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NWA Continental Heavyweight Title
[NWA RAGE / NWA Mid-Atlantic]

Preston Quinn # 2013/04/20 Mattaponi, VA
Defeats Mempho Mofo (Mark Bravura) to win the NWA Continental Title as recognized by NWA Fusion; Fusion Wrestling leaves the NWA on 13/10/01 but NWA RAGE claims Quinn continues to be recognized as the NWA Continental champion to justify the title lineage; declared vacant by NWA RAGE on 14/01/01 due to schedule conflicts.
Mark James 2014/05/17 Williamston, NC
Defeats William Huckaby in tournament final.
William Huckaby 2014/09/13 Williamston, NC
Defeats James and Preston Quinn in 3-way match.
Badd Blood (B.J. Darden) 2015/12/20 Portland, OR
The Vampyre Meka'i (Gabrial Prosser) 2017/09/02 Nashville, NC
NWA terminates the contracts with its licensees on 17/10/01.