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Last updated on 2017/07/05

Stampede Wrestling
International Tag Team Title

Joe Brunetti & Guy Brunetti 1958/02/21 Calgary, AB
Defeat Chico Gracia & Gene Kiniski.
Ivan Kalmikoff & Karol Kalmikoff 1958/02/28 Calgary, AB
Joe Brunetti & Guy Brunetti [2] 1958/05/16 Calgary, AB
Bill Miller & Ed Miller 1958/05/30 Calgary, AB
Joe Brunetti & Guy Brunetti [3] 1958/06/20 Calgary, AB
Defeat Bill in a handicap match after Ed is injured by Danny Plechas & Jim Wright right before the match.
Chris Tolos & John Tolos 1958/10<  
George Scott & Sandy Scott1958/11/01Calgary, AB
Maurice Vachon & Paul Vachon1959/01/30Calgary, AB
Shag Thomas & Mighty Ursus1959/03/27Calgary, AB
Chico Gracia & Chet Wallick 1959/04/02? Regina, SK?
Maurice Vachon & Paul Vachon [2] 1959/04/16? Regina, SK?
George Scott & Sandy Scott [2]1959/05/01Calgary, AB
Still champions as of 59/06/26.
Al Mills & Don Kindred1959/12/18<
Mills vacates due to extended illness.
Don Kindred & John Foti 1960/03/11<
Also billed as IWA champions.
Oattem Fisher & Luther Lindsay1960/04/15Calgary, AB
Tarzan Tourville & Mighty Ursus1960/05/27Calgary, AB
Jim Wright & Gypsy Joe1960/07/01Calgary, AB
Vacant in 60.
Jim Wright & Chico Garcia1960/10/14Calgary, AB
Defeat Ed Francis & Luigi Mecera.
Joe Brunetti & Guy Brunetti [4]1961/02/24<
Still champions as of 61/03/24.
Tiny Mills & Jack Daniels1961/11/24Calgary, AB
Win tournament.
Alberto Torres & Ramon Torres1961/12/08Calgary, AB
Vacant in 62.
Alexis Bruga & Aldo Bogni 1962/05/03 Regina, SK
Defeat John Foti & Bill Wright in tournament final.
Sandor Kovacs & Czaya Nandor1962/05/11Calgary, AB
Repeated(?) on 62/05/17 in Regina, SK; still champions as of 62/05/24.
Jim Wright & Mike Sharpe
Ron Etchison & Dominic Bravo1963/01/18Calgary, AB
Jim Wright & Luke Graham 1963
Ron Etchison & Dominic Bravo [2] 1963/02/14 Regina, SK
Jerry Graham & Jim Wright1963/02/28Calgary, AB
Ron Etchison & Dominic Bravo [3]1963
Jim Wright & Masked Destroyer1963/03/22Calgary, AB
Ricky Waldo & Karl von Schober1963/04/12Calgary, AB
Jim Wright & Masked Destroyer [2] 1963/05/03<
George Scott & Sandy Scott [3] 1963/10/29<
Also billed as NAWA Title.
Art Neilson & Stan Neilson 1963/11/26 Edmonton, AB
Repeated on 63/11/27 in Saskatoon, SK and on 63/11/29 in Calgary, AB.
George Scott & Sandy Scott [4] 1963/12/06 Calgary, AB
Kurt von Steiger & Karl von Steiger1967/05/12<
Also billed as North American Title.
Bobby Christy & Jerry Christy1967/06/16Calgary, AB
Held up after a match against The Beast & Bob Sweetan on 67/07/11 in Calgary, AB.
The Beast & Bob Sweetan1967/07/12Calgary, AB
Win rematch.
Bobby Christy & Jerry Christy [2] 1968/03/25<
Paul Leduc & Jos Leduc 1969/01/03<
Bud Osborne & Ray Osborne 1969/03<
Bob Sweetan & Fred Sweetan 1969/04/01Edmonton, AB
Bud Osborne & Ray Osborne [2]1969/04/18Calgary, AB
Clem St. Louis & Jack Pesek1969
Bud Osborne & Ray Osborne [3]1969/07/07Calgary, AB
Bobby Christy & Jerry Christy [3] 1969/12/16 Edmonton, AB
Defeat Bill Dromo & Gil Hayes; may repeat on 69/12/19 in Calgary, AB.
Gil Hayes & Bill Dromo1970/02/13Calgary, AB
Bobby Christy & Jerry Christy [4] 1970/03/06 Calgary, AB
Gil Hayes & Bob Sweetan 1970/06/26 Calgary, AB
Bobby Christy & Jerry Christy [5]1970/09/04Calgary, AB
Defeat Bud Osborne & Ray Osborne.
Bob Sweetan & Paul Peller 1970
Vacant in 71.
Tiger Joe Tomasso & Earl Black1971/07/09<
Win touranment.
