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Tiny Mills & Al Mills 1953/06<
Pat O'Connor & Tony Baillargeon 1953/06/20 St. Paul, MN

Ivan Kalmikoff & Karol Kalmikoff 1957/01/08 Minneapolis, MN
Defeat Fritz Von Erich & Karl Von Schober in tournament final.
Joe Brunetti & Guy Brunetti 1957/02/26 Minneapolis, MN
Ivan Kalmikoff & Karol Kalmikoff [2] 1957/06/04 Minneapolis, MN
Mitsu Arakawa & Kinji Shibuya 1957/08/13 Minneapolis, MN
Joe Brunetti & Guy Brunetti [2] 1957/11/26 Minneapolis, MN
Atomic Blonds: Chet Wallich & Johnny Valentine 1957/12/10 Minneapolis, MN
Verne Gagne & Bronco Nagurski 1957/12/26 Minneapolis, MN
Doc Gallagher & Mike Gallagher 1958/03/22 St. Paul, MN
Hard Boiled Haggerty & Kinji Shibuya # 1958/04/22 Minneapolis, MN
Doc Gallagher & Mike Gallagher # 1958/04/29
Title returned to the Gallaghers because of questions over guest referee Ilio DiPaolo.
Verne Gagne & Leo Nomellini 1958/05/15 Minneapolis, MN
Doc Gallagher & Mike Gallagher [2] 1958
Fritz Von Erich & Hans Hermann 1958/07/01 Minneapolis, MN
Vacant in 58.
Reggie Lisowski (Crusher) & Stan Lisowski 1958/11
Win tournament.
Herb Freeman & Seymour Freeman 1959/01/15 Minneapolis, MN
Reggie Lisowski & Stan Lisowski [2] 1959/01/22 Minneapolis, MN
Ivan Kalmikoff & Karol Kalmikoff [3] 1959/03/05 Minneapolis, MN
Karol Kalmikoff & Baron Gattoni 1959/04
Ivan suffers a back injury.
Verne Gagne & Butch Levy 1959/04/28 Minneapolis, MN
Ivan Kalmikoff & Karol Kalmikoff [4] 1959/06
Awarded when Gagne on tour.
Butch Levy & Leo Nomellini 1959/07/14 Minneapolis, MN
Vacant in 59/08 when Nomellini returns to football.
Murder Inc.: Tiny Mills & Stan Kowalski 1960/03/05
Have been claiming International Tag Team Title since 59/11; start claiming World Tag Team title on 60/01; Minneapolis promotion withdraws from NWA and forms American Wrestling Association in 60/05 but continues to recognize NWA champions as their World champions.
Verne Gagne & Leo Nomellini 1960/07/19 Minneapolis, MN
Murder Inc. [2] 1960/08
Awarded when Nomellini returns to San Francisco 49ers; recognized as the first AWA World Tag Team champions in 60/08 when AWA stops recognizing NWA champions.

* See AWA World Tag Team Title.

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