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Last updated on 2014/11/03

NWA National Tag Team Title

Fabulous Freebirds: Terry Gordy & Buddy Roberts 1980/11/27Atlanta, GA
Defeat Stan Frazier & Robert Fuller in tournament final.
Ted DiBiase & Stan Frazier1981/01/26Augusta, GA
Held up after a match between Frazier & Robert Fuller and Fabulous Freebirds: Terry Gordy & Buddy Roberts on 81/01/31 in Atlanta, GA.
Fabulous Freebirds [2] 1981/02/02Augusta, GA
Win rematch; repeated on 81/02/07 in Atlanta, GA.
Ted DiBiase & Steve O (Steve Olsonoski) 1981/06/11Marietta, GA
Terry Gordy & Jimmy Snuka1981/07/06Augusta, GA
Tommy Rich & Ted DiBiase defeat Gordy & Snuka but the belts are returned after NWA finds out that Michael Hayes count the pinfall.
Michael Hayes & Otis Sistrunk1981/09/27Atlanta, GA
Vacant in 81 when Sistrunk quits.
Bob Armstrong & Brad Armstrong1981/11/25Atlanta, GA
Defeat Mr. Fuji & Mr. Saito in tournament final.
Super Destroyer (Scott Irwin) & Masked Superstar1982/01/22Columbus, GA
Super Destroyer & John Studd1982/03
Masked Superstar gives his half to Studd.
Fabulous Freebirds [3]1982/07/02Chattanooga, TN
Samoans: Afa & Sika1982/08/29Atlanta, GA
Vacant in 83/01 when Samoans leave the area.
Road Warriors: Hawk & Animal 1983/06/10
Awarded; Buzz Sawyer & Brett Sawyer defeat Road Warriors for the title on 83/11/27 in Cincinnati, OH and on 83/12/03 in Cleveland, OH but the changes are not acknowledged elsewhere.
Buzz Sawyer & Brett Sawyer 1983/12/04 Atlanta, GA
Road Warriors [2]1984/01/28
Awarded when Buzz Sawyer is fired.
Masked Superstar & King Kong Bundy1984/05/06Atlanta, GA
Vacant in 84/05 when Masked Superstar leaves for Japan.
Road Warriors [3]1984/05/20Atlanta, GA
Defeat Junkyard Dog & Sweet Brown Sugar (Skip Young) in tournament final.
Ron Garvin & Jerry Oates1984/07/04Columbus, GA
Hollywood Blonds: Rip Rogers & Ted Oates1984/09/20
Lightening Express: Brad Armstrong & Tim Horner1984/11/04Macon, GA
Vacant in 84/11 when Horner injured.
Long Riders: Scott Irwin & Bill Irwin1984/11/18Atlanta, GA
Defeat Brad Armstrong & Jacques Rougeau Jr. in tournament final.
Ole Anderson & Thunderbolt Patterson1985/01/11Cleveland, OH
Ole Anderson & Arn Anderson1985/04/28Charlotte, NC
Defeat Patterson & Manny Fernandez after Ole and Patterson split; defeat United States champions (Florida version) Wahoo McDaniel & Billy Jack Haynes on 85/11/28 in Atlanta, GA (US title not on line); retired in 86/02 and replaced with United States Title.

* Replaced with NWA United States Tag Team Title.

Death & Destruction: Frank Parker & Roger Anderson 1997/05/17<
Title retired in 97.

Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden # 2005/03
The first Wrestle Birmingham Alabama champions, initially billed as NWA National champions for less than a month.