Dan Kroffat & Bill Cody1971/08/11<
Tiger Joe Tomasso & Earl Black [2]1971/08/11Saskatoon, SK
Michel Martel & Danny Babich1971/10/01Calgary, AB
Chin Lee & Sugi Sito 1971/10/16 Calgary, AB
Tiger Joe Tomasso & Dave Ruhl 1972/01/21 Calgary, AB
Chin Lee & Sugi Sito [2] 1972/05<
Geoff Portz & Jeff Atcheson 1972
Tor Kamata & Sugi Sito1972/09/29<
Danny Kroffat & Lennie Hurst1972/11/10<
Tiger Joe Tomasso & Gil Hayes1972/11
Michel Martel & Danny Babich1972/12/15<
George Gordienko & Super Hawk1972/12/16
Michel Martel & Danny Babich [2]1972/12/23Edmonton, AB
Dan Kroffat & Lennie Hurst1973/01/20Edmonton, AB
Michel Martel & Danny Babich [3]1973/02/09Calgary, AB
Carlos Belafonte (Carlitos Colon) & Gino Caruso 1973/04/13<
Vacant in 73.
Samoans: Afa Anoia & Sika Anoia 1973
Chati Yokouchi & Yasu Fuji 1973/06/08<
Danny Kroffat & Bill Cody1973/07/13<
Gil Hayes & Benny Ramirez 1973/07/20?Calgary, AB
Samoans [2]1973/08/31<
Chati Yokouchi & Yasu Fuji [2] 1973/09/07Calgary, AB
Bob Pringle & Bill Cody 1973/10/05?Calgary, AB
Kiwis: Nick Carter & Sweet William 1974/01/05 Edmonton, AB
Or 74/01/06 in Calgary, AB.
Tokyo Joe & Great Saki1974
Kiwis [2]1974
Stan Kowalski & Duke Savage1974
Lennie Hurst & Rick Martel1974
Pat Kelly & Mike Kelly1974/10/18<
Les Thornton & Frankie Laine 1975/01/24?Calgary, AB
Mr. Hito & John Quinn1975/05/02<
Vacant in 75.
Mr. Hito & Gil Hayes1975/12/12<
Win tournament.
Ed Morrow & Jerry Morrow 1975/12/26?Calgary, AB
Ripper Collins & Don Gagne (Frenchy Martin) 1976/02/20<
Lumberjack Luke & Prince Tapu 1976/04/02? Calgary, AB?
Ripper Collins & Bobby Bass 1976/04/09? Calgary, AB?
Gama Singh & Crary Stevenson 1976/05/07<
Ed Morrow & Gama Singh 1976/06  
Mr. Hito & Higo Hamaguchi (Animal Hamaguchi) 1976/06/18? Calgary, AB?
Ed Morrow & Jerry Morrow [2]1976/08/27Calgary, AB
Ripper Collins & Larry Sharpe1976/09/24Calgary, AB
Ed Morrow & Jerry Morrow [3]1976/10/15Calgary, AB
Cuban Assassins1976/12/03<
Leo Burke & Keith Hart1977/02/18<
Royal Kangaroos: Jonathan Boyd & Norman Frederick Charles III 1977/04/06<
Leo Burke & Bobby Burke1977/09/16<
Mr. Hito & Michael Martel 1977/12/10?Edmonton, AB
Jerry Morrow & George Wells 1978/02/17?Calgary, AB
Norman Frederick Charles III & Cuban Assassin1978
Keith Hart & Hubert Gallant1978/04/29<
Raul Castillo & Fidel Castillo1978/09/01<
Keith Hart & Bret Hart 1978/11/12?Edmonton, AB
Mr. Hito & Mr. Sakurada 1979/02/10?Calgary, AB
Leo Burke & Keith Hart [2]1979/04/06Calgary, AB
Dory Funk Jr. & Larry Lane1979/07/06<
Mr. Hito & Mr. Sakurada [2]1979/07/07Edmonton, AB
Keith Hart & Bret Hart [2] 1979
Vacant in 79.
Dynamite Kid & Sekigawa1979/12/21Calgary, AB
Defeat Leo Burke & Hubert Gallant in tournament final.
Keith Hart & Bret Hart [3]1979/01/26<
Dynamite Kid & Loch Ness Monster (Luke McMasters)1980/03/29<
Keith Hart & Bret Hart [4]1980
Dynamite Kid & Kasavudu1980/06/03Regina, SK
Keith Hart & Bret Hart [5]1980
Kasavudu & Mr. Sakurada1980
Jim Neidhart & Hercules Ayala1980/09/27<
Duke Myers & Bobby Bass1980/11/22<
Leo Burke & Bobby Burke [2]1980/12/02Creston, BC
Duke Myers & Mike Sharpe Jr. 1981/02/14? Edmonton, AB?
Duke Myers & Kerry Brown1981/09/25<
Vacant in 82/03 when Brown & Myers are involved in a car accident.
Duke Myers & Kerry Brown1982/03/23Regina, SK
Defeat David Schultz & Leo Burke in tournament final.
