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Last updated on 2017/01/23

British Empire Heavyweight Title

Pat Connolly 1912  
Claimant of the Irish and British titles, starts being billed as British Empire champion in Vancouver, BC in 12 (sometime before 12/10/07); still champion in Vancouver, BC as of 14/04/23 and in Anaconda, MT as of 15/05/23; passes away in 19/02.
Jack Taylor 1922/08/02 Winnipeg, MB
Holder of the Canadian Title, defeats Jatrinda Gobar, who is billed as British Isles and Indian champion, to be recognized as the British Empire champion.
Earl McCready 1933/04/20 Calgary, AB
Also wins Canadian Title; also recognized in New Zealand in 35 after George Walker leaves the Dominion Wrestling Union to join a rival organization; defeats Walker on 37/11/09 in Wellington after Walker returns to Dominion; primarily defended in Toronto, ON after 41/06.
Nanjo Singh1942/02/12Toronto, ON
McCready continues to be recognized in Montreal, QC.
Whipper Billy Watson1942/04/30Toronto, ON
John Katan1942/10/01Toronto, ON
Earl McCready [2]1942/11/11Toronto, ON
John Katan [2]1942/12/03Toronto, ON
Whipper Billy Watson [2]1943/01/28Toronto, ON
Defeats Nanjo Singh when Katan no-shows a scheduled defense; defeats Katan on 43/02/25.
Yvon Robert1943/05/27Toronto, ON
Title help up on 43/06/03 after Yvon Robert defeats Watson by DQ in Toronto, ON.
Whipper Billy Watson [3]1943/06/10Toronto, ON
Defeats Robert in rematch.
Nanjo Singh [2]1948/05/13Toronto, ON
Whipper Billy Watson [4]1948/06/03Toronto, ON
Fred Atkins 1949/03/03 Toronto, ON
Whipper Billy Watson [5] 1949/08/02 Hamilton, ON
Yvon Robert [2] 1949/10/05Montreal, QC
Whipper Billy Watson [6]1949/11/17 Toronto, ON
Yvon Robert [3]1950/01/25Montreal, QC
Whipper Billy Watson [7]1950/10/12Toronto, ON
Vacant on 56/03/15 when Watson wins NWA World Title.
Pat O'Connor1956/03/29Toronto, ON
Defeats Lord Athol Layton
Gene Kiniski1957/05/02Toronto, ON
Whipper Billy Watson [8]1957/06/06Toronto, ON
Gene Kiniski [2]1959/04/17Toronto, ON
Whipper Billy Watson [9]1959/06/18Toronto, ON
Gene Kiniski [3] 1961/08/21 Vancouver, BC
Whipper Billy Watson [10] 1961/08/23 Vancouver, BC
Mike Sharpe 1962/12/14 Calgary, AB
Whipper Billy Watson [11] 1962/12/21? Calgary, AB
Gene Kiniski [4] 1963/07/22 Vancouver, BC
Whipper Billy Watson [12] 1963/08/10 Tacoma, WA, USA
Again defeats Kiniski on 63/10/14 in Tacoma, WA, USA; may lose to Gene Kiniski on 65/01/30 Winnipeg, MB but is again billed as champion in Toronto, ON as of 65/03/07; title retired in 67 (sometime after 67/03/05).

* See also AWA British Empire Heavyweight Title.