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Last updated on 2013/09/21
NWA United States Tag Team Title ( 1966 - 1968/05 )
American Tag Team Title ( 1968/05 - 1986/02 )

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Ernie Dusek & Emil Dusek 42/06/12<
Billed as “team match champions of the nation” in Houston, TX.

Al Costello & Karl Von Brauner 66/12/08<
Win tournament.
Fritz Von Erich & Waldo Von Erich67/02/21Dallas, TX
Brute Bernard & Mike Paidousis67/08/08 Dallas, TX
Fritz Von Erich & Waldo Von Erich [2]67/09/11Ft. Worth, TX
Brute Bernard & Mike Paidousis [2]67/10/03Dallas, TX
Spoiler #1 (Don Jardine) & Gary Hart 67/10/23Ft. Worth, TX
Fritz Von Erich & Billy Red Lyons68/01/30Dallas, TX
The Spoilers: #1 (Don Jardine) & #2 (Smasher Sloan) 68/04/22 Ft. Worth, TX
Fritz Von Erich & Grizzly Smith 68/05/14 Dallas, TX
Renamed American Title in 68/05.
The Spoilers [2] 68/05/28<  
#2 has unmasked as Smasher Sloan on 68/05/17 after losing a match to Apollo
Fritz Von Erich & Grizzly Smith [2]68/07/23Dallas, TX
The Spoiler (Don Jardine) & Gary Hart [2]68/09/10Dallas, TX
Jardine starts wrestling without mask in 68/10.
Fritz Von Erich & Dan Miller 68/12/17Dallas, TX
Fritz Von Erich & Fred Curry69/03
Miller injured by Johnny Valentine; vacant in 69 after Curry injured by Johnny Valentine.
Wahoo McDaniel & Thunderbolt Patterson69/06/27Houston, TX
Win tournament.
Dusty Rhodes & Braon Von Raschke69Ft. Worth, TX
Wahoo McDaniel & Thunderbolt Patterson [2]69/08
Vacant in 69.
Boris Malenko & Lord Charles Montagne 69/09/30<
Wahoo McDaniel & Antonio Pugiliese 70/01/20 Dallas, TX
Killer Karl Kox & Great Malenko 70/03/16 Ft. Worth, TX
Vacant in 70.
Killer Karl Kox & Mike York 70/09/02 San Antonio, TX
Defeat Wahoo McDaniel & Mr. Wrestling in tournament final; still champions as of 70/10/08.
Dusty Rhodes & Dick Murdoch 70/12/14<
Mr. Wrestling (Tim Woods) & George Scott70/12/15Dallas, TX
Chris Markoff & Bronko Lubich 71/01/28<
Johnny Valentine & Wahoo McDaniel 71/06/25Houston, TX
Thunderbolt Patterson & Toru Tanaka71/07/19Ft. Worth, TX
Thunderbolt Patterson & Johnny Valentine 71/11/04Corpus Christi, TX
Defeats Tanaka after the team splits and choose Valentine as new partner.
Fritz Von Erich & Dean Ho72/01/25Dallas, TX
Red Bastien & Dean Ho 72/02/28<
Brute Bernard & Missouri Mauler72
The Spoiler & Mark Lewin73
Jose Lothario & Ivan Putski73/03<
Black Gordman & Goliath73/08/06Ft. Worth, TX
Jose Lothario & Mil Mascaras73
Vacant in 74/01<.
Blackjack Lanza & Blackjack Mulligan 74/01/22 Dallas, TX
Defeat Samoans: Afa & Sika in (fictitious) tournament final.
Tex McKenzie & Ken Patera74/07/22Ft. Worth, TX
Blackjack Lanza & Blackjack Mulligan [2]74
Tex McKenzie & Johnny Valentine74/09/23Ft. Worth, TX
Vacant in 74; title inactive.
Kevin Von Erich & David Von Erich 78/10/15?Dallas, TX
