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Pre-1990s information last updated on 2017/08/17

NWA Georgia Heavyweight Title

George Harben 1937/08<  
Claims the title in Florida.

John Mauldin * 1938<  
Reported on an Atlanta program in 38/07 as having "recently" retired as champion.

Choo-Choo Lynn 1963/02/05<  
Honey Boy Hannigan1963/07/23Macon, GA
Choo-Choo Lynn [2]1963/07/30Macon, GA
Still champion as of 64/03/24.

Sputnik Monroe1964/08/09Atlanta, GA
Defeats Dick the Bruiser.
Don Fargo1964/09/25Atlanta, GA
Sputnik Monroe [2]1964/10/16Atlanta, GA
Mario Galento1964/11/13Atlanta, GA
Buddy Fuller1965/05/28Atlanta, GA
Louie Tillet 1966/05/27 Atlanta, GA
Buddy Fuller [2] 1966/06/17 Atlanta, GA
El Mongol1967/02/24Atlanta, GA
Nick Kozak 1967/03/18Atlanta, GA
El Mongol [2]1967/04/07Atlanta, GA
Buddy Fuller [3]1967/04/28Atlanta, GA
El Mongol [3] 1967/06/16 Atlanta, GA
Mr. Wrestling 1967/07/11 Macon, GA
El Mongol [4] 1967/07/18 Macon, GA
Mr. Wrestling [2]1967/08/11Atlanta, GA
El Mongol [5] 1967/09/08 Atlanta, GA
Bobby Shane 1967/09/29 Atlanta, GA
El Mongol [6] 1967/10/10<
Stripped of the title after a match on 67/12/08 in Atlanta, GA but is later reinstated.
Mr. Wrestling [3] 1968/05/03Atlanta, GA
The Big O #2 (Johnny Valentine) 1968/05/10Atlanta, GA
Unmasks himself on 68/05/24.
Tarzan Tyler1968/06/14Atlanta, GA
The Professional (Doug Gilbert)1968/08/23Atlanta, GA
Johnny Valentine [2]1968/11/08Atlanta, GA
Title held up by special referee Joe Louis after a match against The Professional on 68/11/29 in Atlanta, GA.
The Professional [2]1968/12/06Atlanta, GA
Defeats Valentine in rematch.
Dale Lewis1968/12/27Atlanta, GA
El Mongol [7]1969/02/07Atlanta, GA
Special referee: Hans Schmidt.
Assassin #1 (Tom Renesto)1969/03/21Atlanta, GA
El Mongol [8]1969/04/18Atlanta, GA
The Professional [3] 1969/05/16Atlanta, GA
Defeats El Mongol, who had defeated Paul DeMarco earlier that night in a 3-man runoff for the title.
Paul DeMarco1969/06/21Atlanta, GA
Joe Scarpa (Chief Jay Strongbow)1969/09/19Atlanta, GA
Paul DeMarco [2]1969/10/03Atlanta, GA
Doug Gilbert [4]1969/11/28Atlanta, GA
Vacant on 70/02/28 due to injury.
Assassin #1 [2]1970/03/13Atlanta, GA
Defeats Joe Scarpa in one-night 8-man tournament final.
Nick Bockwinkel1970/04/17Atlanta, GA
Paul DeMarco [3]1970/07/17Atlanta, GA
Nick Bockwinkel [2]1970/07/24Atlanta, GA
Buddy Colt1970/09/04Atlanta, GA
Fred Blassie1970/11/13Atlanta, GA
Buddy Colt [2]1970/11/20Atlanta, GA
Ray Gunkel1970/11/27Atlanta, GA
Vacant when Colt and Homer O'Dell file an appeal.
El Mongol [9]1971/02/05Atlanta, GA
Defeats Nick Bockwinkel in 14-man tournament final.
Buddy Colt [3] 1971/06/18<  
Sometime after 71/05/28.
Ray Gunkel [2] 1971/07/20 Savannah, GA
Buddy Colt [4] 1972/01<
El Mongol [10]1972/01/25Macon, GA
Buddy Colt [5]1972/04/08Griffin, GA
Roberto Soto1972/05/05Atlanta, GA
Vacant in 72/11 after Soto jumps to ASWA with the title.
Mr. Wrestling II1973/03/02Atlanta, GA
Defeats Sputnik Monroe in 16-man tournament final.
Bill Watts1973/05/11Atlanta, GA
