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World Wrestling Council
World Tag Team Title

(as of 2016/08/13)

Kangaroos: Don Kent & Al Costello1977/02/26
Billed as champions on arrival.
Carlos Colón & Jose Rivera1977/03/12Caguas, PR
Samoans1977/10/29Caguas, PR
Jose Rivera & Invader I (Jose Gonzales)1977/12/17San Juan, PR
Held up after a match against Kangaroos on 78/01/14 in Caguas, PR.
Jose Rivera & Invader I [2]1978/02/04San Juan, PR
Defeat Kangaroos in rematch.
Huracan Castillo & Pierre Martel1978/05/06Bayamón, PR
Jose Rivera & Invader I [3]1978/05/27Bayamón, PR
Kendo Kimura & Hiro Sasaki1978/10/23Caguas, PR
Invaders I & II1978/11/11Caguas, PR
Dory Funk Jr. & Terry Funk1979/04/06San Juan, PR
Or 79/05/01.
Invaders I & II [2]1979/11/24Bayamón, PR
Dory Funk Jr. & Terry Funk [2]1979/12/22Bayamón, PR
Kangaroos: Don Kent & Johnny Heffernan1982/05/01San Juan, PR
Invader I & Pierre Martel1982/06/26San Juan, PR
Moondogs: Rex & Spot1982/07/24San Juan, PR
Pierre Martel & Gino de la Serra1982/10/16San Juan, PR
Mercenaries1982/11/20Bayamón, PR
Gran Apollo & Pierre Martel1983/01/23Ponce, PR
Scorpio & Mr. Tempest1983/02/12Bayamón, PR
Vacant on 83/03/14 when Scorpio leaves WWC.
Carlos Colón & Pedro Morales1983/04/30San Juan, PR
Defeat Medics.
Medics I & II/Super Medicos1983/09/10Morovis, PR
Medics renamed Super Medicos on 83/11/14.
Hercules Ayala & King Tonga (Haku)1984/01/06San Juan, PR
Super Medicos [2]1984/01/28Guaynabo, PR
Invaders I & III1984/04/25San Juan, PR
Super Medicos I & III1984/08/04San Juan, PR
Vacant on 84/10/08 in Bayamón, PR when Medico III (Don Kent) loses his mask.
Invaders I & III [2]1984/11/22Bayamón, PR
Defeat Super Medico I & Black Gordman.
Super Medico I and Black Gordman1984/12/08Guaynabo, PR
Al Pérez & Joe Savoldi1985/01/06San Juan, PR
Held up after a match against Fidel Sierra & Mexican Angel on 85/03/23 in San Juan, PR.
Fidel Sierra & Mexican Angel1985/04/06San Juan, PR
Vacant on 85/05/30 when Mexican Angel leaves WWC.
Rock 'n' Roll RPM's: Mike Davis & Tommy Lane1986/06/29San Juan, PR
Defeat Eric Embry & Crusher in tournament final.
Pastores: Luke Williams & Butch Miller1986/08/03Bayamón, PR
Rock 'n' Roll RPM's [2]1986/09/21San Juan, PR
Chicky Starr & Ron Starr1986/10/04Caguas, PR
Mark Youngblood & Chris Youngblood1987/01/06San Juan, PR
Pastores [2]1987/04/04Caguas, PR
Mark Youngblood & Chris Youngblood [2]1987/05/10San Juan, PR
Mr. Pogo & TNT1987/07/11Caguas, PR
Mark Youngblood & Chris Youngblood [3]1987/07/30
Hunters (Dale Veasey & Bob Brown)1987/08/26TRI
Mark Youngblood & Chris Youngblood [4]1987/09/20Ponce, PR
Kendo Nagasaki & Mr. Pogo1987/10/17Caguas, PR
Invaders I & III [3]1988/01/06San Juan, PR
Kendo Nagasaki & Mr. Pogo [2]1988/01/16Guaynabo, PR
Held up after a match against Mark & Chris Youngblood on 88/03/19 in Caguas, PR.
Kendo Nagasaki & Mr. Pogo [3]1988/04/12San Juan, PR
Defeat the Youngbloods in rematch.
