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Last updated on 2014/08/09

Hawaii Heavyweight Title

[ 日本語 ]

This title was called "Hawaii Junior Heavyweight Title" in early 40s.

Wildcat Pete1935/04/23Honolulu, HI
Defeats Tetsuo Higami.
Toots Estes1935/04/30Honolulu, HI
Vacant in 37/11<.
Oki Shikina1937/11/16Honolulu, HI
Defeats Rusty Wescoatt.
Dean Detton1939/01/24Honolulu, HI
Dick Raines1939/02/07Honolulu, HI
Oki Shikina [2]1939/04/04Honolulu, HI
Ignacio (Pedro) Martinez1939/11/14Honolulu, HI
Wins by forfeit when Shikina leaves the area.
Paul Jones1939/11/28Honolulu, HI
Vacant in 40/02; replaced with Hawaii Junior Heavyweight Title.

See Hawaii Junior Heavyweight Title.

Renamed Hawaii Heavyweight Title in 42.
Charley Carr1942
Jimmy Gonsalves1945Honolulu, HI
Defeats Ben Sherman.
Lee Grable1947
Ted Travis1947
Lee Grable1948/05/02Honolulu, HI
Hisao Tanaka (Duke Keomuka)1948/08/08Honolulu, HI
Jack Claybourne1948/10/31Honolulu, HI
Bobby Managoff1949/11/09Honolulu, HI
Dean Detton [2]1949/12/11Honolulu, HI
Hans Schnabel1949/12/14Honolulu, HI
Sandor Szabo1950/02/05Honolulu, HI
Arjan Singh1950/06/18Honolulu, HI
Ray Eckert1950/07/16Honolulu, HI
Terry McGinnis1950/07/23Honolulu, HI
Sandor Szabo [2]1950/09/03Honolulu, HI
Vacant in 51.
Terry McGinnis [2]1951/08/20Honolulu, HI
Defeats Ted Travis.
Al Kashey1951/10/11Honolulu, HI
Lucky Simunovich1952/03/30Honolulu, HI
Red Scorpion (Tom Rice)1952/05/18Honolulu, HI
Vacant in 52.
Bobby Bruns1952/09/14Honolulu, HI
Defeats Tom Rice.
Hans Schnabel [2]1953/06/07Honolulu, HI
Bobby Managoff [2]1953/07/19Honolulu, HI
Ben Sharpe1953/08/23Honolulu, HI
Al Lovelock1954/02/14Honolulu, HI
Vacant in 54/05<.
Larry Moquin1954/05/23Honolulu, HI
Karl Von Schober1954/07/11Honolulu, HI
John Paul Henning1954/08/29Honolulu, HI
Roger Mackay1954/11/21Honolulu, HI
Lucky Simunovich [2]1955/02/13Honolulu, HI
Zebra Kid (George Bollas)1955/04/10Honolulu, HI
Al Lolotai1955/12/16Honolulu, HI
Billy Varga 1956/03/16Honolulu, HI
Tosh Togo (Harold Sakata) 1956/07/29Honolulu, HI
Tom Rice1956/10/07Honolulu, HI
Al Lolotai [2]1957/05/19Honolulu, HI
Ed Francis1959/05/13Honolulu, HI
Al Lolotai [3]1959/07/08Honolulu, HI
Dick Hutton1961/01/18Honolulu, HI
Sam Steamboat1961/01/25Honolulu, HI
Luigi Macera1961/04/15Honolulu, HI
Neff Maiava1961/06/14Honolulu, HI
Curtis Iaukea1961/08/16Honolulu, HI
Lord James Blears1961/10/25Honolulu, HI
Masked Executioner1961/12/13Honolulu, HI
Neff Maiava [2]1962/04/04Honolulu, HI
Gene LeBelle1963/02/15Honolulu, HI
Neff Maiava [3]1963/04/24Honolulu, HI
Hard Boiled Haggerty 1964/02/05Honolulu, HI
Neff Maiava [4]1964/04/08Honolulu, HI
Gene Kiniski1964/07/16Honolulu, HI
Neff Maiava [5]1964/08/27Honolulu, HI
Johnny Barend 1964/10/08Honolulu, HI
Nick Bockwinkel1964/11/25Honolulu, HI
Curtis Iaukea [2]1964/12/18Honolulu, HI
Luther Lindsay1965/09/29Honolulu, HI
Ron Reed1966/01/05Honolulu, HI
Ripper Collins1966/01/19Honolulu, HI
Neff Maiava [6] 1966/08/24?Honolulu, HI
One report has Curtis Iaukea and Peter Maivia wrestle for the title on this card.
Ripper Collins [2]1966/10/19Honolulu, HI
Jim Hady1967/03/15Honolulu, HI
Dutch Schultz (Dutch Savage)1967/08<
Jim Hady [2]1967/10/04Honolulu, HI
Curtis Iaukea [3]1968/02/28Honolulu, HI
Klondike Bill1968/08/28Honolulu, HI
Luke Graham1968/10/09Honolulu, HI
Nick Bockwinkel1968/12/25Honolulu, HI
Defeats Johnny Barend by forfeit when Barend no-shows.
Curtis Iaukea [4] 1968/12/29 Honolulu, HI
Pedro Morales 1969/05/21 Honolulu, HI
Curtis Iaukea * 1969
Missing Link (Pampero Firpo)1969/07<
Ripper Collins [3]1969/10/29Honolulu, HI
Missing Link [2]1970/01/14Honolulu, HI
Ripper Collins [4]1970/02/04Honolulu, HI
Sam Steamboat [2]1970/06/10Honolulu, HI
Ripper Collins [5]1970/06/24Honolulu, HI
Sam Steamboat [3]1970/07/29Honolulu, HI
Ripper Collins [6]1970/11/04Honolulu, HI
Johnny Barend [2]1970/12/09Honolulu, HI
Ripper Collins [7]1971/01/02Honolulu, HI
Frankie Laine1971/02/06Honolulu, HI
Mad Dog Mayne1971/02/24Honolulu, HI
Ed Francis [2]1971/10/27Honolulu, HI
Gene Kiniski [2]1972/02/16Honolulu, HI
Fred Curry1972/08/02Honolulu, HI
The Sheik 1972/10/21Honolulu, HI
Ed Francis [3] 1973/01/17 Honolulu, HI
Sam Steamboat [4] 1973
Ed Francis [4] 1973/06/06 Honolulu, HI
Sam Steamboat [5] 1973
Ed Francis [5] 1973/09/12Honolulu, HI
Billy Graham1974/01/09Honolulu, HI
Title inactive.
Bill Francis1977/07
Defeats Steve Strong.
Steve Strong1978/01<
John Tolos 1978/02/01 Honolulu, HI
John Anson1978/03<
George Wells 1978/04/26 Honolulu, HI
Buddy Rose 1978/05/28 Honolulu, HI
Don Muraco 1978/06/21 Pearl Harbor, HI
Tor Kamata 1978/08<
Don Muraco [2] 1978/09/20 Honolulu, HI
Larry Sharpe1978/11
Awarded title as to contender after Muraco wins Pacific International Heavyweight Title from John Studd.
Mando Guerrero1978/11/22Honolulu, HI
Title held up when Mando does not defend within 30 days.
Mando Guerrero [2]1979/01
Hans Schroeder1979/03/05Honolulu, HI
Don Muraco [2]1979/03
Vacant in 79.
Karl Von Steiger1979/04/04Pearl Harbor, HI
Defeats Kevin Von Erich in one-night tournament final.
Siva Afi1979/04/18Pearl Harbor, HI
Ripper Collins
Peter Maivia1980/03
Hans Schroeder1980/03/05
Tama Tonga (Haku/Meng)1980/04
Wildman Austin1980/07
Tor Kamata [2]1980/10
Vacant when Kamata injured by the Samoans.

