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Last updated on 2013/11/23

WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE ( 1970 - 1976/08 )
HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE ( 1976/08 - 1981/04 )
( 2003/01 - 2004/01 )

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Johnny Powers 1970 Los Angeles, CA *
Announced as champion on 71/06/11 as having defeated Fred Blassie in Los Angeles, CA.
Waldo Von Erich 1971/08/18 Cleveland, OH
Dominic Denucci 1971/12/02 Buffalo, NY
Waldo Von Erich [2] 1972/01/05 Buffalo, NY
Ernie Ladd 1972/06/02 Cleveland, OH
Abdullah the Butcher 1972/06/24 Akron, OH
Victor Rivera * 1972/09<
Abdullah the Butcher * 1972/10<
Johnny Valentine 1972/10/19 Cleveland, OH
Held up after a match against Johnny Powers on 72/12/07 in Cleveland, OH; Valentine may have won the rematch but is stripped on 73/01/24 when Valentine leaves the territory.
Jacques Rougeau 1973/01/24 Buffalo, NY
Defeats Waldo Von Erich in tournament final.
Johnny Valentine * 1973/08
Johnny Powers [2] 1973
Antonio Inoki 1973/12/10 Tokyo, JPN
NWF orders Inoki to accept the title match against Tiger Jeet Singh; Inoki refuses and vacates the title on 75/02/12.
Tiger Jeet Singh 1975/03/13 Hiroshima, JPN
Defeats Antonio Inoki.
Antonio Inoki [2] 1975/06/26 Tokyo, JPN
Told to stop referring to the title as a world title at the annual NWA meeting on 76/08/07.
Stan Hansen 1980/02/08 Tokyo, JPN
Antonio Inoki [3] 1980/04/03 Tokyo, JPN
Title held up after match against Stan Hansen on 81/04/17 in Kagoshima ends as no-contest.
Antonio Inoki [4] 1981/04/23 Tokyo, JPN
Defeats Stan Hansen in rematch; retires the title immediately after the match to enter the International Wrestling Grand Prix tournament.

Yoshihiro Takayama 2003/01/04 Tokyo, JPN
Defeats Tsuyoshi Kosaka in the final of 4-man tournament.
Shinsuke Nakamura 2004/01/04 Tokyo, JPN
Officially unified with IWGP Heavyweight Title on 04/01/05.

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