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Last updated on 2017/03/15

NWA Continental Heavyweight Title

Ron Fuller 1984/05/21 Birmingham, AL
Defeats Michael Hayes to become first champion.
Bob Armstrong 1984/07/23 Birmingham, AL
Mr. Wrestling II * 1984  
Bob Armstrong * 1984  
Held up after a match against The Assassin on 85/01/12 in Dothan, AL.
Bob Armstrong [2] 1985  
May win the rematch on 85/01/13 in Pensacola, FL or 85/01/19 in Dotha, AL; loses title to Boomer Lynch in 85/05<, but title is returned since Ron Bass is the scheduled opponnent and Lynch is not.
The Flame (Jody Hamilton) 1985/06/17Birmingham, AL
Teams with Ron Fuller to defeat Armstrong & Lord Humongous; Fuller also wins Alabama Title.
Bob Armstrong [2] 1985/06/24< Dothan, AL
The Flame [2]1985/07/09Mobile, AL
Lord Humongous (Jeff Van Kamp) 1985/07  
The Flame [3] 1985/07/29Birmingham, AL
Tommy Rich 1985/08/19Birmingham, AL
The Flame [4]1985/09/23Birmingham, AL
Tommy Rich 1985/09/30 Birmingham, AL
Roberto Soto1985/12/02Birmingham, AL
Robert Fuller 1985/12/16Birmingham, AL
Brad Armstrong 1986/02/02 Montgomery, AL
Robert Fuller [2] 1986/02  
Title is returned to Fuller after Brad is injured.
Brad Armstrong [2]1986/03/14Mobile, AL
Jerry Stubbs1986/05/12Mobile, AL
Teams with Tom Prichard to defeat Armstrong & Tim Horner.
Brad Armstrong [3]1986/06/23Birmingham, AL
Jerry Stubbs [2]1986/07/14Birmingham, AL
Brad Armstrong [4]1986/09/08Birmingham, AL
Kevin Sullivan1986/09/22Birmingham, AL
The Bullet (Bob Armstrong) [3]1986/12/08Birmingham, AL
Kevin Sullivan [2]1986/12/15Birmingham, AL
Ron Fuller [2]1987/02/04Houston, TX *
Buddy Landel1987/02/28Chattanooga, TN
Tennessee Stud (Ron Fuller) 1987/03/30 Birmingham, AL
Buddy Landel [2] 1987/04  
Wendell Cooley 1987/04/27 Birmingham, AL
Dutch Mantell 1987/07<  
Wendell Cooley [2] 1987/07/13Birmingham, AL
Vacant in 87/10 when Cooley temporarily retires.
Dutch Mantell [2]1987/10/30Knoxville, TN
Defeats Wendell Cooley; title retired in 88/04 when the promotion is renamed Continental Wrestling Federation.

* Replaced with CWF Heavyweight Title.

Post-1993 Versions

NWA Fusion [Virginia] ( 2008/01 - 2013/10 )
NWA RAGE/Mid-Atlantic [N. Carolina] ( 2014/05 -   )