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Last updated on 2017/11/08

NWA Alabama Heavyweight Title

NWA Gulf Coast ( 1962/10 - 1977/12 )
NWA Southeast/Continental ( 1980/11 - 1988 )
NWA Wildside ( 2001/05 - 2002 )
NWA Wrestle Birmingham ( 2005/05 - 2008/12 )

Nick Carter # 1960/04/26<  
Billed as champion in New Orleans, LA.

Jan Madrid1962/10/05Dothan, AL
Defeats Don Fields in tournament final to become the first champion.
Don Fields1962/12/14Dothan, AL
Vacant on 63/08/03 when Fields's career ends after an auto accident; title inactive.
Ken Lucas1969/05/14Mobile, AL
Defeats Dick Steinborn in tournament final.
Black Hand (Joe Turner)1969/07/16Mobile, AL
Ken Lucas [2]1969/07/23Mobile, AL
Rocket Monroe1969/08/27Mobile, AL
Bob Boyer1969/09/24Mobile, AL
Billy Boy Hines1969/11/12Mobile, AL
Bob Boyer [2]1969/11/14Dothan, AL
Rocket Monroe [2]1969/11/21Dothan, AL
Dick Dunn1970/01/09Dothan, AL
Wrestling Pro1970/03/06Dothan, AL
Roberto Soto1970/04/03Dothan, AL
Wrestling Pro [2]1970/05/08Dothan, AL
Dick Dunn [2]1970/06/05Dothan, AL
Wrestling Pro [3]1970/07/24Dothan, AL
Dick Dunn [3]1970/08/28Dothan, AL
Wrestling Pro [4]1970/09/11Dothan, AL
Dick Dunn [4]1970/09/25Dothan, AL
Eddie Sullivan1970/10/30Dothan, AL
Dick Dunn [5]1970/11/20Dothan, AL
Replaces Greg Peterson in the title match.
Bobby Shane1971/01/22Dothan, AL
Dick Dunn [6]1971/02/05Dothan, AL
Wrestling Pro [5]1971/03/12Dothan, AL
Vacant after a match against Dick Dunn on 71/04/23 is declared no contest; an 8-man battle royal is held to crown new champion for a different version on 71/04/15 in Gadsden, AL (winner unknown).
Dick Dunn [7]1971/06/11Dothan, AL
Defeats Mike Boyette in an 8-man elimination tag team match.
Donnie Fargo1971/07/09Dothan, AL
Dick Dunn [8]1971/09/24Dothan, AL
Wrestling Pro [6]1971/10/08Dothan, AL
Dick Dunn [9]1971/11/26Dothan, AL
Wrestling Pro [7]1972/02/11Dothan, AL
Gorgeous George Jr.1972/02/25Dothan, AL
Dick Dunn [10]1972/04/21Dothan, AL
Wrestling Pro [8]1972/04/28Dothan, AL
Dick Dunn [11]1972/05/26Dothan, AL
Wrestling Pro [9]1972/06/02Dothan, AL
Ken Lucas [3]1972/06/24New Brockton, AL
Vacant after a match against Gorgeous George Jr. on 72/09/01 is declared a no contest.
Gorgeous George Jr. [2]1972/09/15Dothan, AL
Defeats Wrestling Pro in an 10-man elimination tag team match.
Wrestling Pro [10]1972/09/22Dothan, AL
Vacates on 72/12/05 after winning the United States Tag Team Title.
Rick Gibson1972/12/22Dothan, AL
Defeats Wrestling Pro in a 13-man battle royal final.
Wrestling Pro [11]1973/01/05Dothan, AL
Ken Lucas [4]1973/01/26Dothan, AL
Wrestling Pro [12]1973/02/02Dothan, AL
Dick Dunn [12]1973/04/27Dothan, AL
Eddie Sullivan [2]1973/06/01Dothan, AL
Dick Dunn [13]1973/08/17Dothan, AL
Duke Miller1973/11/23Dothan, AL
Dick Dunn [14]1974/01/04Dothan, AL
Wrestling Pro [13]1974/01/25Dothan, AL
Ken Lucas [5]1974/04/06New Brockton, AL
Jimmy Golden is billed as champion in Birmingham, AL on 74/07/29.
Duke Miller [2]1974/10/05New Brockton, AL
Ken Lucas [6]1974/10/19New Brockton, AL
Randy Tyler Jr.1974/12/07Dothan, AL
Dick Dunn [15]1975/02/22New Brockton, AL
Jimmy Golden is billed as champion in Chattanooga, TN on 75/02/27.
Rip Tyler1975/03/28Dothan, AL
Dick Dunn [16]1975/04/11Dothan, AL
Col. J.C. Dykes1975/05/16Dothan, AL
Dick Dunn [17]1975/05/30Dothan, AL
Defeats Mighty Yankee #1 in a Ladder Match.
Don Duffy1975/06/20Dothan, AL
Dick Dunn [18]1975/08/15Dothan, AL
Bill Malone1975/09/27New Brockton, AL
Ken Lucas [7]1975/10/28Mobile, AL
Duke Miller [3]1975/12/13New Brockton, AL
Rick Gibson [2]1976/03/30Mobile, AL
The Challenger1976/05/15New Brockton, AL
Greg Peterson1976/08/07New Brockton, AL
Wrestling Pro [14]1976/10/22Ozark, AL
Greg Peterson [2]1976/11/05Dothan, AL
Wrestling Pro [15]1976/11/12Dothan, AL
Cowboy Bob Kelly1976/11/20New Brockton, AL
Wrestling Pro [16]1976/11/23Mobile, AL
Dick Dunn [19]1976/11/26Dothan, AL
Rip Tyler [2]1976/12/03Dothan, AL
Replaces the Inferno in the title match.
Sonny King1977/03/11Dothan, AL
The Blue Yankee1977/06/11New Brockton, AL
