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Pre-1990s information last updated on 2013/10/10

NWA Mid-America Heavyweight Title

NWA [Mid-America office] ( 1957/04 - 1980/10 )
CWA ( 1981 - 1987/12 )
NWA Nashville/Main Event ( 2001/03 - 2012/06 )

[ Japanese ]

Buddy Rogers 57/04
Billed as champion on arrival; still champion as of 57/06/13.
Mighty Atlas 58/01
Billed as champion on arrival.
Tor Yamato 58/04/24 Chattanooga, TN
Held up in Florence, AL on 59/10/23 after a match against Larry Chene ends with a double pinfall in the 3rd fall.
Larry Chene # 59/10/30 Florence, AL
Wins by default when officials would not allow Yamato to wrestle due to a severe cut over his eye; the commission eventually rules Yamato is still the champion.
Tor Yamato # 59/11 
Stil/again champion as of 60/12/06.
Len Rossi71/07<
Tony Charles72/06/17<
Buddy Hack 74/05/21<
Don Kent 74/10/07<
Rufus R. Jones is billed as champion on 74/12/13 in Birmingham, AL; Steve Kovacs is billed as champion on 74/12/14 in Chattanooga, TN.
Jackie Fargo75/01/04Chattanooga, TN
Don Kent [2] 75/01/08<
Luke Graham75/02/05Nashville, TN
Don Kent [3]75/04
Luke Graham [2]75/05/07Nashville, TN
Harley Race75
Magnificent Zulu 75/09/01<
Harley Race [2]75/09/09Memphis, TN
Bob Armstrong75/10/13Memphis, TN
Jackie Fargo [2]75/12<
Still champion as of 76/01/07.
Dick Steinborn76/03<
Still champion as of 76/05/14.
Tommy Gilbert 76/06<  
Roger Kirby 76/06/16 Nashville, TN
Bob Armstrong [2]76/08/14Chattanooga, TN
Repeated on 76/08/18 in Nashville, TN.
Big Bad John 76/09/08 Nashville, TN
Bob Armstrong [3]76/09/25Chattanooga, TN
Roger Kirby [2]76/10/03Chattanooga, TN
Armstrong continues to be billed as champion in Nashville, TN and loses to Southern champion Jerry Lawler in a double title match on 76/10/06.
Tommy Rich 76/11/20<  
Sometime after 76/10/14.
Russian Stomper 77/01/01Nashville, TN
Repeated in Chattanooga, TN on 77/01/09.
Ken Lucas77/02/13Chattanooga, TN
The Executioner77/04/15Huntsville, AL
Jackie Fargo [2] 77/05/25Nashville, TN
Repeated on 77/05/28 in Chattanooga, TN (or Executioner may have regained sometime in between); vacant in 77/10 when Fargo is injured.
Lanny Poffo77/10/09Chattanooga, TN
Defeats Dennis Hall in one-night 14-man tournament final.
Don Kent [4]77/12/10Chattanooga, TN
Randy Savage78/01/03Birmingham, AL
Dutch Mantell 78/03/25 Chattanooga, TN
Ron Garfield (Don Fargo)78/05/21Chattanooga, TN
Dutch Mantell [2]78/05/28Chattanooga, TN
Whipper Watson Jr.78/07/12Nashville, TN
Dutch Mantell [3]78/07/22Chattanooga, TN
Repeated on 78/07/24 in Birmingham, AL.
Blue Yankee 78/08/12 Chattanooga, TN
Dutch Mantell [4]78/08/26Chattanooga, TN
Tournament ordered in 78/09 after a controversial match against Blue Yankee.
Mexican Angel78/09/20Nashville, TN
Wins 13-man tournament.
Dutch Mantell [5]78/11/11Nashville, TN
Randy Savage [2] 78/11/20<
Bobby Eaton 79/02
Sometime between 79/02/03 and 79/02/17.
Terry Gordy 79/03/21 Nashville, TN
Bobby Eaton [2] 79/03/28? Nashville, TN
Chris Colt 79/04/25Nashville, TN
Ron Garfield [2] 79/05/23 Nashville, TN
Gorgeous George Jr. 79/06<
Dennis Condrey79/06/02Chattanooga, TN
Dutch Mantell [6]79/10/14Chattanooga, TN
Bobby Eaton [3]79/10/24Nashville, TN
Chris Colt [2]79/11/25Nashville, TN
Bobby Eaton [4] 79/12/01 Chattanooga, TN
Gorgeous George Jr. [2]80/02/17Chattanooga, TN
Bobby Eaton [5]80/02/23<
Tojo Yamamoto 80/03<
Sometime after 80/03/09.
Steve Travis 80/04<
Roger Mason (Roger Smith)80/04/05Chattanooga, TN
Rocky Johnson 80/05/12Chattanooga, TN
Great Togo80/05
