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Last updated on 2017/09/07

Hawaii Heavyweight Title

Young Santell 1917/02/05 Lahaina, HI
Defeats Taro Miyake; not Ad Santel.
Louis Espetvedt 1918/09/07 Honolulu, HI
Kinjo Ikeda 1918/12/28 Honolulu, HI
Still champion as of 21/11/27; recognized as Middlewight Champion as of 22/02/05.

Oki Shikina1937/11/16Honolulu, HI
Defeats Rusty Wescoatt in tournament final.
Dean Detton1939/01/24Honolulu, HI
Dick Raines1939/02/07Honolulu, HI
Oki Shikina [2]1939/04/04Honolulu, HI
Ignacio (Pedro) Martinez1939/11/14Honolulu, HI
Wins by forfeit when Shikina leaves the area.
Paul Jones 1939/11/28 Honolulu, HI
Vacant in 40/02 upon leaving he territory.
Gene Sexton1948/09/07Pearl Harbor, HI
Defeats Burl Rasmussen tournament final; vacant in 49(?).
Arjan Singh1950/06/18Honolulu, HI
Defeats Hawaiian Junior Heavyweight Champion Sandor Szabo for the vacant Heavyweight Title; Szabo continues to hold the Junior Heavyweight Title.
Ray Eckert1950/07/16Honolulu, HI
Terry McGinnis1950/07/23Honolulu, HI
Sandor Szabo1950/09/03Honolulu, HI
Also holds Junior Heavyweight Title but is stripped of it on 50/09/27 for failure to maintain the weight limit; Heavyweight Title is vacant in 51.
Terry McGinnis1951/08/20Honolulu, HI
Defeats Ted Travis in tournament final; originally announced in 50/10 as a junior heavyweight championship tournament, but by the time the final takes place, it is simply referred to as "Hawaiian Wrestling Championship" or "Ring Magazine gold belt".
Al Kashey1951/10/11Honolulu, HI
Lucky Simunovich1952/03/30Honolulu, HI
Starts being referred to as a heavyweight title during Simunovich's reign.
Red Scorpion (Tom Rice)1952/05/18Honolulu, HI
Vacates on 52/08/31 after losing to Lou Thesz and is unmasked.
Bobby Bruns1952/09/14Honolulu, HI
Defeats Tom Rice.
Hans Schnabel1953/06/07Honolulu, HI
Bobby Managoff1953/07/19Honolulu, HI
Ben Sharpe1953/08/23Honolulu, HI
Al Lovelock1954/02/14Honolulu, HI
Vacant in 54/04<.
Larry Moquin1954/05/23Honolulu, HI
Defeats Karl Von Schober in tournament final.
Karl Von Schober1954/07/11Honolulu, HI
John Paul Henning1954/08/29Honolulu, HI
Roger Mackay1954/11/21Honolulu, HI
Lucky Simunovich [2]1955/02/13Honolulu, HI
Zebra Kid (George Bollas)1955/04/10Honolulu, HI
Al Lolotai1955/12/16Honolulu, HI
Billy Varga 1956/03/16Honolulu, HI
Tosh Togo (Harold Sakata) 1956/07/29Honolulu, HI
Tom Rice1956/10/07Honolulu, HI
Al Lolotai [2]1957/05/19Honolulu, HI
Ed Francis1959/05/13Honolulu, HI
Al Lolotai [3]1959/07/08Honolulu, HI
Dick Hutton1961/01/18Honolulu, HI
Sam Steamboat1961/01/25Honolulu, HI
Luigi Macera1961/04/15Honolulu, HI
Neff Maiava1961/06/14Honolulu, HI
Curtis Iaukea1961/08/16Honolulu, HI
Lord James Blears1961/10/25Honolulu, HI
Masked Executioner1961/12/13Honolulu, HI
Neff Maiava [2]1962/04/04Honolulu, HI
Gene LeBelle1963/02/15Honolulu, HI
Neff Maiava [3]1963/04/24Honolulu, HI
Hard Boiled Haggerty 1964/02/05Honolulu, HI
Neff Maiava [4]1964/04/08Honolulu, HI
Gene Kiniski1964/07/16Honolulu, HI
Neff Maiava [5]1964/08/27Honolulu, HI
Johnny Barend 1964/10/08Honolulu, HI
Nick Bockwinkel1964/11/25Honolulu, HI
Curtis Iaukea [2]1964/12/18Honolulu, HI
Luther Lindsay1965/09/29Honolulu, HI
Ron Reed1966/01/05Honolulu, HI
Ripper Collins1966/01/19Honolulu, HI
Neff Maiava [6] 1966/08/24Honolulu, HI
Ripper Collins [2]1966/10/19Honolulu, HI
Jim Hady1967/03/15Honolulu, HI
Dutch Schultz (Dutch Savage) 1967/08/12< Kailua, HI
"Last week" (Honolulu Star-Advertiser, Honolulu, HI, 67/08/18).
Jim Hady [2]1967/10/04Honolulu, HI
Curtis Iaukea [3]1968/02/28Honolulu, HI
Klondike Bill1968/08/28Honolulu, HI
Luke Graham defeats Bill on 68/10/09 in Honolulu, HI but is not awarded the title due to outside interference by Ripper Collins.
Johnny Barend 1968/12<
Nick Bockwinkel [2]1968/12/25Honolulu, HI
Wins by forfeit when Barend no-shows.
Curtis Iaukea [4] 1969/02/19 Honolulu, HI
Pedro Morales 1969/05/21 Honolulu, HI
Most likely vacant after Morales wins North American Title on 69/06/18.
Missing Link (Pampero Firpo) 1969/10/08 Honolulu, HI
Wins battle royal.
Ripper Collins [3]1969/10/29Honolulu, HI
Missing Link [2]1970/01/14Honolulu, HI
Ripper Collins [4]1970/02/04Honolulu, HI
Sam Steamboat [2]1970/06/10Honolulu, HI
Ripper Collins [5]1970/06/24Honolulu, HI
Sam Steamboat [3]1970/07/29Honolulu, HI
Ripper Collins [6]1970/11/04Honolulu, HI
Johnny Barend [2]1970/12/09Honolulu, HI
Ripper Collins [7]1971/01/02Honolulu, HI
Frankie Laine1971/02/06Honolulu, HI
Mad Dog Mayne1971/02/24Honolulu, HI
Ed Francis [2]1971/10/27Honolulu, HI
Gene Kiniski [2]1972/02/16Honolulu, HI
Fred Curry1972/08/02Honolulu, HI
The Sheik 1972/10/21Honolulu, HI
Ed Francis [3] 1973/01/17 Honolulu, HI
Sam Steamboat [4] 1973
Ed Francis [4] 1973/06/06 Honolulu, HI
Sam Steamboat [5] 1973
Ed Francis [5] 1973/09/12Honolulu, HI
Billy Graham1974/01/09Honolulu, HI
Title inactive.
Bill Francis 1977/07  
Defeats Steve Strong.
Steve Strong 1978/01<  
John Tolos 1978/02/01 Honolulu, HI
John Anson1978/03<
George Wells 1978/04/26 Honolulu, HI
Buddy Rose 1978/05/24 Honolulu, HI
Don Muraco 1978/06/21 Pearl Harbor, HI
Tor Kamaka (Tor Kamata) 1978/08/09 Honolulu, HI
Don Muraco [2] 1978/09/20 Honolulu, HI
Larry Sharpe 1978/11  
Awarded title as the contender after Muraco wins Pacific International Title from John Studd.
Mando Guerrero1978/11/22Honolulu, HI
Title held up when Mando does not defend within 30 days.
Mando Guerrero [2] 1979/01
Don Muraco [2] 1979/03/07 Pearl Harbor, HI
Vacant in 79/03 when Muraco leaves the area (sometime after 79/03/21).
Karl Von Steiger1979/04/04Pearl Harbor, HI
Defeats Kevin Von Erich in one-night tournament final.
Siva Afi 1979/04/18 Pearl Harbor, HI
Ripper Collins 1979/09/19 Honolulu, HI
Peter Maivia 1979/12/19 Honolulu, HI
Hans Schroeder 1980/03/05 Honolulu, HI
Tama Tonga (Haku/Meng) 1980/03/26 Pearl Harbor, HI
Wildman Austin 1980/07/02? Pearl Harbor, HI?
Tiki Kamaka [2] 1980/10/15 Honolulu, HI
Vacant when Kamaka is injured by the Samoans.

