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Murder Inc.: Tiny Mills & Stan Kowalski 1960/08
Awarded NWA World Tag Team Title when Leo Nomellini, who has held the title with Verne Gagne, returns to San Francisco 49ers; recognized as the first AWA World Tag Team champions in 60/08 when AWA stops recognizing NWA champions.
Hard Boiled Haggerty & Len Montana 1960/10/04 Minneapolis,MN
Hard Boiled Haggerty & Gene Kiniski 1961/03/18 St. Paul, MN
Montana's leg broken in a match against Verne Gagne & Leo Nomellini; Haggerty chooses Kinski as new partner.
Wilbur Snyder & Leo Nomellini 1961/05/23 Minneapolis, MN
Hard Boiled Haggerty & Gene Kiniski [2] 1961/07/19 St. Paul, MN
Team split up on 61/08/08 when Haggerty's interference in a cage match between Kiniski and Verne Gagne backfires.
Hard Boiled Haggerty & Bob Geigel 1961/08/26 St. Paul, MN
Haggerty defeats Kiniski and chooses Geigel as partner.
Dale Lewis & Pat Kennedy (Bobby Graham) 1961/11/16 Rochester, MN
Bob Geigel & Otto Von Krupp (Boris Malenko) 1961/11/23 Rochester, MN
Vacant in January,'62 when Krupp is injured.
Larry Hennig & Duke Hoffman 1962/01/15 St. Paul, MN
Defeat Ivan Kalmikoff & Nikita Kalmikoff in 9-team tournament final
Bob Geigel & Stan Kowalski 1962/02/13 Minneapolis, MN
Art Neilson & Stan Neilson 1962/04 Cincinnati, OH *
Mr. High & Mr. Low (Doug Gilbert & Dick Steinborn) 1962/12/16 St. Paul, MN
Ivan Kalmikoff & Karol Kalmikoff 1963/01/01 Minneapolis, MN
Crusher Lisowski & Dick the Bruiser 1963/08/20 Minneapolis, MN
Verne Gagne & Moose Evans 1964/02/09 Minneapolis, MN
Crusher Lisowski & Dick the Bruiser [2] 1964/02/23 St. Paul, MN
Larry Hennig & Harley Race 1965/01/31 Minneapolis, MN
Crusher Lisowski & Verne Gagne 1965/07/24 Minneapolis, MN
Larry Hennig & Harley Race [2] 1965/08/07 Minneapolis, MN
Crusher Lisowski & Dick the Bruiser [3] 1966/05/28 Minneapolis, MN
Larry Hennig & Harley Race [3] 1967/01/06 Chicago, IL
Verne Gagne & Don Leo Jonathan defeat Hennig & Race on 67/03/28 in Winnipeg, MB but the title is returned to Hennig & Race when the decision is reversed.
Harley Race & Chris Markoff 1967/11/01
Hennig's leg is broken by Verne Gagne in Winnipeg, MB; Race chooses new partner.
Pat O'Connor & Wilbur Snyder 1967/11/03 Chicago, IL
Mitsu Arakawa & Dr. Moto (Tor Kamata) 1967/12/02 Chicago, IL
Crusher Lisowski & Dick the Bruiser [4] 1968/12/28 Chicago, IL
Mad Dog Vachon & Butcher Vachon 1969/08/30 Chicago, IL
Kurt Von Steiger & Karl Von Steiger # 1971/02/23 Portland, OR
Mad Dog Vachon & Butcher Vachon # 1971/03/18 Salem, OR
Win by DQ; above changes on Oregon are not recognized by AWA.
Red Bastien & Hercules Cortez 1971/05/15 Milwaukee, WI
Red Bastien & Crusher Lisowski 1971/08
Cortez killed in an auto accident on 71/07/23 near St, Cloud, MN; Bastien chooses Crusher as new partner.
Nick Bockwinkel & Ray Stevens 1972/01/20 Denver, CO
Bill Robinson & Ed Francis 1972/11/15 Honolulu, HI
Stripped in 72/12 for failure to defend the title; title returned to Bockwinkel & Stevens.