Robert Gibson80/06/25Nashville, TN
Bobby Eaton [6]80/07/23Nashville, TN
Still champion as of 80/09/06.
Great Mephisto80/09<
Tojo Yamamoto [2] 80/09/27 Chattanooga, TN
Bobby Eaton [7] 80/10/08<
Title inactive in 80/10 (sometime after 80/10/14) after Jerry Jarrett takes over the Mid-American titles from Nick Gulas; title is revived by Jarrett about a year later.
Ron Bass81/07<
Steve Keirn81/07/06Memphis, TN
Bugsy McGraw81/08/24Memphis, TN
Steve Keirn [2]81/09/07Memphis, TN
Dutch Mantell [7] 81/09/26Memphis, TN
Title inactive after Mantell wins AWA Southern Title, defeating the Dream Machine on 81/10/26 in Memphis, TN; reactivated in 82/04.
Dream Machine82/04/19Memphis, TN
Dutch Mantell [8]82/05/17Memphis, TN
Bobby Eaton [8]82/05/24Memphis, TN
King Cobra82/05/31Memphis, TN
Dutch Mantell [9]82/07/05Memphis, TN
Bobby Eaton [9]82/07/12Memphis, TN
Bill Dundee 82/07/24Memphis, TN
Dutch Mantell [10]82/09/06Memphis, TN
Jesse Barr82/11/15Memphis, TN
Dutch Mantell [11]82/11/22Memphis, TN
Apocalypse82/11/29Memphis, TN
Jacques Rougeau82/12/05Memphis, TN
Sabu the Wildman (Coco Samoa)82/12/27Memphis, TN
Jacques Rougeau [2]83/01/02Memphis, TN
Bobby Eaton [10]83/01/10Memphis, TN
Vacant in 83/01.
Bobby Eaton [11]83/02/14Memphis, TN
Defeats Sweet Brown Sugar in tournament final.
Sweet Brown Sugar (Koko Ware)83/02/25Tupelo, MS
Bobby Eaton [12]83/02/28Memphis, TN
Loser-leaves-town match; Sugar reappears as Stagger Lee.
Stagger Lee (Koko Ware) [2]83/03/07Memphis, TN
Frankie Laine83/07/04Memphis, TN
Dutch Mantell [12]83/07/18Memphis, TN
Buddy Landel83/08/15Memphis, TN
Stagger Lee/Koko Ware [3]83/08/22Memphis, TN
Removes mask before the match.
Buddy Landel [2]83/09/10Memphis, TN
Terry Taylor83/12/01Lexington, KY
Randy Savage [3]83/12/26Memphis, TN
Jerry Lawler84/04/09Lexington, KY
Title may have been vacated since Lawler also holds the AWA Southern Title.
Korstia Korchenko84/11/19Memphis, TN
Defeats Jacques Rougeau Jr.
Mike Sharpe84/12/17<
Jimmy Valiant85/02/21Memphis, TN
Vacant in 85.
Rick Link85/07
Jerry Lawler [2]85/07/15Memphis, TN
Vacant on 85/07/29 when Lawler wins Southern title.
Koko Ware [4]85/08/12Memphis, TN
Defeats Bota the Witch Doctor in 14-man tournament final.
Bota the Witch Doctor85/08
Koko Ware [5]85/09
Harley Race85/10/07Memphis, TN
Tom Branch85/11Kansas City, MO *
Koko Ware [6]85/11/16Memphis, TN
Buddy Landel [3]86/01/21Louisville, KY
Dirty Rhodes (Roger Smith)86/02/02Memphis, TN
Buddy Landel [4]86/02/18Memphis, TN
Dutch Mantell [13]86/04/07Memphis, TN
Rip Rogers86/05/19Memphis, TN
Dutch Mantell [14]86/06/16Memphis, TN
Vacant in 86/07 whem Mantell leaves the area.
Tracy Smothers86/08/11Memphis, TN
Defeats Basher in tournament final.
The Ninja 86/09/20 Memphis, TN
Tracy Smothers [2] 86/09/26 Memphis, TN
Boy Tony (Tony Falk)86/10/07Memphis, TN
Tracy Smothers [3]86/10/20Memphis, TN
Big Bubba (Fred Ottman)86/10/27Memphis, TN
Bubba already holds International title and vacates Mid-American title in 86/11.
Great Kabuki86/11Jackson, TN
Defeats Paul Diamond in tournament final; vacant in 86/12 when Kabuki leaves the area.
Moondog Spot87/05
Billed as champions on arrival.
Jeff Jarrett87/05/11Memphis, TN
Moondog Spot [2]87/05/23Memphis, TN
Jeff Jarrett [2]87/06/01Memphis, TN
Moondog Spot [3]87/06/08Memphis, TN
Jeff Jarrett [3]87/06/22Memphis, TN
Carl Fergie87/09/07Memphis, TN
Jeff Jarrett [4]87/09/14Memphis, TN
Jimmy Jack Funk (Jesse Barr)87/11/02Memphis, TN
Jeff Jarrett [5]87/11/09Memphis, TN
Unified with CWA Heavyweight title on 87/12/07 in Memphis, TN.