Mark Youngblood & Chris Youngblood [5]1988/05/14Caguas, PR
Kendo Nagasaki & Mr. Pogo [4]1988/07/23Arecibo, PR
Youngbloods leave the promotion after the murder of Bruiser Brody.
Batten Twins: Bart Batten & Brad Batten1988/08/06San Juan, PR
Chicky Starr & Ron Starr [2]1988/10/16Aguadilla, PR
Batten Twins [2]1988/11/12Caguas, PR
Dan Kroffat & Tama the Islander1989/01/06San Juan, PR
Batten Twins [3]1989/03/04Bayamón, PR
Jason the Terrible & Steve Strong1989/03/11Caguas, PR
Carlos Colón & Invader I1989/04/07Juncos, PR
Win by forfeit when Jason injures his knee.
Rip Rogers & Abudda Dein1989/05/17Vega Alta, PR
Miguel Pérez Jr. & Huracán Castillo Jr.1989/07/16Mayaguez, PR
Rip Rogers & Abudda Dein [2]1989/08/05
Mark Youngblood & Chris Youngblood [6]1989/10/07Bayamón, PR
Mercenaries: Ron Starr & Cuban Assassin1990/02/04Aguadilla, PR
Super Medics I & III (Jose Estrada Sr. & Jr.)1990/03/31San Juan, PR
Lance Idol & Rick Valentine (Kerry Brown)1990/08/04Caguas, PR
Super Medics I & III [2]1990/09/15Bayamón, PR
Held up after a match against Texas Hangmen on 90/09/19 in Cataño, PR.
Super Medics I & III [3]1990/09/22Caguas, PR
Defeat Texas Hangmen in rematch.
Texas Hangmen: Psycho & Killer1990/09/29Carolina, PR
El Bronco (Ramon Alvarez) & Invader I1991/02/03Bayamón, PR
Texas Hangmen [2]1991/02/10Hormigueros, PR
El Bronco & Invader I [2]1991/03/02Bayamón, PR
Billy Travis & El Gran Mendoza1991/05/22San Juan, PR
Miguel Pérez Jr. & Huracan Castillo Jr. [2]1991/06/12San Juan, PR
El Bronco & Invader I [3]1991/07/20Carolina, PR
Castillo turns heel on Pérez.
Heartbreakers: Wendell Cooley & Frankie Lancaster1991/11/29Curaçao
Rex King & Ricky Santana1991/12/25San Juan, PR
Heartbreakers [2]1992/01/06San Juan, PR
Rex King & Ricky Santana [2]1992/02/29Caguas, PR
Heartbreakers [3]1992/03/01Mayaguez, PR
Heartbreaker Adonis & Doug Masters1992/03/16
Awarded when Heartbreaker Apollo leaves WWC.
Bronco & Ciclon Salvadoreno1992/03/21Humacao, PR
Ron Starr & Doug Masters1992/04/11Caguas, PR
Held up after a match against Ricky Santana & Rex King on 92/05/16 in Caguas, PR.
Ron Starr & Doug Masters [2]1992/05/24San German, PR
Win rematch by forfeit when Santana no-shows.
Southern Rockers: Rex King & Steve Doll1992/06/24Dorado, PR
Held up after a match against Solid Gold on 92/08/01; Doll leaves the promotion after the title was held up; still held up after a match between Ray González & Rex King vs. Solid Gold on 09/05/92 in Bayamón, PR; again held up when a rematch ends with a double pin on 09/12/92 in Carolina, PR.
Ray González & Rex King1992/09/19Carolina, PR
Defeat Solid Gold in rematch.
Mohammad Hussein (Lou Fabbiano) & El Vigilante1992/12/25
Ray González & Ricky Santana1993/02/21Bayamón, PR
Batten Twins [4]1993/03
Vacant on 93/04/02 when Batten Twins jump to AWF.
Ray González & Ricky Santana [2]1993/04
Mohammad Hussein & Dusty Wolfe1993/06/19Bayamón, PR
Mohammad Hussein selects Doug Sanders to replace Wolfe after Wolfe leaves WWC because of personal problems in 93/10; Wolfe returns in 93/11 and rejoins the team
Bronco I & Ray González1993/12Trujillo Alto, PR
Mohammad Hussein & Huracán Castillo Jr.1994/04
Vacant in 94/06 when Castillo turns babyface.
