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Last updated on 2016/09/19

Austra-Asian Heavyweight Title
1972 - 1974

Spiros Arion1972/04/28Sydney
Defeats Killer Karl Kox.
Bulldog Brower 1972/09/06Brisbane, QLD
Spiros Arion [2]1972/09/22Sydney
Brute Bernard1972/11/04Melbourne
Spiros Arion [3]1972/11/25Sydney
Paul Demarco 1973/02/21 Brisbane, QLD
Spiros Arion [4] 1973/03/21 Brisbane, QLD
Waldo Von Erich1974/02FIJ *
Mario Milano1974/05/19Sydney
Cyclon Negro 1974/07/19Sydney
Negro & Brute Bernard defeat Milano & George Gouliovas in a tag match with the title on line.
George Gouliovas1974/11/01Sydney
Gouliovas & Mario Milano defeat Negro & Lorenzo Parente in a tag match with the title on line.
Great Mephisto1975/02/22Sydney
George Gouliovas [2]1975/03/07Melbourne
Moose Morowski1975/08/02Melbourne
Skandor Akbar1975/09/12Sydney
Great Mephisto [2]1975/10/11Melbourne
Ron Miller1976/01 NZL *
Promotion closes in 78/12.