Johnny Eagles1977/07/25Montgomery, AL
Billy Spears1977/11/01Mobile, AL
Ricky Fields1977/12/09Dothan, AL
Still champion as of 78/01/03; last champion recognized by the Gulf Coast territory.
Johnny Eagles * 1978/03<
Billy Spears * 1978/04<
Great Togo (Mr. Pogo?) 1979/06/19Birmingham, AL
Defeats Prince Tonga (Haku/Meng) in tournament final.
Bob Armstrong 1980/11/13 Birmingham, AL
Wins tournament.
Rufus R. Jones
Ken Lucas [8] 1981
Mr. Saito (Masa Saito) 1981/01/24<
Held up after a match against Bob Armstrong on 81/02/07.
Bob Armstrong [2]1981/03/09Birmingham, AL
Defeats Mr. Saito.
Mr. Saito [2] 1981/03/23<
Sometime between 81/03/10 and 81/03/22.
Paul Orndorff 1981/04/18<
Mr. Saito [3] 1981/04/20? Birmingham, AL?
Ken Lucas [9] 1981/05/11 Birmingham, AL
Jimmy Golden 1981/06/01Birmingham, AL
Ray Candy 1981/06/29 Birmingham, AL
Dennis Condrey 1981/08/31 Birmingham, AL
Bob Armstrong [3] 1981
Dennis Condrey [2] 1981/10/26 Birmingham, AL
Jacques Rougeau Jr. 1981/11
Mr. Saito [4]
Ron Fuller
Jimmy Golden [2] 1982/01<  
Terry Gordy 1982/02/23 Pensacola, FL
Jos LeDuc 1982/06/01 Mobile, AL
Austin Idol 1982/08/22<  
Sometime after 82/06/14.
Wayne Farris1982/09/11Dothan, AL
Mr. Olympia (Jerry Stubbs) [2] 1982/12/30 Birmingham, AL
Norman Frederick Charles 1983/02/14<
Tom Jones 1983/03
The Flame (Jody Hamilton) 1983/03/14 Birmingham, AL
Rick Gibson [3] 1983/05/23 Birmingham, AL
Rick Harris (Black Bart) 1983/06/27 Birmingham, AL
Or sometime between 83/06/07 and 83/07/03.
Mr. Olympia/Jerry Stubbs [3] 1983/08/15 Birmingham, AL
Unmasks during his title reign after losing a mask match to Super Olympia (Arn Anderson) in 83/11.
Charlie Cook1984/01/09Birmingham, AL
Title may be vacant in 84/03.
Vic Rain1984/04/09Birmingham, AL
Defeats Charlie Cook in tournament final.
Rick McGraw1984/05/28Birmingham, AL
Boris Zurchov (Jim Darrell) 1984/07/14<  
Sometime after 84/06/29.
Rick McGraw [2] 1984/08/06? Birmingham, AL?
Boris Zurchov [2] 1984/08/13Birmingham, AL
Porkchop Cash 1984/09/09 Pensacola, FL
Lord Humongous (Jeff Van Kamp) 1984/11/28Birmingham, AL
Johnny Rich 1985  
Lord Humongous [2] 1985  
Austin Idol1985/03/04Birmingham, AL
Lord Humongous [3] 1985/04/06Dothan, AL
Ron Fuller [2]1985/06/17Birmingham, AL
Teams with The Flame to defeat Humongous & Bob Armstrong; Flame also wins Continental Title.
Bob Armstrong [4]1985/07
Vacant in 85 when Armstrong injured.
Roberto Soto [2]1985/09/20Mobile, AL
Defeats The Flame in tournament final.
Jerry Stubbs [4]1986/02/24Birmingham, AL
Vacant in 86.
Wendell Cooley1986/09/15Birmingham, AL
Defeats Jerry Stubbs in tournament final.
Tony Anthony 1986/11/03 Birmingham, AL
Wendell Cooley [2]1986/11/28Oxford, AL
Tony Anthony [2]1986/12
Wendell Cooley [3]1987/01/12Birmingham, AL
Vacant in 87/02.
Mike Golden1987/04
Billed as champion on arrival.
Mr. Wrestling II1987/04/27Birmingham, AL
Mike Golden [2]1987/06/14Marietta, GA
The Bullet (Bob Armstrong) [5] 1987/06/22Birmingham, AL
Wins title in tag team match with Scott Armstrong against Golden & Tom Prichard.
Tony Anthony [3]1987/10/19Birmingham, AL
Tom Prichard1987/10/26Birmingham, AL
Moondog Spot1988/01/03Montgomery, AL
Ranger Ross1988/01 *
Jonathan Boyd1988/01/11Birmingham, AL
Tom Prichard [2]1988/02/15Birmingham, AL
Tony Anthony [4]1988/03/28Birmingham, AL
Title retired in 88/04 when the promotion is renamed Continental Wrestling Federation.

John Dalton2001/05/04Cornelia, GA
Defeats Rick Michaels; declared vacant in 02 when NWA Alabama Pro Wrestling announces the creation of its own heavyweight title.

Tom Prichard2005/05/13Irondale, AL
Defeats Rick Steiner.
B.G. James2005/10/08Irondale, AL
McNasty2006/07/14Irondale, AL
B.G. James [2]2007/02/09Irondale, AL
McNasty [2] 2007/09/15 Graysville, AL
Vacant in 08.
Dennis Condrey [2]2008/12/13Graysville, AL
Defeats Elix Skipper; also billed as Wrestle Birmingham Title; vacant in 10.

* See also Wrestle Birmingham Heavyweight Title.

* Special thanks to Michael Norris for the Gulf Coast portion of the title history (until 1977/12).