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Last updated on 2017/03/12

Hawaii Junior Heavyweight Title

Kimon Kudo # 1940/04/17 Honolulu, HI
Defeats Pacific Northwest champion Billy Venable to claim the Hawaiian Title; promoter Al Karasic requests the National Wrestling Association for the sanctioned championship for the rematch scheduled in the following week.
Billy Venable1940/04/24Honolulu, HI
Claimant of Pacific Coast and Canadian Titles, defeats Kudo in triple title match to become the "first recognized" champion by the NWA.
Tetsuo Higami1940/07/03Honolulu, HI
Ben Pilar1941/01/22Honolulu, HI
Red Shadow 1941/03/12 Honolulu, HI
Ben Pilar [2] 1941/04/02 Honolulu, HI
Tony Morelli1941/07/23Honolulu, HI
Bill Weidner1941/11/12Honolulu, HI
Vacant in 42; tournament announced on 43/01/19 with the Ring magazine gold belt.
Charley Carr 1943/10/12 Honolulu, HI
Defeats Chester Hayes in tournament final and is awarded the Ring magazine gold belt.
Jimmy Gonsalves 1945/11/11 Honolulu, HI
Scarlet Pimpernel (Ben Sherman) 1946/05/26 Honolulu, HI
Lee Grable 1946/09/22 Honolulu, HI
Ted Travis 1947/08/03 Honolulu, HI
Lee Grable [2] 1948/05/02 Honolulu, HI
Hisao Tanaka (Duke Keomuka) 1948/08/08 Honolulu, HI
Jack Claybourne 1948/10/31 Honolulu, HI
Bobby Managoff 1949/10/09 Honolulu, HI
Dean Detton [2] 1949/12/11 Honolulu, HI
Hans Schnabel 1949/12/18 Honolulu, HI
Sandor Szabo 1950/02/05 Honolulu, HI
Also wins Heavyweight Title, defeating Terry McGinnis on 50/09/03 in Honolulu, HI; stripped of the Junior Heavyweight Title when Szabo cannot make the weight limit prior to the title defense against Juan Humberto on 50/09/17.

Awarded by the NWA; vacant in 00/06 when G-Smooth leaves the promotion.
Don Lee2001/03/17Kaneohe, HI
Wins battle royal, eliminating Chronic Kid.
Nemesis2001/04/21Kaneohe, HI
Klassic Kerry Royal2001/06/29Kaneohe, HI
Defeats Nemesis and Kaimana in a 3-way match.
Kaimana2001/10/06Kaneohe, HI
Vacates on 02/02/04 in order to concentrate on winning Hawaii Heavyweight Title.
The Jett2002/03/16Honolulu, HI
Defeats Nemesis in the final of a 8-man tournament.
Nemesis [2]2002/07/20Honolulu, HI
The Jett [2]2002/10/20Kalihi, HI
Papi Cholo2003/04/05Kaneohe, HI
Ground Zero2004/04/10Honolulu, HI
Cholo [2]2004/11<
Nightmare2005/08/06Honolulu, HI
Filipino Crippler2006/01/19Waipahu, HI
Nightmare [2]2006/03/26Wahiawa, HI
Mr. Spa Fitness2006/05/27Wahiawa, HI
Vacates on 06/09/23 immidiately after winning AWA Inter-Island Title in a double title match (HCW and NWA Hawaii split).
El Guapo2007/03/10Waianae, HI
Defeats Bushido X.
Bushido X2007/07/04Pearl Harbor, HI
Ricky Thunder 2009/03<
Bushido X [2] 2009/03/08
Still champion as of 09/07/04.