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NWA Polynesian Pacific Heavyweight Title

[ Japanese ]

Siva Afi1980
Don Muraco1980
Ripper Collins
Gil Hayes1981
Pat Patterson @1981
Walter Fanena1982
Lars Anderson1983/05<
Lars Anderson [2]1984/06/27
Royce Starr1984/09<
Lars Anderson [3]1984/10<
Bad News Allen1985/05/25Honolulu, HI
Lars Anderson [4]1985/08/03Honolulu, HI
Jerry Lawler1986/01/25 SIN
Super Fly Tui Selinga1986/03/26Honolulu, HI
Lars Anderson [5]1986/08/09Honolulu, HI
Super Fly Tui Selinga [2]1986/08/20Honolulu, HI
Super Fly Tui Selinga [3]
Wins battle royal.
Strong Machine I
Super Fly Tui Selinga [4]1987/04/11Honolulu, HI
Title retired in 88.

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