Keethan Hawke2000/02/05
Awarded; vacant in 00/06 when Hawke leaves the promotion.
Dark Ninja2000/07/16Waipahu, HI
Defeats Black Rain and Don Lee in a three way dance.
Black Rain2000/08/27Kaneohe, HI
Defeats The Jet, subbing for Dark Ninja
Bruiser Rego # 2000/10/08 Kaneohe, HI
Black Rain # 2000/10/08 Kaneohe, HI
Title returned after video shows Rain has his foot on the ropes.
The Jet2001/04/21Kaneohe, HI
Johnny Allblack (Blak Rain) [2]2001/08/18Kaneohe, HI
The Sassy Assassin2001/10/06Kaneohe, HI
Johnny Allblack [3]2001/10/20Kaneohe, HI
Kaimana2002/07/04Honolulu, HI
Tiki2002/11/17Honolulu, HI
Sickdog #2003/06/07Kalihi, HI
Immediately stripped of title by NWA Enforcer Scott Russo.
Sickdog2003/06/28Honolulu, HI
Defeats Tiki.
Tiki [2]2003/12/20Honolulu, HI
Kris Kavanaugh [2]2004/03/13Honolulu, HI
Superfly Ete2005/07/04Pearl Harbor, HI
Kenjiro Katahira2005/11/18Honolulu, HI
Also holds HCW Kamehameha Heritage Title; vacates both titles in 06/03 upon returning to Japan.
Kaimana [2]2006/03/25Wahiawa, HI
Wins a 4-man elimination match over Ahuna, Kapu, and Jody Lopez.
Kapu2006/05/13Wahiawa, HI
Sickdog [2]2007/05/26Honolulu, HI
Jody Lopez2007/08/18Honolulu, HI
Sickdog [2]2007/08/18Honolulu, HI
Still champion as of 08/11/01.
Kapu [2] 2009/03/08<
J.T. Wolfen 2009/07/04 Pearl Harbor, HI

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