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Austra-Asian Tag Team Title

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Jimmy Golden & Dennis McCord (Austin Idol) 72/12/02Melbourne
Defeat Bobby Hart & Brute Bernard in a 7-team tournament final.
Dick Dunn & Don Carson73/01
Awarded when Golden is injued in the US and cannot defend the title.
Medics (Dale Lewis & Bob Griffin) 73/03/02Sydney
Dick Dunn & Don Carson [2]73/03/09Sydney
Larry O'Day & Ron Miller73/03/30Sydney
Waldo Von Erich & Hiro Tojo73/05/13Sydney
Mark Lewin & Spiros Arion73/07
Hiro Tojo & Hito Tojo (Akihisa Takachiho/Great Kabuki) 73/10/19Sydney
Larry O'Day & Ron Miller [2]74/02/08Sydney
Vacant in 74 when Miller injured by Waldo VOn Erich & Cyclon Negro.
Pat Barrett & Tony Kontellis74/04/05Sydney
Win tournament.
Bobby Shane & Original Mr. Wrestling (George Barnes) 74/04/19Sydney
Larry O'Day & Ron Miller [3]74/07/05Sydney
Missouri Mauler & Steve Rackman75/05/09Sydney
Larry O'Day & Bobby Hart75/06/01Sydney
Skandor Akbar & George Gouliovas75/08/01Sydney
Vacant in 75 when Akbar injured by Great Mephisto.
Johnny Gray & Ron Miller75/12Melbourne
Win tournament.
Hiro Tojo & Les Roberts76/03
Johnny Gray & Kevin Martin76/05<Brisbane
Larry O'Day & Ed Wiskoski (Colonel DeBeers) 76/09
Larry O'Day & Rick Martel77/02/18Sydney
Defeat Wiskoski & Masa Saito.
Butcher Brannigan & Bugsy McGraw77
Larry O'Day & Ron Miller [4]77/05/02Sydney
Butcher Brannigan & Killer Karl Krupp77/06/17Sydney
Mario Milano & Bugsy McGraw77/10/02Sydney
Vacant when McGraw injured by Bruiser Brody.
Larry O'day & Bobby Hart [2]78/03/03Sydney
Vacant in 78/04 when Hart leaves the country.
Butcher Brannigan & Les Roberts78/08PAPUA NEW GUINEA *
Win tournament.
Larry O'day & Mario Milano78/10/01Sydney
Butcher Brannigan & Ox Baker78/10/27Sydney
Andre the Giant & Ron Miller78/12/08Sydney
Vacant when NWA Australia promotion closes in 78/12.

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