Keethan Hawke 2000/02/05  
Awarded; vacant in 00/06 when Hawke leaves the promotion.
Dark Ninja2000/07/16Waipahu, HI
Defeats Black Rain and Don Lee in a three way dance.
Black Rain2000/08/27Kaneohe, HI
Defeats The Jet, subbing for Dark Ninja
Bruiser Rego # 2000/10/08 Kaneohe, HI
Black Rain # 2000/10/08 Kaneohe, HI
Title returned after video shows Rain has his foot on the ropes.
The Jet2001/04/21Kaneohe, HI
Johnny Allblack (Blak Rain) [2]2001/08/18Kaneohe, HI
The Sassy Assassin2001/10/06Kaneohe, HI
Johnny Allblack [3]2001/10/20Kaneohe, HI
Kaimana2002/07/04Honolulu, HI
Tiki2002/11/17Honolulu, HI
Sickdog #2003/06/07Kalihi, HI
Immediately stripped of title by NWA Enforcer Scott Russo.
Sickdog2003/06/28Honolulu, HI
Defeats Tiki.
Tiki [2]2003/12/20Honolulu, HI
Kris Kavanaugh [2]2004/03/13Honolulu, HI
Superfly Ete2005/07/04Pearl Harbor, HI
Kenjiro Katahira2005/11/18Honolulu, HI
Also holds HCW Kamehameha Heritage Title; vacates both titles in 06/03 upon returning to Japan.
Kaimana [2]2006/03/25Wahiawa, HI
Wins a 4-man elimination match over Ahuna, Kapu, and Jody Lopez.
Kapu2006/05/13Wahiawa, HI
Sickdog [2]2007/05/26Honolulu, HI
Jody Lopez2007/08/18Honolulu, HI
Sickdog [2]2007/08/18Honolulu, HI
Still champion as of 08/11/01.
Kapu [2] 2009/03/08<
J.T. Wolfen 2009/07/04 Pearl Harbor, HI