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Last updated on 2017/08/17

NWA Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Title

Sandy Scott & Nelson Royal1973/10/03
Defeat Gene Anderson & Ole Anderson for Atlantic Coast Tag Team Title on 73/10/02 in Raleigh, NC; renamed Mid-Atlantic Title on 73/10/03.
Brute Bernard & Jay York1973/11/26Greenville, SC
Gene Anderson & Ole Anderson1973/12/26Columbia SC
Paul Jones & Bob Bruggers1974/04/08Fayetteville NC
Rip Hawk & Ric Flair1974/07/04Greensboro, NC
Paul Jones & Tiger Conway Jr.1974/12/06Charleston, SC
Defeat Flair & Brute Bernard, subbing for Hawk; Jones pins Flair.
Gene Anderson & Ole Anderson [2]1975/02/20Greensboro, NC
Reigning World Tag Team champions, vacate the title after winning it; title is inactive until 76/09/22 when the tournament to crown new champions starts.
Dino Bravo & Tim Woods1976/11/03Raleigh, NC
Defeat Sgt. Jacques Goulet (Rene Goulet) & Michel Dubois in tournament final.
Hollywood Blonds: Jerry Brown & Buddy Roberts 1977/01/17Greenville, SC
Dino Bravo & Tiger Conway Jr.1977/04/10Charlotte, NC
Greg Valentine & Ric Flair1977/06/30Anderson SC
Paul Jones & Ricky Steamboat1977/08/22Greensboro, NC
Vacant in 78/04 when Jones & Steamboat win NWA World Title.
Ric Flair & John Studd1978/06/30Greenville, SC
Paul Jones & Ricky Steamboat [2]1978/08/05Greensboro, NC
Ric Flair & John Studd [2]1978/10/30Greenville, SC
Paul Jones & Ricky Steamboat [3]1978/11/05Greensboro, NC
John Studd & Ken Patera 1978/12
Still champions as of 79/04/26.
Ricky Steamboat & Dino Bravo 1979
Vacant in 79/08 when Bravo is injured.
Masked Superstars (Bill Eadie & John Studd)1980/03/26
Vacant in 80 when
Matt Borne & Buzz Sawyer1980/06/02Greenville, SC
Defeat Jimmy Snuka & Iron Sheik in 4-team tournament final.
Sheepherders: Luke Williams & Butch Miller 1980/09/28Charlotte, NC
Dewey Robertson & George Wells1980/12/12Richmond, VA
Mr. Fuji & Tenryu1981/02/07Greensboro, NC
Dewey Robertson & Johnny Weaver 1981/05/11 Taylorsville, NC
Nikolai Volkoff & Chris Markoff1981/06/27Charlotte, NC
Jay Youngblood & Johnny Weaver1981/11/27Appalachia, VA
Ox Baker & Carl Fergie 1982/01<  
Jay Youngblood & Porkchop Cash 1982/01/29 Charleston, SC
Pvt. Don Kernodle & Pvt. Jim Nelson 1982/03/27 Lawrenceville, VA
Porkchop Cash & Iceman King Parsons 1982/05/31? Wilmington, NC?
Pvt. Don Kernodle & Pvt. Jim Nelson [2] 1982/06/13Roanoke, VA
Ricky Steamboat & Jay Youngblood1982/08/22Toronto, ON, CAN
Vacant in 82(or 83).
One Man Gang & Kelly Kiniski1983/05/23Greenville, SC
Defeat Mike Rotundo & Rufus R. Jones in tournament final.
Rufus R. Jones & Bugsy McGraw1983/07/20Emporia, VA
Vacant in 83/08.
Long Riders: Ron Bass & Black Bart 1984/08/25
Title retired in 85.

Triple XXX: Drake Dawson & Curtis Thompson 1999/09/11
Reigning Northern Continental Tag Team champions; awarded Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Title around 00/03/17; vacant in 00/09/12 when Dawson leaves NWA to become pit crew member for a NASCAR Winston Cup team; still/again vacant as of 02/09/05.
Midnight Express: Bobby Eaton & Rikki Nelson 2002/12/07Asheville, NC
Defeat Road Warrior Hawk & Madd Maxx; vacant sometime before 05/01.
Dusty Rhodes & Buff Bagwell2005/01/22 Seoul, KOR
Defeat Rikki Nelson & Terry Taylor; vacant in 05.
Rick Steiner & Terry Taylor2005/09/24Concord, NC
Defeat Tommy Gunn & Ricky Morton.
Rick Steiner & Scott Steiner 2006/12/09 Easley, SC
Defeat Chris Hamrick & Rikki Nelson; vacant sometime after 07/01/23.
Buff Bagwell & Rikki Nelson 2009/05/02 Shelby, NC
Defeat Reid Flair & David Flair.
Rock'n'Roll Express: Robert Gibson & Ricky Morton 2010/01/16W. Caldwell, NC
Buff Bagwell & Rikki Nelson [2] 2010/05/01 Anderson, SC
Rock'n'Roll Express [2] 2010/09/18 Maiden, NC
Vacant in 10/11.
Brad Armstrong & Ricky Morton 2010/11/06 Taylorsville, NC
Defeat Chris Hamrick & Jeff Lewis; still champions as of 10/12/04; vacant as of 12/04; continues as MACW Title after the promotion leaves the NWA in 12.

Lords of KAOS: Lance Erikson & Damien Wayne 2013/11/02 Kingsport, TN
Defeat C&C Wrestling Factory: Cedric Alexander & Caprice Coleman; vacant in 14/08 when Erikson and Wayne decide to pursue singles careers.
The Brutes: Mark James & Jimmy Parker 2015/06/20 Louisburg, NC
Defeat the AHL and the Cabelleros in 3-way match.
William Huckaby & Joe Black 2016/02/27 Williamston, NC
Defeat the Brutes and F1st Generation: Victor Andrews & James Anthony in 3-way match; vacate on 17/04/11 when the team splits.