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Pre-1990s information last updated on 2017/02/18

NWA Pacific Northwest Heavyweight Title

* Usually referred to as "Northwest Heavyweight Title" until 1970s

Luther Lindsay 1955/05/24 Salem, OR
Defeats Roger Mackay in tournament final.
Ivan Kameroff 1955/06/21 Salem, OR
John Paul Henning 1955/10/04 Salem, OR
Still champion as of 56/01/24.
Pedro Godoy 1956/02/28<  
"Recently" defeats Henning for the title according to the 56/02/28 issue of Medford Mail Tribune.
Ricky Waldo 1956/03/24 Roseburg, OR
Bull Montana 1956/05/10 Albany, OR
Herb Freeman 1956/05/31 Albany, OR
Bud Curtis 1956/08/15 Salem, OR
Ed Francis 1956/10/09 Salem, OR
Bill Savage 1957/06/07 Portland, OR
Herb Freeman [2] 1957/07/12 Portland, OR
Doug Donovan 1957/08/09 Portland, OR
Kurt Von Himmler 1957/10/14 Portland, OR
Nick Kozak 1958/01/10 Portland, OR
Bill Savage [2] 1958/03/21 Portland, OR
Ed Francis [2] 1958/08/29 Portland, OR
Eric Penderson 1958/11/14 Portland, OR
Ed Francis [3] 1958/11/21 Portland, OR
Bill Savage [3] 1959/03/13 Portland, OR
Kurt Von Poppenheim 1959/05/22 Portland, OR
Bill Savage [4] 1959/07/03 Portland, OR
Ed Francis [4] 1959/09/11 Portland, OR
Shag Thomas 1960/02/18
Ed Francis [5] 1960/03/18 Portland, OR
Tony Borne 1960/09/07
Herb Freeman [3] 1960/12/09 Portland, OR
Mike DiBiase 1961/03/31 Portland, OR
Luther Lindsay [2] 1961/05/26 Portland, OR
Nikoli Volkoff 1961/09/25 Portland, OR
Billy White Wolf 1961/12/01 Portland, OR
Fritz Von Goering 1962/01/06 Eugene, OR
Luther Lindsay [3] 1962/08/24 Portland, OR
Mad Dog Vachon 1962/10/04 Portland, OR
Herb Freeman [4]1963/01/26Portland, OR
Mad Dog Vachon [2]1963/02/16Portland, OR
Herb Freeman [5]1963/05/10Portland, OR
Mad Dog Vachon [3]1963/05/17Portland, OR
Billy White Wolf [2]1963/07/05Portland, OR
Tony Borne [2]1963/08/24Portland, OR
King Curtis1963/09/05Portland, OR
Tony Borne [3]1963/09/19Portland, OR
Nick Bockwinkel1963/10/30Salem, OR
Mad Dog Vachon [4]1963/11/21Portland, OR
The Destroyer1964/01/03Portland, OR
Tony Borne [4]1964/04/10Portland, OR
The Destroyer [2]1964/04/21Portland, OR
Nick Bockwinkel [2]1964/05/22Portland, OR
Pampero Firpo1964/06/23Eugene, OR
Don Manoukian1964/08/08Seattle, WA
Pepper Martin1964/09/02Eugene, OR
Pat Patterson1964/10/02Portland, OR
Pepper Martin [2]1964/11/14Salem, OR
Pat Patterson [2]1965/01/03Eugene, OR
Pepper Martin [3]1965/01/08Portland, OR
Mad Russian (Stan Pulaski) 1965/03/11 Portland, OR
Pepper Martin [4]1965/05/31Eugene, OR
Mad Dog Vachon [5]1965/06/05Portland, OR
Stan Stasiak1965/06/18Portland, OR
Paul Jones1966/03/03Salem, OR
Stan Stasiak [2]1966/05/18
Pepper Martin [5]1966/06/15Eugene, OR
Tony Borne [5]1966/09/16Portland, OR
Shag Thomas [2]1966/11/03Salem, OR
Tony Borne [6]1966/11/10Salem, OR
Pat Patterson [3]1966/12/09Portland, OR
Tony Borne [7] 1966/12/17Portland, OR
Paul Jones [2]1966/12/29Salem, OR
Tony Borne [8]1967/01/05Salem, OR
Ripper Collins1967/05/12Portland, OR
Tony Borne [9]1967/05/29Portland, OR
Luther Lindsay [4]1967/06/02Portland, OR
Moondog Mayne 1967/06/23Portland, OR
Johnny Kostas 1967/07/27Salem, OR
Moondog Mayne [2] 1967/11/03  
Stan Stasiak [3] 1968/01/05  
Moondog Mayne [3] 1968/03/15  
Mad Dog Vachon [6] 1968/05/30 Portland, OR
Moondog Mayne [4] 1968/06/06 Portland, OR
Stan Stasiak [4] 1968/08/16  
Moondog Mayne [5] 1968/08/30  
Luther Lindsay [5] 1968/11/30  
Defeats Beauregard, subbing for Mayne.