Mr. Wrestling II [2] 1973/07/13 Atlanta, GA
Bill Watts [2] 1973/07/21 Atlanta, GA
Stripped after Watts deliberately gets disqualified in a defence against Mr. Wrestling II on 73/08/17 in Atlanta.
Mr. Wrestling II [3]1973/08/31Atlanta, GA
Defeats Watts in rematch; special referee: Fred Blassie.
Bill Watts [3]1973/11/02Atlanta, GA
Ron Fuller1973/12/21Atlanta, GA
Mr. Wrestling II [4]1974/01/11Atlanta, GA
Loses to Bill Watts on 74/05/10 in Atlanta, GA, but the decision is later reversed.
Buddy Colt [5]1974/07/05Atlanta, GA
Mr. Wrestling II [5]1974/08/30Atlanta, GA
Harley Race1974/09/13Atlanta, GA
Don Muraco 1974/09
May be held up against Budy Colt on 74/10/04 in Atlanta, GA.
Buddy Colt [6] 1974/10/11 Atlanta, GA
Held up against Rocky Johnson on 74/11/15 in Atlanta, GA.
Rocky Johnson1974/12/06Atlanta, GA
Defeats Colt in rematch.
Abdullah the Butcher1975/02/21Atlanta, GA
Mr. Wrestling II [6] 1975/07/04? Atlanta, GA?
Abdullah the Butcher [2]1975/07/11Atlanta, GA
Toru Tanaka 1975/08<  
Probably on 75/07/25 or 75/08/01 in Atlanta, GA (Tanaka defeats Abdullah on 75/08/01); still champion as of 75/09/05.
Mike McCord 1975/09/16<  
Nikolai Volkoff 1975/09/23<  
Mr. Wrestling II [7]1975/10/03Atlanta, GA
The Spoiler1975/11/27Atlanta, GA
Dusty Rhodes1976/01/30Atlanta, GA
The Spoiler [3]1976/02/06Atlanta, GA
Dick Slater1976/08/20Atlanta, GA
Mr. Wrestling II [8]1976/10/26Columbus, GA
Dick Slater [2]1976/11/25Columbus, GA
Paul Jones1977/04/15Atlanta, GA
Dick Slater [3]1977/06/04Atlanta, GA
Stan Hansen 1977/11/16?Columbus, GA?
Mr. Wrestling II [9] 1978/01/25?Columbus, GA?
Stan Hansen [2]1978/02/06Augusta, GA
Stripped on 78/05/20.
Angelo Mosca1978/06/09Atlanta, GA
Wins a one-night 14-man tournament; Thunderbolt Patterson defeats Mosca on 78/09/25 in Augusta, GA; Mosca continues to defend the title; stripped on 78/10/14.
Mr. Wrestling II [10]1978/10/16Augusta, GA
Defeats Stan Hansen in one-night 6-man tournament final.
Masked Superstar 1978/12/04Augusta, GA
Wahoo McDaniel1979/05/14Augusta, GA
Masked Superstar [2] 1979/07/30Augusta, GA
Wahoo McDaniel # 1979/08/17 Atlanta, GA
Defeats Superstar in a title match, but the title is declared vacant on 79/08/18.
Killer Karl Kox1979/08/24Augusta, GA
Defeats Bob Armstrong in one-night 14-man tournament final.
Tommy Rich1979/10/26Atlanta, GA
Masked Superstar [3] 1979/12/07Atlanta, GA
Mr. Wrestling II [11]1980/01/12Atlanta, GA
Austin Idol (Mike McCord) [2] 1980/03/29Atlanta, GA
Baron Von Raschke1980/06/08Atlanta, GA
Steve Keirn 1980/08/11Augusta, GA
Dennis Condrey 1980/09/08Augusta, GA
Tony Atlas1980/10/24Atlanta, GA
Vacant in 81.
Tommy Rich [2]1981/05/17Atlanta, GA
Defeats Greg Valentine in tournament final.
Ken Patera1981/06/12Atlanta, GA
Tommy Rich [3]1981/08/09Atlanta, GA
Wins by forfeit after Patera leaves the area in 81/07; Rich defends against Masked Superstar on this day.
Masked Superstar [4] 1981/09/12Atlanta, GA
Unified with National Heavyweight title, which Superstar has won in the same month, defeating Steve Olsonoski in Columbus, GA.