Mohammad Hussein & Tahitian Warrior (Lloyd Anoia)1994/06/25Caguas, PR
Defeat El Bronco & El Pulgarcito.
Ray González & El Bronco1994/07/06Tola Alta, PR
Fidel Sierra & Mohamed Hussein1994Tola Alta, PR
Ray González & Bronco1994Manati
Fidel Sierra & Ricky Santana1995
Ray González & Bronco [2]1995
Canadian Glamour Boys: Sean Morley & Shane Sewell 1995
Huracan Castillo Jr. & Invader I1995
Kevin Quinn & Christopher Daniels1995/10/22San German, PR
Canadian Glamour Boys: Sean Morley & Rex King 1995/11/26
Ray González & Huracan Castillo Jr.1996/03/09
Canadian Glamour Boys: Sean Morley & Shane Sewell [2] 1996/04/06
Ray González & Ricky Santana [3]1996/05/04
Texas Hangmen [4]1996/09/21
Ricky Santana & La Ley (Jorge W. de Leon)1997/03/01Cayey, PR
Defeat Texas Hangmen (Killer & Skull Von Crush, subbing for Psycho).
Islanders: Tahiti & Kuhio1997/06/22Bayamón, PR
Mark Youngblood & Chris Youngblood [7]1997/08/16Bayamón, PR
Win by forfeit; title change never acknowledged on TV; declared vacant on 98/12/18.
Shane Sewell & Ricky Santana1998/03/22Caguas, PR
Defeat Mark Youngblood & Chris Youngblood in an 8 team tournament final.
Chicky Starr & Victor The Bodyguard1999/02/28Cabo Rojo, PR
Invader 1 & Maelo Huertas1999/10/09Guaynabo, PR
Victor The Bodyguard & Bouncer Bruno (Daniel Gonzalez)1999/12/11Guaynabo, PR
Vacant on 00/03/04 when Victor appears in IWA.
Black Boy & Jose Rivera Jr.2000/03/11Guaynabo, PR
Dutch Mantell & Bouncer Bruno2000/04/08Guaynabo, PR
Thunder & Lightning2000/04/29Carolina, PR
Barry Windham & Kendall Windham2000/09/02Carolina, PR
Thunder & Lightning [2]2000/12/16Carolina, PR
Eddie Watts & Rico Suave2001/03/03Carolina, PR
Thunder & Lightning [3]2001/04/28Cayey, PR
Ricky Santana & Rico Suave2001/06/09Cayey, PR
Rastaman & Mustafa Saed2001/06/30Arecibo, PR
Thunder & Lightning [4]2001/07/14Cayey, PR
Title held-up on 01/10/20 in Caguas, PR after a controversial match with Super Gladiador & Bronco ends in a double pin.
Super Gladiador & Bronco2001/11/03Carolina, PR
Defeat Thunder & Lightning.
Thunder & Lightning [5]2001/11/24Caguas, PR
Eddie Colon & Carly Colon2002/03/16Caguas, PR
Thunder & Lightning [6]2002/03/17Yauco, PR
Konnan & Carly Colon2002/05/26Caguas, PR
Thunder & Lightning [7]2002/08/10Humacao, PR
The Tahitians: Tahitian Prince & Tahitian Warrior2002/12/07Coama, PR
Thunder & Lightning [8]2003/03/30Salinas, PR
Held up after match against Bronco II & Bronco III on 03/05/03 in Guayama, PR.
Bronco II & Bronco III2003/05/10Aibonito, PR
Defeat Thunder & Lightning in rematch.
Thunder & Lightning [9]2003/05/18Carolina, PR
Bronco II & Bronco III [2]2003/06/07Cayey, PR
Ricky Santana & Fidel Sierra2003/07/19Carolina, PR
El Broncos II & III [3]2003/08/10Caguas, PR
Ricky Santana & Brent Dail2003/08/16Naguabo, PR
El Broncos II & III [4]2003/08/23Caguas, PR
Thunder & Lightning [10]2003/09/07Guayanilla, PR
Vacant when the team leaves the promotion.
Super Gladiator & Vengador Boricua2004/01/06Manati, PR
Defeat Rico Suave & Agente Bruno in tournament final.