Moondog Mayne [6]1969/04/12 Portland, OR
Roger Kirby1969/08/12Portland, OR
Moondog Mayne [7]1969/09/10Portland, OR
Roger Kirby [2]1969/10/14Portland, OR
Moondog Mayne [8]1969/12/10Portland, OR
Kurt Von Steiger 1970/02/27  
Moondog Mayne [9] 1970/03/11  
The Claw 1970/05/16  
Moondog Mayne [10] 1970/06/23  
Mr. Fuji 1970/08/08  
Moondog Mayne [11] 1970/10/24  
Dutch Savage 1970/12/12  
Stan Stasiak [5] 1971/03/27 Portland, OR
Kurt Von Steiger [2] 1971/05/01  
Jonathan Boyd 1971/07/31  
Dutch Savage [2] 1971/10/24  
Jonathan Boyd [2] 1971/11/28  
Dutch Savage [3] 1971/12/28  
Bull Ramos 1972/04/29  
Steven Little Bear 1972/11/11  
Bull Ramos [2] 1972/11/30  
Dutch Savage [4]1973/02/07Medford, OR
Bull Ramos [3] 1973/04/10 Portland, OR
Jimmy Snuka1973/11/16Eugene, OR
Ripper Collins [2] 1974/01/12 Portland, OR
Jimmy Snuka [2] 1974/02/23 Portland, OR
Held up after a match against Ripper Collins on 74/03/30 in Portland, OR.
Ripper Collins [3] 1974/04/13
Wins rematch.
Jimmy Snuka [3] 1974/06/04  
Rasputin (Black Angus Campbell) 1974/08/10  
Jimmy Snuka [4] 1974/10/07  
Dale Lewis 1974/11/11  
Dutch Savage [5] 1974/12/14  
Bull Ramos [4] 1975/05/30  
Jimmy Snuka [5]1975/08/09Portland, OR
Jesse Ventura 1976/01/17  
Dutch Savage [6]1976/04/03Portland, OR
Jesse Ventura [2] 1976/06/25 Eugene, OR
Jimmy Snuka [6] 1977/01/29Portland, OR
Ron Bass1977/04/23
Dutch Savage [7]1977/08/01
Ed Wiskoski1977/11/12
Jerry Oates1978/05/13
Ed Wiskoski [2]1978/06/16
Jonathan Boyd [3]1978/08/22
Roddy Piper1979/02/17Portland, OR
Stan Stasiak [7]1979/06/30Portland, OR
Buddy Rose 1979/11/01 Salem, OR
Stan Stasiak [8] 1979/11/02 Eugene, OR
Buddy Rose [2]1979/11/16Portland, OR
Rick Martel 1980/02/07 Salem, OR
Buddy Rose [3] 1980/02/09 Portland, OR
Rick Martel1980/03/22
Buddy Rose [4]1980/08/16Portland, OR
Roddy Piper [2]1980/09/04
Or 80/09/13.
Buddy Rose [5]1980/09/20
Jay Youngblood1980/12/27Portland, OR
Buddy Rose [6] 1981/01/05 Longview, WA
Jay Youngblood [2] 1981/01/07 Seattle, WA
The Destroyer (David Sierra)1981/03/14
Jay Youngblood [3]1981/03/21
Buddy Rose [7]1981/04/09Salem, OR
Jay Youngblood [4]1981/04/11Portland, OR
Buddy Rose [8] 1981/04/24Eugene, OR
Matt Borne1981/04/29
Buddy Rose [9]1981/04/30Salem, OR
Jay Youngblood [5]1981/05/01Eugene, OR
Vacant on 81/05/16 when Youngblood leaves the area.
