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NWA Continental Heavyweight Title [Virginia] ( 2008/01 - 2013/10 )
Fusion Wrestling Continental Heavyweight Title ( 2013/10 - 2014/09 )
Fusion Wrestling Heavyweight Title ( 2014/09 - )
(as of 2018/02/07)

Damian Wayne2008/01/19Ahoskie, NC
Reigning NWA Virginia champion, defeats NWA SPW champion Sean Denny in a unification match to become the first Continental champion.
Mike Booth2008/05/24Ahoskie, NC
Jimmy Cicero 2009/12/12 Mattaponi, VA
Vacant in 10/08 due to injury from a car accident.
Damien Wayne [2] 2010/10/16 Mattaponi, VA
Defeats Mark Bravura in a tournament final.
Brandon Day 2011/04/16 Mattaponi, VA
Defeats Wayne and Victor Griff in a 3-way match.
Mempho Mofo (Mark Bravura) 2011/08/20 Mattaponi, VA
Preston Quinn 2013/04/20 Mattaponi, VA
Fusion Wrestling leaves NWA on 13/10/01; NWA RAGE claims that Quinn continues to be recognized by NWA as of 13/10/01 but declares the title vacant on 14/01/01 due to scheduling conflicts with Quinn and crowns the new champion in tournament on 14/05/17; Quinn continues to be recognized by Fusion Wrestling; referred to simply as "Fusion Wrestling Heavyweight Title" after 14/09.
Victor Griff 2015/01/10 Gloucester, VA
Lee Valiant 2016/04/30 Yorktown, VA
Defeats Griff and Arik Royal in 3-way match; vacant on 17/04/15 due to injury.
Preston Quinn [2] 2017/04/15 Yorktown, VA
Wins 4-man tournament.