Kory Williams01/03/17Nashville, TN
Defeats Doug Gilbert; vacant in 01/06 when Williams leaves the promotion.
Rex Sexton02/12/25Columbia, TN
Eliminates Mikey Woods in a battle royal.
Mike Woods03/03/22Columbia, TN
Kory Williams, who has never been defeated for the title, returns in 03/05 claiming to still be champion.
Kory Williams [2]03/06/20Nashville, TN
Defeats Woods to unify the disputed title.
Mike Woods [2]03/09/13Columbia, TN
Lonestar03/11/08Columbia, TN
Tommy Capone04/04/03Columbia, TN
Mike Woods [3]04/05/03Columbia, TN
Buzz Dupp04/07/17Columbia, TN
Wins by forfeit.
Mike Woods [4]05/01<
L.A. Player05/01/08Columbia, TN
Mike Woods [5]05/09<
Kevin Rhodes05/10/07Springfield, TN
J.T. Quest06/04/01Columbia, TN
Defeats Jason Cain.
Larry Cooter06/04/29Columbia, TN
J.T. Quest [2]06/05/20Columbia, TN
Steve O06/07/22Columbia, TN
J.T. Quest [3]06/11/04Columbia, TN
Lee Condry05/12/23Columbia, TN
Wins a 4-Corner Survival Match.
Johnny Swinger07/04/13Columbia, TN
Lee Condry [2]07/04/14Columbia, TN
Vacates on 07/05/26 in Columbia, TN after losing by DQ to Robbie Ruffin and throwing the belt at Ruffin's feet.
Steve O [2]07/11/22Pulaski, TN
Wins a last man standing match; may be held up on 08/02/19 after a match against Shawn Schultz.
Shawn Schultz08/03/10<
Probably defeated Steve O and another opponent in a 3-way match for the held-up title on 08/03/04 in Nashville, TN.
Adam Armor08/06/03Nashville, TN
Marc Anthony08/06/03Nashville, TN
Stripped in 08/07.
Ali Stevens 08/07/22 Nashville, TN
Defeats John Noble.
Jeff Daniels 08/09/15Nashville, TN
Scott Hayes 08/11/27 Nashville, TN
Still champion as of 09/01/16.
Jeff Daniels [2] 09/06/04<
Steve O [3] 09/06/27<
Shawn Schultz [2] 09/09/03 Nashville, TN
Will Owens 09/11/05 Nashville, TN
Chad Hyatt 10/02/25 Nashville, TN
Orion Bishop 10/03/11 Nashville, TN
Will Owens [2] 11/01  
Nick Iggy 11/12/22 Nashville, TN
Vacant after a match against Kevin Kardashian on 12/05/27 in Lebanon, TN ends with a double pinfall; title retired few days later.

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