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Last updated on 2017/09/21

National Wrestling Alliance
Northwest Tag Team Title

Doc Gallagher & Mike Gallagher 1958/03/22 St. Paul, MN
Have won the World Title, defeating Verne Gagne & Bronco Nagurski on 57/12/26 in Minneapolis, MN; recognized as Upper Midwest champions on 58/04/05 when the recognition as the world chamipions are withdrawn by the NWA "because of numerous conflicting claims to the world crown" (Star Tribune, Minneapolis, MN, 58/04/06).
Hard Boiled Haggerty & Kinji Shibuya # 1958/04/22 Minneapolis, MN
Haggerty defeats the Gallagher Bros. in a handicap match and selects Shibuya as his partner; defend against the Gallagher Bros. on 58/04/22 in Minneapolis, MN.
Doc Gallagher & Mike Gallagher # 1958/04/27  
Awarded back as Northwest champions due to Haggerty defeating the Gallagher Bros. in a handicap match rather than a tag team match.
Verne Gagne & Leo Nomellini 1958/05/15 Minneapolis, MN
Doc Gallagher & Mike Gallagher [2] 1958/06/12<  
Most likely awarded back after Nomellini leaves the area (or is injured?) in 58/05; still champions as of 58/06/29.

* Replaced with NWA World Tag Team Title.