Bruce Hart & Davey Boy Smith1982
Duke Myers & Dynamite Kid1982/06/29<
Leo Burke & Bret Hart1982/11/19Calgary, AB
Duke Myers & Kerry Brown [2]1982/12/08Edmonton, AB
Jim Neidhart & Mr. Hito1983/03/11Calgary, AB
Cuban Assassin & Francisco Flores1983/09/09Calgary, AB
Bruce Hart & Davey Boy Smith1983/10/19
Danny Davis & Hubert Gallant1984/02/27Vancouver, BC
Declared vacant on 84/03/23 after a match against Phil Lafleur & Ben Bassarab.
Dynamite Kid & Davey Boy Smith1984/03/31Calgary, AB
Defeat Bad News Allen & Cuban Assassin in tournament final; vacant on 84/08/23 when promotion sold to WWF; Kid & Smith join WWF.
Wayne Farris & Ron Starr1985/10/25Calgary, AB
Defeat Kerry Brown & Hubert Gallant in tournament final.
Leo Burke & Ron Ritchie1986/02/07Calgary, AB
Title immediately help up when Starr & Wayne run off with the belts.
Wayne Farris & Ron Starr [2]1986/02/21Calgary, AB
Defeat Burke & Ritchie in rematch.
Chris Benoit & Ben Bassarab1986/03/01Regina, SK
Wayne Farris & Cuban Assassin1986/03/21Calgary, AB
Chris Benoit & Keith Hart1986/05/02Calgary, AB
Title held up after a match awarded to Duke Myers & Kerry Brown on 86/05/30 in Calgary, AB.
Duke Myers & Kerry Brown [3]1986/06/06Calgary, AB
Defeat Benoit & Hart in rematch.
Ben Bassarab & Owen Hart1986/08/09Edmonton, AB
Viet Cong Express:Hiroshi Hase & Fumihiro Niikura 1986/10/03Calgary, AB
Vacant in 87/01 when Niikura returns to Japan in 86/12 after suffering health problems and does not return; a planned replacement is injjured while training.
Bruce Hart & Brian Pillman1987/04/05Calgary, AB
Defeat Cuban Assassin & Ron Starr in tournament final; title held-up after a match against Makhan Singh & Jerry Morrow on 87/10/09.
Makhan Singh & Jerry Morrow1987/11/11Great Falls, MT, USA
Win rematch.
Bad Company: Bruce Hart & Brian Pillman [2] 1987/11/13Calgary, AB
Cuban Commandos: Jerry Morrow & Cuban Assassin 1988/07/22Calgary, AB
Chris Benoit & Lance Idol1988/10/07Calgary, AB
Cuban Commandos [2]1988/10/28Calgary, AB
British Bulldogs: Dynamite Kid & Davey Boy Smith [2] 1988/12/07Calgary, AB
Makhan Singh & Vokkan Singh (Gary Albright) 1988/12/30Calgary, AB
Chris Benoit & Biff Wellington1989/04/08Calgary, AB
Bob Brown & Kerry Brown1989/06/09Calgary, AB
Benkei (Kensuke) Sasaki & Sumo Hara (Tatsumi Kitahara)1989/08/18Calgary, AB
Apocalypse & Destruction1989/09/29Calgary, AB
Promotion closes in 89/12.

Greg Pawluk & Johnny Devine2000/02/04Calgary, AB
Defeat Dick Raines & Tiger Mahatma Khan in tournament final.
Dick Raines & Frank Einstein2000/06/09Calgary, AB
Vacant in 00.
Bruce Hart & Ted Hart2002/04/05Calgary, AB
Defeat Dave Swift & Apocalypse in a tournament final.
Bruce Hart & T.J. Wilson2002/04
Wilson replaces the injured Ted Hart; still champions as of 02/09/06.
Harry Smith & Apocalypse2004/03/26Calgary, AB
Defeat Dave Swift & Johny Devine in tournament final; vacant when Smith and Apocalypse split up.
Apocalypse & Dave Swift2004/04/04Calgary, AB
Defeat Harry Smith & Johnny Devine.
Harry Smith & Kirk Melnick2004/05/28Calgary, AB
Duke Durrango & Karnage2004/11/19Calgary, AB
Karachi Vice: Tiger Raj Singh & Gama Singh Jr. 2005/03/04Calgary, AB
Ravenous Randy & Pyro Pete Wilson2005/11/04Calgary, AB
Karachi Vice [2] 2005/12/16 Calgary, AB
Duke Durrango & Chris Steele 2006/06/30 Calgary, AB
Juggernaut & Pete Wilson 2006/07/28Calgary, AB
Juggernaut & T.J. Wilson2006/11/10
T.J. replaces the injured Pete.
A-Team: Dusty Adonis & Michael Avery 2007/02/10 Calgary, AB
Lose to Juggernaut & Wilson in a title match but are awarded the belts since Wilson is leaveing the promotion for WWE.
Funky Bunch: Mark Avery & Phoenix Taylor 2007/11/16Calgary, AB
Promotion closes in 08/04.