Verne Gagne & Bill Robinson 1972/12/30 Minneapolis, MN
Nick Bockwinkel & Ray Stevens [2] 1973/01/06 St. Paul, MN
Billy Robinson & Geoff Portz defeat Bockwinkel & Stevens on 73/10/12 in Minneapolis, MN, but title returned as Portz subbing for Red Bastien.
Crusher Lisowski & Wahoo McDaniel 1974/05/17 Denver, CO
Nick Bockwinkel & Ray Stevens [3] 1974/06/12 Denver, CO
Crusher Lisowski & Bill Robinson 1974/07/21 Green Bay, WI
Nick Bockwinkel & Ray Stevens [4] 1974/10/24 Winnipeg, MB, CAN
Dusty Rhodes & Ivan Putski defeat Bockwinkel & Stevens on 75/05/01 in Winnipeg, MB, but title returned as Putski subbing for Billy Graham.
Crusher & Dick the Bruiser [5] 1975/08/16 Chicago, IL
Blackjack Lanza & Bobby Duncum 1976/07/23 Chicago, IL
High Flyers: Jim Brunzell & Greg Gagne defeat Lanza & Duncum on 76/10/07 in Winnipeg, MB but the title is returned to Lanza & Duncum when the decision is reversed; Verne Gagne & Ray Stevens defeat Lanza & Duncum on 77/06/24 in Minneapolis, MN but the title is returned to Lanza & Duncum when the decision is reversed.
High Flyers: Jim Brunzell & Greg Gagne 1977/07/07 Winnipeg, MB, CAN
Pat Petterson & Ray Stevens 1978/09/23
Awarded after Brunzell is injured playing softball.
Verne Gagne & Mad Dog Vachon 1979/06/06 Winnipeg, MB, CAN
Stan Hansen & Bobby Duncum 1979/08/15 Winnipeg, MB, CAN
Verne Gagne & Mad Dog Vachon [2] 1979
East-West Connection: Adrian Adonis & Jesse Ventura 1980/07/20 Denver, CO
Win by forfeit when Gagne no-shows scheduled defence.
High Flyers [2] 1981/06/14 Green Bay, WI
Sheiks: Jerry Blackwell & Ken Patera 1983/06/26 Minneapolis, MN
Crusher Lisowski & Baron Von Raschke 1984/05/06 Green Bay, WI
Road Warriors: Hawk & Animal 1984/08/25 Las Vegas, NV
Jim Garvin & Steve Regal 1985/09/29 St. Paul, MN
Curt Hennig & Scott Hall 1986/01/18 Albuquerque, NM
Buddy Rose & Doug Somers 1986/05/17 Hammond, IN
Midnight Rockers: Marty Janetty & Shawn Michaels 1987/01/27 St. Paul, MN
Soldat Ustinov & Boris Zhukov 1987/05/25 Lake Tahoe, NV
Soldat Ustinov & Doug Somers 1987/10
Zhukov jumps to the WWF.
Jerry Lawler & Bill Dundee 1987/10/11 Memphis, TN
Hector Guerrero & Dr. D 1987/10/19 Memphis, TN
Jerry Lawler & Bill Dundee [2] 1987/10/26 Memphis, TN
Original Midnight Express: Dennis Condrey & Randy Rose 1987/10/30 Whitewater, WI
Midnight Rockers [2] 1987/12/27 Las Vegas, NV
Held up after a match against Rock'n'Roll Express: Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson on 88/02/15 in Memphis, TN.
Midnight Rockers [3] 1988/02/22 Memphis, TN
Defeat Rock'n'Roll Express in rematch.
Badd Company: Paul Diamond & Pat Tanaka 1988/03/19 Las Vegas, NV
Olympians: Ken Patera & Brad Rheingans 1989/03/25 Rochester, MN
Vacant on 89/09/18 when Patera is injured by Destruction Crew (Wayne Bloom & Mike Enos).
Destruction Crew: Wayne Bloom & Mike Enos 1989/10/01 Rochester, MN
Defeat Greg Gagne & Paul Diamond in tournament final.
The Trooper & D.J. Peterson 1990/08/11 Rochester, MN
Promotion closes in 91.

* See also AWA World Tag Team Title (AWA Superstars of Wrestling).

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