pullins & Bobby Shane after Boyette & Pullins split and each man is allowed to chose a new partner.
Rip Tyler & Eddie Sullivan [2]1972/01/30Pensacola, FL
The California Hippies: Mike Boyette & Mickey Doyle 1972/03/08 Mobile, AL
Rip Tyler & Eddie Sullivan [3]1972/08/06Pensacola, FL
Flash Monroe & Rocket Monroe1972/11/22Mobile, AL
Wrestling Pro & The Mysterious Medic (Tony Gonzales) 1972/12/05Mobile, AL
Cowboy Bob Kelly & Ken Lucas1973/02/13Mobile, AL
The Mongol & The Rugged Russian (Pedro Godoy) 1973/03/27Mobile, AL
Ken Lucas & Dennis Hall1973/04/10Mobile, AL
The Mongol & The Rugged Russian [2]1973/04/24Mobile, AL
The California Hippies [2]1973/05/15Mobile, AL
Rip Tyler & Eddie Sullivan [4]1973/05/22Mobile, AL
Don Bass & Bobby Bass1973/08/26Pensacola, FL
Flash Monroe & Rocket Monroe [2]1973/10/02Mobile, AL
The Infernos (Curtis Smith & Mike McManus) 1973/11/06Mobile, AL
Ricky Gibson & Steve Keirn1973/12/07Dothan, AL
The Infernos [2]1973/12/14Dothan, AL
Kubla Khan & Gunga Din1974/01/10Atlanta, GA *
Rocket Monroe & Norvell Austin1974/01/15Mobile, AL
Kubla Khan & Gunga Din [2]1974/01/22Mobile, AL
Cowboy Bob Kelly & Rocket Monroe1974/02/21Hattiesburg, MS
Bob Sweetan & Seigfried Stanke1974/04/15Shreveport, LA
Unified with the Tri-State version of the title.

* See the Tri-State version.

* Special thanks to Michael Norris for the complete history of the title.

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