Agente Bruno & Rico Suave2004/04/03Naguado, PR
Defeat Gladiator & Brent Dail, subbing for Boricua.
Alex Montalvo & Chris Joel2004/05/08Caguas, PR
Rico Suave & El Diabolico2004/06/05Caguas, PR
Alex Montalvo & Chris Joel [2]2004/07/13San Juan, PR
Delta Force: Viper & Cannon2004/08/21Caguas, PR
Viper & El Rebelde2004/11/25Caguas, PR
Viper selects El Rebelde as partner when Cannon is injured.
Chicky Starr & Huracan Castillo Jr.2004/11/25Caguas, PR
Viper & Tahitian Warrior2004/12/11Caguas, PR
Chicky Starr & Huracan Castillo Jr. [2]2005/01/06Caguas, PR
Diabólico & Rico Suave2005/01/22Caguas, PR
Chicky Starr & Huracan Castillo Jr. [3]2005/01/29Caguas, PR
El Diamante & Diamante Dominicano2005/02/02Caguas, PR
El Diamante & El Bronco I2005/03/19Humacao, PR
Diamente chooses Bronco I as new partner after Dominicano leaves the promotion on 05/03/13.
Delta Force (Viper & Cannon) [2]2005/04/16Gurabo, PR
Chicky Starr & Alex Montalvo2005/05/28Gurabo, PR
Delta Force [3]2005
Vengador Boricua & Joe Bravo2005/07/09Salinas, PR
Rico Suave & Eric Alexander2005/09/17Arecibo, PR
Joe Bravo & Vengador Boricua [2]2005/10/08Ponce, PR
Derrick King & Stan Lee2005/11/05Bayamón, PR
Vacant when the team leaves the promotion.
Alex Montalvo & Chris Joel [3]2006/02/04Bayamón, PR
Defeat Market Crashers in tournament final.
James Storm & Cassidy Riley2006/03/25Carolina, PR
Rico Suave & Tim Arson2006/06/03Carolina, PR
Starr Corporation: Chris Joel & Huracan Castillo Jr.2006/08/13Bayamón, PR
Terror Inc.: Hannibal & Black Pain2006/11/23Carolina, PR
Noriega & Jose Rivera Jr.2007/01/20Manati, PR
Noriega & Chris Joel2007
Noriegia chooses Joel as a new partner after Rivera leaves the promotion.
Terror Inc. [2]2007/03/17Bayamón, PR
Noriega & Chris Joel [2]2007/04/28Bayamón, PR
El Bronco & Rico Suave2007/05/12Bayamón, PR
Noriega & Chris Joel [3] 2007/06/23 Bayamón, PR
Greco & Romano 2007/07/28 Bayamón, PR
Thunder & Lightning [11] 2007/09/16Caguas, PR
Noriega & Chris Joel [4]2007/11/24Bayamón, PR
Thunder & Lightning [12]2008/01/06San Juan, PR
Noriega & Chris Joel [5] 2008/01/26 Hatillo, PR
Thunder & Lightning [13] 2008/02/02 Caguas, PR
Texas Outlaws: Bad Boy Bradley & Todd Dean2008/02/16Yauco, PR
Thunder & Lightning [14]2008/03/01Toa Baja, PR
Texas Outlaws [2]2008/03/15Lares, PR
Thunder & Lightning [15]2008/03/22Bayamón, PR
Noriega & Chris Joel [4]2008/03/23Manati, PR
Thunder & Lightning [16]2008/04/20Quebradillas, PR
Texas Outlaws [3]2008/04/26Bayamón, PR
Thunder & Lightning [17] 2008/03/22 Bayamón, PR
D'Jour Twins 2008/07/19 San Juan, PR
Los Renegados del Infiernols 2008/09/20 Bayamón, PR
Thunder & Lightning [18] 2008/10/11 Pepin Cestero, PR
Huracan Castillo Jr. & Rico Suave 2009/01/10 Bayamón, PR
Thunder & Lightning [19] 2009/03/07 Bayamón, PR
Idol Stevens & Shawn Spears 2009/08/15 Bayamón, PR
Thunder & Lightning [20] 2009/10/31 Bayamón, PR
Chicano & Bryan 2010/01/16 San Juan, PR
Chicano & Idol Stevens 2010/02
Stevens replaces Bryan.
