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Last updated on 2014/10/30

NWA Canadian Tag Team Title

[British Columbia]

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Sandor Kovacs & Dan Miller1962/11/12Vancouver, BC
Defeat Gene Kiniski & Clyde Stevens in 6-team tournament final.
Gene Kiniski & Mr. X1963/02/11Vancouver, BC
Kinji Shibuya & Mitsu Arakawa1963/03/11Vancouver, BC
Dan Miller & Ron Etchison1963/07/22Vancouver, BC
Kinji Shinbuya & Sweet Daddy Siki1963/10/01Vancouver, BC
Dan Miller & Whipper Billy Watson1963/11/11Vancouver, BC
Vacant in 63.
Kinji Shibuya & Don Leo Jonathan1964/01/20Vancouver, BC
Defeat Dory Funk & Dory Funk Jr. in 6-team tournament final.
Bearcat Wright & Enrique Torres1964/04/13Vancouver, BC
Fabulous Kangaroos: Al Costello & Roy Heffernan 1964/05/25Vancouver, BC
Don Leo Jonathan & Roy McClarty1964/09/28Vancouver, BC
Fabulous Kangaroos [2]1964/10/19Vancouver, BC
Don Leo Jonathan & Gene Kiniski1965/01/11Vancouver, BC
Fabulous Kangaroos [3]1965/02/01Vancouver, BC
Red Bastien & Jim Hady *1965/03/01
Fabulous Kangaroos [4]1965/03/22Vancouver, BC
Don Leo Jonathan & Jim Hady1965/05/17Vancouver, BC
Art Nelson & Ivan Kameroff1965/09/20Vancouver, BC
Paddy Barrett & Tom Geohagen1965/11/08Vancouver, BC
John Tolos & Black Terror (Bobby Graham) 1966/01/31Vancouver, BC
Paddy Barrett & Tom Geohagen [2]1966/02/28Vancouver, BC
John Tolos & Tony Borne1966/05/09Vancouver, BC
Don Leo Jonathan & Haystack Calhoun1966/07/04Vancouver, BC
John Tolos & Tony Borne [2]1966/07/11Vancouver, BC
Dutch Savage & Don Jardine1966/09/26Vancouver, BC
Don Leo Jonathan & Dominic Denucci1966/10/31Vancouver, BC
Chris Tolos & John Tolos1967/01/16Vancouver, BC
Don Leo Jonathan & Rocky Johnson1967/04/03Vancouver, BC
Chris Tolos & John Tolos [2]1967/04/24Vancouver, BC
Abdullah the Butcher & Jerry Graham1967/10/23Vancouver, BC
Assassins1967/12/04Vancouver, BC
Don Leo Jonathan & Ski Hi Jones (Grizzly Smith) 1968/03/25Vancouver, BC
Assassins [2]1968/04/15Vancouver, BC
Don Leo Jonathan & Haystack Calhoun [2]1968/06/03Vancouver, BC
Abdullah the Butcher & Armand Hussein1968/07/01Vancouver, BC
Don Leo Jonathan & Paddy Barrett1968/07/22Vancouver, BC
Dutch Savage & Stan Stasiak1968/09/02Vancouver, BC
Don Leo Jonathan & Johnny Kostas1968/09/23Vancouver, BC
Dutch Savage & John Tolos1968/12/09Vancouver, BC
Vacant on 69/03/31 when Savage and Tolos split.
Dean Higuchi (Dean Ho) & Earl Maynard 1969/05/12Vancouver, BC
Defeat Gene Kiniski & Bad Boy Shields in tournament final.
Dutch Savage & Bob Brown1969/06/09Vancouver, BC
Don Leo Jonathan & John Tolos1969/08/25Vancouver, BC
Dutch Savage & Bob Brown [2]1969/09/29Vancouver, BC
Dean Higuchi & Steve Bolus1969/12/08Vancouver, BC
John Quinn & Bob Brown1970/02/09Vancouver, BC
Don Leo Jonathan & Duncan McTavish1970/09/07Vancouver, BC
Chati Yokouchi & Yasu Fuji 1970/10/12Vancouver, BC
Don Leo Jonathan & Steven Little Bear1970/11/09Vancouver, BC
Dutch Savage & John Quinn1971/02/15Vancouver, BC
Steven Little Bear & Dean Higuchi1971/03/15Vancouver, BC
Skull Brothers1971/06/14Vancouver, BC
Steven Little Bear & Dean Higuchi [2]1971/07/05Vancouver, BC
Gene Kiniski & Bob Brown1971/10/11Vancouver, BC
Steven Little Bear & Mark Lewin1971/11/29Vancouver, BC
Gene Kiniski & Bob Brown [2]1972/01/24Vancouver, BC
Dutch Savage & Steven Little Bear1972/04/24Vancouver, BC
John Quinn & Bob Brown [2]1972/08/07New Westminster, BC
Dutch Savage & Steven Little Bear [2]1972/08/14New Westminster, BC
John Quinn & Bob Brown [3]1972/09/04New Westminster, BC
Dutch Savage & Steven Little Bear [3]1972
John Quinn & Bob Brown [4] *1972
Dutch Savage & Steven Little Bear [4] *1973/01/22<
The Brute & Mike Webster1973/01/22New Westminster, BC
John Quinn & Gerry Romano1973/07/16New Westminster, BC
Gene Kiniski & The Brute1973/08/20New Westminster, BC
Samoans: Afa Anoia & Sika Anoia 1973/11/05Vancouver, BC