Steve Regal 1981/06/30 Seattle, WA
Wins tournament.
Buddy Rose [10] 1981  
Held up after a match against Steve Regal on 81/10/06 in Portland, OR.
Steve Regal [2] 1981/10/24  
Wins rematch; vacant on 81/12/05 when Regal injured.
Brett Sawyer1982/01/02Portland, OR
Wins battle royal; held up after a match against Buddy Rose on 82/02/13 in Portland, OR.
Brett Sawyer [2] 1982/02/16  
Wins rematch.
Rip Oliver 1982/04/24 Portland, OR
Rocky Johnson 1982/07/15  
Rip Oliver [2] 1982/07  
Brett Sawyer [3]1982/08/25Coos Bay, OR
Rip Oliver [3]1982/08/28Portland, OR
Brett Sawyer [4]1982/09/22Salem, OR
Sheik Abdullah Ali Hassan1982/12/07Portland, OR
Curt Hennig1983/05/10Portland, OR
Dynamite Kid1983/09/07Seattle, WA
Billy Jack (Billy Jack Haynes) 1983/10/07Salem, OR
Rip Oliver [4]1983/11/30Seattle, WA
Billy Jack [2]1983/12/14Seattle, WA
Rip Oliver [5]1983/12/25Seattle, WA
Buddy Rose [11]1984/04/28Portland, OR
Rip Oliver [6]1984/05/12Portland, OR
Billy Jack [3]1984/10/13Portland, OR
Rip Oliver [7]1984/11/03Portland, OR
Bobby Jaggers1984/12/05Seattle, WA
Karl Steiner1985/02/23Portland, OR
Bobby Jaggers [2]1985/04/14Centralia, OR
Mike Miller1985/05/04Portland, OR
Vacant in 85.
Ricky Vaughn (Lance Von Erich) 1985/08/03Portland, OR
Defeats Mike Miller in tournament final.
Bobby Jaggers [3]1985/11/09Portland, OR
Tom Zenk1986/01/21Portland, OR
Bobby Jaggers [4]1986/03/09Findley, WA
Billy Jack Haynes [4]1986/04/12Portland, OR
Stripped in 86/05.
Rip Oliver [8]1986/06/13Portland, OR
Wins title in a battle royal.
Coco Samoa1986/08/15Albany, OR
Rip Oliver [9]1986/09/20Seattle, WA
The Assassin1986/11/29Portland, OR
Rip Oliver [10]1986/12/13Portland, OR
Ricky Santana1987/03/21Portland, OR
Rip Oliver [11]1987/04/18Portland, OR
Mike Miller [2]1987/06/27Portland, OR
Title held-up after a match against Rip Oliver on 87/08/15
Mike Miller [3]1987/08/22Portland, OR
Wins rematch by forfeit.
The Grappler (Len Denton) 1987/10/31Portland, OR
Scott Peterson1988/08/05Eugene, OR
The Grappler [2]1988/09/08Newport, OR
Top Gun1988/10/03Longview, WA
The Grappler [3] 1988/10/10 *  
Tatsumi Fujinami1988/10/15Portland, OR
Given title when The Grappler cannot beat him within 30 minutes.
The Grappler [4]1988/12/10Portland, OR
Top Gun [2]1988/12/25Portland, OR
The Grappler [5]1989/01/28Portland, OR
Carl Styles1989/04/01Portland, OR
The Grappler [6]1989/04/15Portland, OR
Carl Styles [2]1989/04/22Portland, OR
Vacant in 89/06 when Styles injured.
Scotty the Body1989/09/02Portland, OR
Defeats Carl Styles in tournament final.
Rex King1989/10/07Portland, OR
Scotty the Body [2]1989/10/14Portland, OR
Curtis Thompson1990/02/03Portland, OR
Declared vacant on 90/03/30 after Scotty the Body is caught cheating to win match against Thompson in Eugene, OR.
Brian Adams1990/04/21Portland, OR
Defeats Larry Oliver in tournament final.
Scott Norton1990/05/12Portland, OR
Vacant on 90/05/26 after Norton suspended for attacking several wrestlers.