Billy Black 1998/06/01  
Awarded when title is revived by NWA.
Lord Humongous1999/02/25Loganville, GA
Silky Boom Boom1999/04/05Loganville, GA
Frenchy Riviera1999/05/06Loganville, GA
Silky Boom Boom [2]1999/06/02Conyers, GA
Bart Sawyer1999/06/27Stockbridge, GA
Stripped in 99/10.
Rick Michaels1999/10/14Loganville, GA
Eliminates Dusty Dotson in a "Mega Rumble" match; vacates in 2000/01.
Rukkus2000/02/05Cornelia, GA
Wins a "Mega Rumble" match.
Stone Mountain2000/04/15Cornelia, GA
Defeats Mark E. Mark, subbing for Rukkus.
Prince Justice2001/05/05Cornelia, GA
Scott Wrenn2001/09/01Cornelia, GA
Rick Michaels2001/10/19Cornelia, GA
A.J. Styles2001/12/22Cornelia, GA
David Young2002/03/23Cornelia, GA
Defeats A.J. Styles & Rick Michaels in a 3-way elimination match.
Jason Cross2002/06/01Cornelia, GA
Adam Jacobs2002/06/29Cornelia, GA
Wins a cage gauntlet style match, last eliminating A. J. Styles.
David Young [2]2002/08/02Cornelia, GA
Defeats John Phoenix when Jacobs fails to appear for the scheduled title defense.
Iceberg2002/09/22Cornelia, GA
Hotstuff Hernandez2003/07/05Cornelia, GA
Onyx2003/10/25Cornelia, GA
Jason Cross [2]2004/09/04Cornelia, GA
Ray Gordy2004/12/04Cornelia, GA
Onyx [2]2004/12/04Cornelia, GA
Rainman2005/03/26Cornelia, GA
Defeats Onyx and Ray Gordy in a 3-way match.
Onyx [3]2005/04/30Cornelia, GA
NWA Wildside stops promoting in 05/04.

Cru Jones 2012/06/23 Stockbridge, GA
Defeats Steve Stiles to be recognized by NWA Action; vacant in 13.
Andy Anderson 2013/10/26 Stockbridge, GA
Defeats Pain in 32-man tournament final to be recognized by NWA Atlanta.
Tyson Dean 2013/12/14 Griffin, GA
Odinson 2015/04/25 Stockbridge, GA
Replaces Shane Marx, who is injured during the match, and defeats Dean.
Tommy Too Much 2015/06/27 Locust Grove, GA
Reigning NWA Atlanta champion, defeats Odinson in a unification match.
Pain 2016/08/13 Dudley, GA
Logan Creed 2016/10/01 Columbus, GA
NWA Atlanta leaves the NWA in 16/11; Creed continues to be recognized by other NWA licensees in Georgia.
Damien Wayne 2017/07/15 Columbus, GA
NWA Georgia Wrestling announces the departure from the NWA on 17/08/25.