Mr. X (Guy Mitchell) & Buck Ramstead 1973/12/17Vancouver, BC
Leo Madril & Flash Gordon (George Gordienko) 1974/01/28Vancouver, BC
Mr. X & Gene Kiniski1974/04/17Vancouver, BC
Leo Madril & Dan Kroffat1974/04/29Vancouver, BC
Mr. X & The Brute1974/05/27Vancouver, BC
Gene Kiniski & Dutch Savage1974/08/05Vancouver, BC
Dan Kroffat & Wayne Bridges1974/10/28Vancouver, BC
Gene Kiniski & Mr. Saito (Masa Saito) 1974/11/11Vancouver, BC
Guy Mitchell & Ormand Malumba1975/03/03Vancouver, BC
Gene Kiniski & Dale Lewis1975/05/19Vancouver, BC
Guy Mitchell & Ricky Hunter1975/06/16Vancouver, BC
Dale Lewis & Mr. Saito1975/08/10Vancouver, BC
Tiger Jeet Singh & Dennis Stamp1975/09/08Vancouver, BC
Dale Lewis & Seigfried Steinke1975/10/10Vancouver, BC
Pat Kelly & Mike Kelly1975/11/24Vancouver, BC
Dale Lewis & Seigfried Steinke [2]1975/12/08Vancouver, BC
Dean Higuchi & George Wells1976/01/12Vancouver, BC
Gene Kiniski & Seigfried Steinke1976/02/09Vancouver, BC
Don Leo Jonathan & Jimmy Snuka1976/04/12Vancouver, BC
John Quinn & Kinji Shibuya1976/05/17Vancouver, BC
Don Leo Jonathan & John Anson1976/10/04Vancouver, BC
John Quinn & Kurt Von Hess1976/10/28Vancouver, BC
Don Leo Jonathan & Dutch Savage1977/01/17Vancouver, BC
John Anson & Ski Hi Morse1977/03/07Vancouver, BC
Vacant in 77/04.
Texas Outlaw (Bobby Bass) & Joe Palardy 1977/05/02Vancouver, BC
Defeat Eddie Morrow & Jerry Morrow in tournament final.
Eddie Morrow & Jerry Morrow1977/07/11Vancouver, BC
Texas Outlaw & Black Avenger (Moose Morowski) 1977/08/22Vancouver, BC
Guy Mitchell & Eric Froelich1977/08/29Vancouver, BC
Black Avenger & Mike Sharpe1977/10/03Vancouver, BC
Gama Singh & Igor Volkoff1977/12/21Vancouver, BC
Black Avenger & Don Wayt1978/01/25Vancouver, BC
Don Leo Jonathan & John Quinn1978/02/27Vancouver, BC
Vacant in 78.
Texas Outlaw & Iron Sheik1978/07/24Vancouver, BC
Defeat Don Leo Jonathan & Jake Roberts in tournament final.
Salvatore Martino (Salvatore Bellomo) & Mike Sharpe 1978/10/09Vancouver, BC
Igor Volkoff & UFO1979/01<
Salvatore Martino & Bill Cody1979/02/12Vancouver, BC
Igor Volkoff & The Mongol1979/03/12Vancouver, BC
Defeat Martino & Joe Ventura.
Bobby Bass & Joe Ventura 1979/04  
Vacant in 79.
Chris Colt & Bobby Jaggers 1979/07  
Bobby Bass & Yaki Joe 1979/09  
Chris Colt & Buddy Rose1979/11/12Vancouver, BC
Defeat Bass & Texas Outlaw.
Dutch Savage & Stan Stasiak1979/12
Kiwi Sheepherders: Butch Miller & Luke Williams 1980/02/11Vancouver, BC
Roddy Piper & Rick Martel1980/05/19Vancouver, BC
Vacant in 80.
Rip Oliver & Fidel Cortez1980/10/06Vancouver, BC
Defeat Al Tomko & Mike Popovich.
Jay Youngblood & Joe Ventura1980/11/03Vancouver, BC
Rip Oliver & Buddy Rose1981/01/12Vancouver, BC
Vacant in 81.
Moondog Moretti & Terry Adonis1981/05/04Vancouver, BC
Defeat Al Tomko & Klondike Mike in tournament final.
Klondike Mike (Mike Shaw) & Danny O 1981/06/29Vancouver, BC
Al Tomko & Igor Volkoff1981/09
Klondike Mike & Dean Ho1981/11/30Vancouver, BC
Vacant in 82.
Timothy Flowers & Rick Patterson1983/06Cloverdale, BC
Al Tomko & Bob Brown1983/07/24Vancouver, BC
Vacant in 83.
Rick Patterson & Randy Rich1983/12/31Cloverdale, BC
Defeat Snake Williams & Star Rider.
Snake Williams & Athol Foley1984/01/23Cloverdale, BC
Moondog Moretti & Star Rider1984/02/25Cloverdale, BC
Warlords: Snake Williams & Easy Rider 1984/04/02Vancouver, BC
Ole Olson & Randy Rich1984/06/23Cloverdale, BC
Bruiser Costa & Spider Web1984/10/27Cloverdale, BC
Vacant in 85/01 when Costa leaves the area.
Butch Moffat & Elton Stanton 1984/11/26 Vancouver, BC
Defeat Moondog Moretti & Rick Davis.
Tim Patterson & Rick Davis1985/01/19Cloverdale, BC
Sonny Myers & Mike Dupree1985/04/13Cloverdale, BC
Ole Olsen & Rick Davis1985/05/11Cloverdale, BC
Sonny Myers & Tim Patterson1985/06/08Cloverdale, BC
Rick Davis & Ole Olsen [2]1985/07/06Cloverdale, BC
Becomes UWA Canadian Title.

* See UWA Canadian Tag Team Title.