Scotty the Body [3]1990/06/02Portland, OR
Defeats The Grappler; title held up after a match against The Grappler on 90/07/28 in Portland, OR.
The Grappler [7]1990/08/04Portland, OR
Defeats Scotty the Body in rematch.
Steve Doll1990/11/10Portland, OR
Title held-up after a match against Ron Harris on 91/07/05 in Eugene, OR after Don Harris pins Doll in the match.
Billy Jack Haynes [5]1991/08/17Portland, OR
Wins title in full-nelson challange.
Steve Doll [2]1991/09/14Portland, OR
Rip Oliver [12]1991/09/28Portland, OR
Demolition Crush (Brian Adams) [2] 1991/10/12Portland, OR
Ron Harris1992/01/18Portland, OR
Steve Doll [3]1992/02/07Eugene, OR
Ron Harris [2]1992/03/24Vancouver, WA
C.W. Bergstrom1992/04/21Vancouver, WA
PNW promotion closes in 92/07.

Randy Tyler 1998  
Defeats Mike Roselli for ECCW Title on 97/08/20 in Nanaimo, BC; also billed as NWA Pacific Northwest Title after ECCW joins NWA in 98.
Mr. Gillis 1998/05/29 New Westminster, BC
Ladies Choice 1998/10/30 New Westminster, BC
Wins title in a battle royal.
Randy Tyler [2] 1998/11/13 New Westminster, BC
Mike Roselli 1999/01/29 New Westminster, BC
Vacant on 99/04/30 when Roselli no-shows for title defense.
Michelle Starr 1999/04/30 New Westminster, BC
Defeats Rage Man in tournament final.
Juggernaut 1999/09/10 New Westminster, BC
Johnny Canuck 1999/10/15 New Westminster, BC
Defeats Juggernaut and Leviathan.
Juggernaut [2] 1999/11/27 Nanaimo, BC
Stripped in 99/12.
Juggernaut [3] 1999/12/11 New Westminster, BC
Defeats Mr. Gillis in tournament final.
Kurrgan 2000/02/25 New Westminster, BC
Stripped in 00/07.
Juggernaut [4] 2000/07/22 Surrey, BC
Defeat Leatherface.
Dr. Luther 2000/11/23 Nanaimo, BC
Chance Beckett 2001/12/01 Vancouver, WA
Vacates title due to personal reasons.
Black Dragon 2002/02/15 Surrey, BC
Defeats Adam Firestorm.
Scotty Mac 2002/05/31 Surrey, BC
Ladies Choice [2] 2002/09/13 Surrey, BC
Scotty Mac 2003/04/04 Kelowna, BC
Mike Roselli [2] 2004/10/23 Vancouver, BC
Vacant when Roselli, within minutes of winning the title, tries to sell the belt to Brian Sommers.
Ladies Choice [3] 2004/11/20 Vancouver, BC
Defeats Juggernaut in an 8-man tournament final.
Scotty Mac [3] 2005/01/29 Vancouver, BC
Juggernaut [6] 2005/03/18 Surrey, BC
Sweet Daddy Devastation 2006/01/27 Vancouver, BC
Randy Tyler [3] 2006/01/27 Vancouver, BC
Renamed NWA Top Ranked Title in 06/04.

Badd Blood (B.J. Darden) 2015/03/19  
Awarded when Blue Collar Wrestling joins the NWA; also defeats BCW Northwest champion C.J. Edwards on 15/04/05 in Portland, OR (not billed as a unification match, but BCW Northwest Title is no longer mentioned thereafter); vacates after winning NWA Continental Title, defeating William Huckaby on 15/12/20 in Portland, OR.
Buddy Highway (Donovan Etzel) 2016/01/17 Portland, OR
Defeats Demarcus James, Havoc, and Ares Toretto in tournament 4-way final.
Tommy Celcious 2016/08/07 Portland, OR
Buddy Highway [2] 2016/09/18 Portland, OR
Tommy Celcious [2] 2016/10/16 Portland, OR
Buddy Highway [3] 2016/10/30 Portland, OR
Gregor Petrov 2016/12/04 Portland, OR
Defeats Highway and Jeff Cobb in 3-way match; NWA terminates the contracts with its licensees on 17/10/01.