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World Wrestling Council
North American Heavyweight Title

Gil Hayes 1974/04<  
Carlos Colón1974/06/22Caguas, PR
Ernie Ladd1974/10/21San Juan, PR
Held up after a match against Carlos Colon on 74/11/23 in Caguas, PR.
Carlos Colón [2]1974/12/07Caguas, PR
Pierre Martel1975/03/01Bayamón, PR
Carlos Colón [3]1975/03/22Bayamón, PR
Spoiler I1975/08/25San Juan, PR
Carlos Colón [4]1975/09/20Caguas, PR
Cowboy Bob Ellis1976/02/21Bayamón, PR
Carlos Colón [5]1976/04/17Caguas, PR
Eric the Red1976/10/16Bayamón, PR
Held up after a match against Carlos Colon on 76/11/13 in Bayamón, PR.
Carlos Colón [6]1976/11/27Caguas, PR
Hartford Love1977/04/25San Juan, PR
Gorilla Monsoon1977/07/30San Juan, PR
Bruno Sammartino1978/05/05San Juan, PR
Gorilla Monsoon [2]1978/07/22San Juan, PR
Carlos Colón [7]1979/03/03Bayamón, PR
Don Kent1979/08/03Ponce, PR
Invader I (Jose Gonzales) 1979/08/30Ponce, PR
Roger Kirby1979/10/29San Juan, PR
Invader I [2]1979/11/17Bayamón, PR
Mr. Fuji1980/01/26Bayamón, PR
Pierre Martel [2]1980/07/19Caguas, PR
Killer Karl Krupp1981/03/14Bayamón, PR
Held up after a match against Carlos Colon 81/05/02 in San Juan, PR.
Carlos Colón [8]1981/05/09Bayamón, PR
Abdullah the Butcher1981/08/11TRI
Stripped on 81/11/21 for attacking Carlos Colon's brother.
Bobby Jaggers1982/02/25 
Invader I [3]1982/03/27Bayamón, PR
Unmasks after winning the belt.
Mad Dog Lafaib1982/12/03Ponce, PR
Pierre Martel [3]1983/01/29San Juan, PR
Buddy Landel1983/03/05Bayamón, PR
Pedro Morales 1983/06/25Guaynabo, PR
Sweet Daddy Siki1984/01/06Bayamón, PR
Pedro Morales [2]1984/03/23Bayamón, PR
Randy Savage1984/09/15San Juan, PR
Hercules Ayala1985/03/02Ponce, PR
Jos LeDuc1986/01/06San Juan, PR
Al Pérez1986/03/07Fajardo, PR
Vacates in 86/09.
Bob Heffernan1986/12/21San Juan, PR
Miguelito Pérez1987/02/21Cataño, PR
TNT (Juan Rivera) 1987/05/02Caguas, PR
Abdullah the Butcher [2]1988/01/30San Juan, PR
Invader I [4]1989/04/15San Juan, PR
Title retired in 89/11.
Manny Fernandez1991/09 
Reigning SAPW Heavyweight champion, recognized as North American champion in WWC; title retired in 91.