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Last updated on 2017/09/17

NWA United States Tag Team Title


Fabulous Kangaroos: Al Costello & Roy Heffernan 1961/09/29<
Billed as having "recently defeated Don Curtis and Mark Lewin" for the title (The Tampa Tribune, 61/09/29).
Eddie Graham & Dick Steinborn1961/11/03Miami Beach, FL
Or 61/10/03 in Tampa, FL or 61/10/06 in Miami Beach, FL.
Tojo Yamamoto & Taro Miyake1961/11/16Jacksonville, FL
Eddie Graham & Dick Steinborn [2]1961/11/30Jacksonville, FL
Assassins1962/01/26Atlanta, GA
Eddie Graham & Cowboy Bob Ellis 1962/04/26 Tampa, FL
Assasins continue to be billed as champions in Georgia but the title is held up after a match against Ray Gunkel & Bob Ellis ends as a draw on 62/04/27 in Atlanta, GA; Gunkel & Ellis defeat the Assassins in rematch on 62/05/04 in Atlanta, GA; still champions as of 62/05/21.
Fabulous Kangaroos [2] 1962/11/10<
Vacant after Kangaroos win the World Title on 62/11/22.

Jimmy Valiant & Johnny Valiant1978/01<
Mike Graham & Steve Keirn1978/01/25Miami, FL
Jack Brisco & Jerry Brisco1978/02/21Tampa, FL
Mike Graham & Steve Keirn [2] 1978/02/28 Tampa, FL
Graham defeats Jack Brisco in a singles match; still champion as of 78/05/20.
Mr. Saito & Mr. Sato (Akihisa Takachiho) 1978/06/11<
Mike Graham & Steve Keirn [3] 1978/07/19 Miami Beach, FL
Mr. Saito & Mr. Sato [2] 1978/07
Mike Graham & Steve Keirn [4] 1978/08
Somtime between 78/08/02 and 78/08/10.
Mr. Saito & Mr. Sato [3] 1978/08/26? Lakeland, FL?
Killer Karl Kox & Dick Slater 1978/11/08 Tampa, FL
Killer Karl Kox & Jimmy Garvin1978/12/05Tampa, FL
Win by DQ over Slater & Bob Roop after Kox and Slater split up.
Mr. Saito & Mr. Sato [4]1979/01
Sometime after 79/01/16.
Jack Brisco & Jerry Brisco [4] 1979/01/30? Tampa, FL?
Jos LeDuc & Thor the Viking (Scott Irwin) 1979/02/17 St. Petersburg, FL
Killer Karl Kox & Jimmy Garvin [2] 1979
Pak Song & Jos LeDuc 1979
Pak Song & Killer Khan 1979/03/31St. Petersburg, FL
Defeat the Blonde Bombers: Larry Latham & Wayne Ferris in tournament final.
Mike Graham & Steve Keirn [5] 1979/04/17Tampa, FL
Jos LeDuc & Don Muraco1979/06/06Miami, FL
Dusty Rhodes & Bugsy McGraw1980/07/04Tampa, FL
Defeat Dory Funk Jr. & Terry Funk in a tournament final; vacant; inactive.

Zambuie Express: Elijah Akeem Ambulakila & Kareem Muhammad 1983/09New Mexico *
Win a tournament for the vacant title.
Dusty Rhodes & Blackjack Mulligan1983/11/05Lakeland, FL
Ron Bass & One Man Gang 1983/11/29Tampa, FL
Defeat Rhodes & Mike Davis and are declared champions by NWA that rule Rhodes had agreed for the match to be for the belts.
Mike Rotundo & Mike Davis1984/01/11Tampa, FL
Ron Bass & Black Bart1984/02/06W. Palm Beach, FL
Mike Rotundo & Barry Windham1984/03/14Miami, FL
Ron Bass & Black Bart [2]1984
Mike Rotundo & Barry Windham [2]1984/04
Ron Bass & Black Bart [3] 1984/04/25 Miami, FL
Mike Rotundo & Barry Windham [3] 1984/05/26 Sarasota, FL
Ron Bass & Black Bart [4]1984 
Mike Rotundo & Barry Windham [4] 1984/06/19 Tampa, FL
Chavo Guerrero & Hector Guerrero 1984/07/14 Jacksonville, FL
Jim Neidhart & Krusher Khrushchev 1984/10/03Tampa, FL
Defeat Hector Guerrero & Cocoa Samoa after Chavo quits.
Jay Youngblood & Mark Youngblood1985/01/01Tampa, FL
PYT Express: Norvell Austin & Koko Ware 1985/02/26Tampa, FL
Jay Youngblood & Mark Youngblood [2]1985/03/05Tampa, FL
Rick Rude & Jesse Barr1985/04/16Tampa, FL
Wahoo McDaniel & Billy Jack Haynes 1985/07/02Tampa, FL
Lose to National champions Ole Anderson & Arn Anderson on 85/11/28 in Atlanta, GA (US title not on line); vacant in 85/12; tournament on 86/03/23 in Orlando, FL ends up with no winners.
Fabulous Ones: Steve Keirn & Stan Lane 1986/07/12Portland, OR *
Defeat the Sheepherders in tournament final.
Sheepherders: Butch Miller & Luke Williams 1986/10/07Tampa, FL
Fabulous Ones [2] 1986/11/27 Lakeland, FL
Kareem Muhammad & Hacksaw Higgins1986/12/16Tampa, FL
Win by forfeit; vacant on 86/12/17 when Higgins is fired.

* See WCW version.