Defeat Dory Funk Jr. & Terry Funk.
The Spoiler & Mark Lewin79/02/19Ft. Worth, TX
Jose Lothario & El Halcon79/06/01Houston, TX
Gino Hernandez & El Gran Markus 79/07/20 Houston, TX
Jose Lothario & El Halcon [2] 79/08/24Houston, TX
Gino Hernandez & El Gran Markus [2] 79/11< 
Jose Lothario & Tiger Conway Jr. 79/11/16 Houston, TX
Gino Hernandez & El Gran Markus [3] 79/12/14 Houston, TX
Jose Lothario & Tiger Conway Jr. [2] 79/12/28 Houston, TX
Mr. Hito & Mr. Sakurada80/01/11Houston, TX
Jose Lothario & Tiger Conway Jr. [3]80/03/14Houston, TX
Mr. Hito & Mr. Sakurada [2]80/06/23Amarillo, TX
Held up after a match against Kevin Von Erich & Kerry Von Erich on 80/06/24 in Amarillo, TX.
Mr. Hito & Mr. Sakurada [3]80/07/01Amarillo, TX
Defeat the Von Erichs in rematch.
Kerry Von Erich & El Halcon 80/08/01Houston, TX
Gino Hernandez & Gary Young80/10Houston, TX
Defeat Von Erich & Sweet Brown Sugar.
Kerry Von Erich & Bruiser Brody [2]81/01/11Dallas, TX
Vacant in 81/05 when Brody leaves the area.
Al Madril & Brian Blair81/06 *
Win tournament.
Killer Tim Brooks & Armand Hussian81/09Ft. Worth, TX
Kerry Von Erich & Terry Orndorff81/10/25Dallas, TX
Al Madril & Kerry Von Erich82
King Kong Bundy & Bugsy McGraw82/04/11Dallas, TX
Kevin Von Erich & Kerry Von Erich82/07/05Ft. Worth, TX
King Kong Bundy & Bill Irwin82/09/12Dallas, TX
Fabulous Freebirds: Terry Gordy & Michael Hayes 82/11/26Dallas, TX
Kerry Von Erich & Bruiser Brody [3]83/06/17Dallas, TX
Vacant in 83 when Brody injured.
Roddy Piper & Bulldog Brower83/10Detroit, MI *
Win tournament.
Super Destroyers83/10Indianapolis, IN *
Iceman King Parsons & Brian Adias83/12/25Dallas, TX
Super Destroyers [2]84/01/30Ft. Worth, TX
Rock 'n' Soul: King Parsons & Buck Zumhofe 84/05/06Irving, TX
Super Destroyers/Scott Irwin & Bill Irwin [3]84/05/19San Antonio, TX
Parsons & Zumhofe unmask the Destroyers after the match, revealing the Irwins.
Rock 'n' Soul [2]84/07/04Ft. Worth, TX
Parsons defeats Bill Irwin.
Long Riders: Scott Irwin & Bill Irwin [4] 84/09/28Dallas, TX
Fantastics: Tommy Rogers & Bobby Fulton 84/10/22Ft. Worth, TX
Midnight Express: Dennis Condrey & Bobby Eaton 85/01/11Dallas, TX
Title help up because of Cornette's interference after a match against the Fantastics on 85/03/08 in Dallas, TX.
Fantastics [2]85/05/06Irving, TX
Gino Hernandez & Chris Adams85/06/24Ft. Worth, TX
Help up after DDQ match against Kevin Von Erich & Kerry Von Erich on 85/09/13 in Dallas, TX.
Kevin Von Erich & Kerry Von Erich [2]85/09/20Dallas, TX
Defeat Hernandez & Adams in rematch; title held up after match against Hernandez & Adams on 85/10/18 in Dallas, TX.
Gino Hernandez & Chris Adams [2]85/11/28Dallas, TX
Win rematch against the Von Erichs; vacant in 86 when Hernandez and Adams split; title retired in 86.

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