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NWA Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Title
1977 - 1984

Jerry Brisco1973/09/06 Greensboro, NC
Reigning holder of Eastern States Heavyweight Title; renamed Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Title in 73/09/06.
Johnny Valentine1974/01
Awarded after Brisco is injured during a match against Valentine on 73/12/28 in Charleston, SC; held up after a match against Sonny King on 74/10/28 in Charlotte, NC.
Johnny Valentine [2]1974/11/04Charlotte, NC
Wins rematch.
Paul Jones1975/03/09Charlotte, NC
Johnny Valentine [3]1973/03/19
Title returned to Valentine when the video shows his foot is on the rope but pulled by Jones.
Wahoo McDaniel1975/06/29 Asheville, NC
Ric Flair *1975/07
Wahoo McDaniel *1975/07/26Greensboro, NC
Ric Flair1975/09/20Hampton, VA
Wahoo McDaniel [2]1976/05/03Charlotte, NC
Ric Flair [2]1976/05/24Charlotte, NC
Wahoo McDaniel [3]1976/09/11Greenville, SC
Ric Flair [3]1976/10/16Greensboro, NC
Wahoo McDaniel [4]1976/12/27Richmond, VA
Greg Valentine1977/06/11Greensboro, NC
Wahoo McDaniel [5]1977/08/09Raleigh, NC
Greg Valentine [2]1977/09/07Raleigh, NC
Wahoo McDaniel [6]1978/04/02Greensboro, NC
Ken Patera1978/04/09Charlotte, NC
Tony Atlas1978/09/17Roanoke, VA
Ken Patera [2]1978/10/15Roanoke, VA
Jim Brunzell1979/09/14Richmond, VA
Ray Stevens1979/11/22Greensboro, NC
Jim Brunzell [2]1979/12/25Charlotte, NC
Iron Sheik1980/05/11Charlotte, NC
Ricky Steamboat1980/11/01Richmond, VA
Ivan Koloff1981/04/16Norfolk, VA
Ricky Steamboat [2]1981/10/10Greensboro, NC
Roddy Piper1981/11/01Greensboro, NC
Jack Brisco1982/05/10Greenville, SC
Roddy Piper [2]1982/07/07Charlotte, NC
Jack Brisco [2]1982/08/03Raleigh, NC
Paul Jones1982/09/01Charlotte, NC
Jack Brisco [3]1982/10/18Greenville, SC
Paul Jones [2]1982/11/02Raleigh, NC
Jack Brisco [4] 1982/11/30 Columbia, SC
Dory Funk Jr.1983/01/30Charlotte, NC
Rufus R. Jones1983/08/05Richmond, VA
Dick Slater1983/12/03Hampton, VA
Ivan Koloff [2]1983/12
Slater wins U.S. title on 83/12/14 and elects to give Mid-Atlantic title to Koloff.
Angelo Mosca Jr.1984/01/25Shelby, NC
Ivan Koloff [3]1984/03/18Charlotte, NC
Angelo Mosca Jr. [2]1984/04/22Charlotte, NC
Masked Outlaw (Dory Funk Jr.) [2] 1984/05/12Spencer, NC
Funk was suspended for shoving NWA representative Sandy Scott and returns as The Outlaw.
Angelo Mosca Jr. [3]1984/06/27Norfolk, VA
Ron Bass1984/08/29Spartanburg, SC
Buzz Tyler1985/03/16Greensboro, NC
Vacant in 85/07 when Tyler leaves the area.
Krusher Khrushchev1985/11/28Greensboro, NC
Defeats Sam Houston in tournament final.
Sam Houston1986/01/11Atlanta, GA
Black Bart1986/03/18Mooresville, NC
Ron Garvin1986/09/02Spartanburg, SC
Title vacant and retired on 86/12/27 after Garvin & Barry Windham win the U.S. Tag Team Title on 86/12/09.

Preston Quinn1996/07/17Suffolk, VA
Defeats Rising Sun.
Carolina Kid1998/02/08Norfolk, VA
Vacant in 98.

Colt Steel1999/10/02Columbus, NC
Defeats The Matal Maniac.
Bunkhouse Buck2000/10/07Morganton, NC
Rikki Nelson 2001<
Buff Bagwell2001/12/14Hartsville, SC
Vacant as of 02/09/05.
Steve Williams2003/12/30 Guangzhou, CHN
Defeats Terry Taylor; vacant in 05.
Scott Steiner2005/09/24Concord, NC
Defeats Buff Bagwell; vacant in 06.
Buff Bagwell [2] 2006/03/17 Laurens, SC
Defeats Rikki Nelson.
Rikki Nelson [2] 2011/02/26Cheraw, SC
Continues as MACW Title after the promotion leaves the NWA in 12.

Lanrce Erikson 2015/07/04 Beckley, WV
Defeats William Huckaby; stripped in 17/02 for failure to defend the title.