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Last updated on 2013/05/28

NWA Southern Tag Team Title


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* Carolina version was recognized in Florida in 1950s.

Mighty Yankees1960/04<
Don Curtis & Eddie Graham1960/05/10Tampa, FL
Don Curtis & Cowboy Bob Ellis1964/03<
Corsica Joe & Corsica Jean1965/04<
George Becker & Johnny Weaver1967/02<
Stan Kowalski & Black Jack Daniels1967/02/14Tampa, FL
Becker & Weaver continue to be recognized in the Carolinas.
Jose Lothario & Don Curtis1967/03/13Orlando, FL
Sputnik Monroe & Rocket Monroe1967/04/03Orlando, FL
Lester Welch & Buddy Fuller1967/04/25Tampa, FL
Bronko Lubich & Aldo Bogni1967/11/21Tampa, FL
Lester Welch & Eddie Graham1968/02/20Tampa, FL
Bronko Lubich & Aldo Bogni [2]1968/03/11W. Palm Beach, FL
Jose Lothario & Joe Scarpa (Jay Strongbow)1968/04/23Tampa, FL
Johnny Valentine & Boris Malenko1968/08/06Tampa, FL
Jose Lothario & Joe Scarpa [2] 1968/08/31Tampa, FL
Or 68/08/29.
Blue Infernos (Lee Fields & Bobby Fields)1968/09/24Tampa, FL
Jose Lothario & Joe Scarpa [3]1968/10/08Tampa, FL
Tarzan Tyler & Louie Tillet1968/10/29Tampa, FL
Medics (Billy Garrett & Jim Starr)1969/01/22Miami, FL
Buddy Fuller & Bob Roop1970/02
Great Mephisto & Dante1970/02/10Tampa, FL
Dory Funk Sr. & Jose Lothario1971/02/09Tampa, FL
Defeat the Masked Medics.

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