Thunder & Lightning [21] 2010/03/13 Caguas, PR
Idol Stevens & King Tonga Jr. 2010/04/04 Aguadilla, PR
Defeat Lightning in a handicap match.
Los Aereos: Carlitos & Hiram Tua 2010/04/24 Bayamón, PR
Abbad & Idol Stevens 2010/06/11 Ponce, PR
Thunder & Lightning [22] 2010/07/11 Bayamón, PR
B.J. & Chicano 2010/09/25 Bayamón, PR
Thunder & Lightning [23] 2010/10/02 Bayamón, PR
Los Rabiosos: Blitz & Mr. Big * 2010/12
Thunder & Lightning [24] * 2011/01/08<
Los Rabiosos: Blitz & Mr. Big 2011/01/22 Bayamón, PR
B.J. & Joe Bravo 2011/04/30 Bayamón, PR
Los Fugitivos de la Calle: Niche & Lynx 2011/06/25
Joel Maximo & Wil Maximo 2012/01/07 Bayamón, PR
Lynx & El Niche 2012/03/17 Bayamón, PR
Bolo The Red Bulldog & Diabolico 2012/04/14 Manati, PR
El Cuervo & Tommy Diablo 2012/06/09 Cataño, PR
Angel & Diabolico 2012/07/14 Guaynabo, PR
Defeat Diablo in handicap match; vacant in 12/11.
Angel & Diabolico 2012/07/14 Guaynabo, PR
Defeat Diablo in handicap match; vacant in 12/11.
Thunder & Lightning [25] 2012/12/09 Bayamón, PR
Defeat Afa Jr. & L.A. Smooth.
Sons of Samoa: Afa Jr. & L.A. Smooth 2013/02/09 Cataño, PR
Thunder & Lightning [26] 2013/03/30 Bayamón, PR
Andy Leavine & Samson Walker 2013/04/21 Cataño, PR
Sons of Samoa [2] 2013/06/29 Caguas, PR
Defeat Leavine & Walker and Thunder & Lightning in a 3-way match.
La Zona 101: Chicano & Abbad 2013/09/21 Bayamón, PR
Defeat Sons of Samoa and Thunder & Lightning in a 3-way match.
Sons of Samoa [3] 2013/11/16 Bayamón, PR
Chicano & Xix Xavant 2014/01/05 Bayamón, PR
Los Templarios: ASH & William de la Vega 2014/04/19 Bayamón, PR
Miguel Pérez Jr. & Huracan Castillo Jr. [3] 2014/06/21 Bayamón, PR
Held up after a match against Los Templarios: Ash Rubinsky & William de la Vega on 14/07/19 in Bayamón, PR.
Los Templarios [2] 2014/08/16 Bayamón, PR
Defeat Castillo & Pérez in rematch.
Miguel Pérez Jr. & Huracan Castillo Jr. [4] 2014/12/06 Bayamón, PR
Vacant on 15/02/28 after a match against La Revolución ends with a double pinfall.
La Revolución 2015/03/14 Bayamón, PR
A masked trio whose members are not identified individually and can wrestle in singles or tag team matches, wins rematch.
Mike Mendoza & Ray González Jr. 2015/08/15 Bayamón, PR
La Revolución [2] 2015/09/05 Cataño, PR
Juventud Extrema: Mike Mendoza & Cuervo 2016/03/06 Bayamón, PR
Held up after a match against La Revolución on 16/03/19 in Bayamón, PR.
Juventud Extrema [2] 2016/03/26 Bayamón, PR
Win rematch.
La Revolución [3] 2016/04/30 Bayamón, PR
Defeat Mendoza & Cuervo, Thunder & Lightning, and the Bankers Club:Joe Bravo & Peter the Bad Romance in 4-way match.
Juventud Extrema [3] 2016/05/28 Bayamón, PR
La Revolución [4] 2016/06/25 Caguas, PR
Held up after a match against Thunder & Lightning on 16/07/30 in Bayamón, PR.
La Revolución [5] 2016/08/13 Bayamón, PR
Win rematch.

* Special thanks to Daniel Cordero for the recent updates since 2014.