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Last updated on 2017/09/25


Al Smith & John Smith 1954/03/27<
Reggie Lisowski (Crusher) & Art Neilson 1955/07/19<  
Defend the Illinois version in Florida; still recognized as of 55/09/27.
Reggie Lisowski & Stan Lisowski 1957/12  
Defend the Illinois version in Florida.
Jackie Fargo & Don Fargo 1958/07/19<
Defend the Tennessee version in Florida; still champions as of 58/08/24.
Ben Sharpe & Mike Sharpe 1958/11/09<
Billed as champions in Ft. Lauderdale, FL; still champions as of 58/12/12.
Antonino Rocca & Miguel Perez 1960/02
Defend the Capitol version in Florida.
Jerry Graham & Eddie Graham 1960/05/08<
Listed as champions (The Tampa Tribune, 60/05/08).
Kurt Von Brauner & Karl Von Brauner 1961/01/17<  
Billed as champions on arrival; previously recognized as champions in the Gulf Coast territory as late as 60/09; vacant/held-up on 60/03/02 after a match against Eddie Graham & Ray Villmer on 60/02/28 in Tampa, FL; Von Brauners continue to be recognized as champions in St. Petersburg, FL and probably other towns.
Kurt Von Brauner & Karl Von Brauner [2] 1961/03/28 Tampa, FL
Defeat Nicoli Volkoff & Boris Volkoff.
Eddie Graham & Ike Eakins1961/08/15 Jacksonville, FL
Kurt Von Brauner & Karl Von Brauner [3]1961/08/22Tampa, FL
Eddie Graham & Ike Eakins [2] 1961/08/31 Jacksonville, FL
Kurt Von Brauner & Karl Von Brauner [4]1961/09/07Jacksonville, FL
Defeat Ike Eakins & Eddie Graham in tournament final.
Don Curtis & Joe Scarpa1962/03/29Jacksonville, FL
Held up after a match against Kurt Von Brauner & Karl Von Brauner on 62/06/09 in Jacksonville, FL; the Von Brauners defeat Curtis & Georgia Boy Smith on 62/06/14 in Jacksonville, FL but do not win the title since Smith is a substitute for the injured Scarpa; Curtis & Scarpa continue to be recognized as champions in other towns.
Assassins1962/07/05Jacksonville, FL
Vacant in 62/08.
Boris Malenko & Russian Crusher1962/08/30Jacksonville, FL
Defeat Kentuckians: Len Montana & Mike Paidousis in tournament final.
Flying Frenchmen: Tony Baillargeon & Maurice Lapoine1962/10/13 Miami Beach, FL
Fabulous Kangaroos: Al Costello & Roy Heffernan 1962/11/22Jacksonville, FL
Don Curtis & Yukon Eric 1963/01/24 Jacksonville, FL
Kurt Von Brauner & Karl Von Brauner [5]1963/01/29Jacksonville, FL
Eddie Graham & Yukon Eric also claim the title as of 63/04.
Alberto Torres & Ramon Torres 1963/04/09 Tampa, FL
Defeat Hiro Matsuda & Duke Keomuka in tournament final; the Toress Bros. have defeated the Von Brauners and Matsuda & Keomuka have defeated Graham & Eric in the semi-finals.
Hiro Matsuda & Duke Keomuka1963/06/06Jacksonville, FL
Assassins [2] 1963/10/08 Tampa, FL
Don Curtis & Mark Lewin [2]1963/11/21Jacksonville, FL
Lewin vacates the title when he leaves the area in 64/01 (sometime after 64/01/15).
Skull Murphy & Brute Bernard1964/01/28Tampa, FL
Defeat Doon Curtis & Haystack Calhoun in tournament final.
Hiro Matsuda & Duke Keomuka [2]1964/03/10Tampa, FL
Don Curtis & Abe Jacobs1964/05/05Tampa, FL
Chris Tolos & John Tolos1964/06/11Jacksonville, FL
Eddie Graham & Sam Steamboat1964/06/23Tampa, FL
Tarzan Tyler & Tim Tyler1964/11/03Tampa, FL
Eddie Graham & Sam Steamboat [2]1964/12/10Jacksonville, FL
Tarzan Tyler & Fred Blassie1965/01/27Jacksonville, FL
Hiro Matsuda & Duke Keomuka [3]1965/03/22Tampa, FL
Rip Hawk & Swede Hanson1965/08/03Tampa, FL
Sam Steamboat & Ron Etchison1965/10/02Tampa, FL
Kurt Von Stroheim & Skull Von Stroheim1965/10/23Tampa, FL
Hiro Matsuda & Dick Steinborn1965/11/24Jacksonville, FL
Dick Steinborn1965/12/09Jacksonville, FL
Defeats Matsuda to get both belts; vacant in 66/01 when Steinborn leaves the area.
Medics1966/02/22Tampa, FL
Defeat Jose Lothario & Tito Carreon in tournament final.
Eddie Graham & Bob Orton1966/04/19Tampa, FL
Vacant in 66/05.
Eddie Graham & Bob Orton [2]1966/05/17Tampa, FL
Defeat Medics and Tarzan Tyler & Sputnik Monroe in 3-team tournament; vacant in 66/05 when Orton leaves the area.
Jose Lothario & Wahoo McDaniel1966/06/28Jacksonville, FL
Vacant in 66/07 when McDaniel told by Miami Dolphins to stop wrestling.
Infernos (Frankie Cain & Rocky Smith)1966/10/06Jacksonville, FL
Win tournament.
Jose Lothario & Eddie Graham1966/10/25Tampa, FL
Infernos [2]1966/11/03Tampa, FL
Held up in 66/11.
Jose Lothario & Sam Steamboat1966/11/29Tampa, FL
Defeat Infernos for the held-up title.
Infernos [3]1966/12/13Tampa, FL
Sputnik Monroe & Rocket Monroe1967/04/04Tampa, FL
Jose Lothario & Wahoo McDaniel [2]1967/05/09Tampa, FL
Sputnik Monroe & Rocket Monroe [2]1967/05/25Jacksonville, FL
Eddie Graham & Sam Steamboat [3]1967/07/13Jacksonville, FL
Kurt Von Stroheim & Skull Von Stroheim [2]1967/09/05Tampa, FL
Paul DeMarco & Lorenzo Parente1967/10/24Tampa, FL
Terry Garvin & Ron Garvin1967/11/21Tampa, FL
Paul DeMarco & Lorenzo Parente [2]1968/01/16Tampa, FL
Infernos [4]1968/02/13Tampa, FL
Masked Infernos1969/02/11Tampa, FL

* NWA World Tag Team Title (Mid-Atlantic version) is recognized in Florida from 1975.