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North American Wrestling Association ( 1990/06 - 1990/07 )
South Atlantic Pro Wrestling ( 1990/07 - 1992/08 )
Heavyweight Title

Robert Fuller1990/06/30Winston-Salem, NC
Defeats Ricky Steamboat in tournament final to become first NAWA champion; renamed SAPW Title in 90/07.
Paul Jones1990/09/29Kings Mountain, NC
Robert Fuller [2]1990/09/29Kings Mountain, NC
Vacant in 90.
Vince Torelli (Ken Shamrock)1991/02/07Nassau, BAH *
Defeats Chris Chavis in tournament final.
Chris Chavis (Tatanka)1991/07<
Manny Fernandez1991/08/31Pembroke, NC
Vacant in 91/11 when Fernandez leaves promotion.
Helmut Hessler1992/01/11Roseboro, NC
Defeats Wahoo McDaniel in tournament final.
Neil Superior1992/04/12Hagerstown, MD
Promotion closes in 92/08.

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