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Pre-1990s information last updated on 2017/02/01

NWA Georgia Junior Heavyweight Title

Harry Smith # 1953/12/27<
Billed as champion in Little Rock, AR.

Bob Orton Jr. 1975/04<
Vacant in 80.
Kevin Sullivan 1980/06/08 Atlanta, GA
Defeats Eddie Mansfield in tournament final.
Stanley Lane 1980/09/03 Columbus, GA
Kevin Sullivan [2] 1981/01
Dutch Mantell 1981
Steve Olsonoski 1981
George South 1986<

Air Paris1999/05/13Loganville, GA
Defeats Bart Sawyer in tournament final when title is revived by NWA; stripped on 99/10/28 for failure to defend in 30 days with injury.
Andy Anderson1999/10/28Loganville, GA
Defeats Dusty Dotson for vacant title.
Air Paris [2]1999/11/04Gainesville, GA
Stripped in 00/05.
Onyx2000/05/20Cornelia, GA
Defeats Adam Jacobs in a tournament final.
Lazz2000/10/21Cornelia, GA
Defeats Onyx and Jeff G. Bailey in a handicap match.
Caprice Coleman2000/12/02Cornelia, GA
J.C. Dazz2001/03/24Cornelia, GA
Jimmy Rave2001/04/21Cornelia, GA
Defeats Dazz and Caprice Coleman in a 3-way match.
J.C. Dazz [2]2001/09/29Atlanta, GA
Title held up after a match against A. J. Styles on 01/10/06 in Cornelia, GA.
Jimmy Rave [2]2001/10/19Cornelia, GA
Defeats Dazz, A.J. Styles, and Jason Cross.
Jeremy Lopez2001/11/03Cornelia, GA
Todd Sexton2002/04/20Cornelia, GA
Defeats Lopez and Jimmy Rave in a 3-way match.
Jeremy Lopez [2]2002/05/04Cornelia, GA
Slim J.2002/10/19Cornelia, GA
Salvatore Rinauro2003/03/01Cornelia, GA
Seth DeLay2003/07/05Cornelia, GA
Ray Gordy2003/09/06Cornelia, GA
Defeats Altar Boy Luke, Delirious, Matt Sydal, Salvatore Rinauro, and Seth Delay in a tounament; strupped on 03/12/06 for failure to defend within 30 days.
Fast Eddie2003/12/27Cornelia, GA
Wins an 8-man gauntlet match defeating Nick Halen, Rinauro, Jay Fury, Ray Gordy, Matt Sydal, Delirious, and Seth Delay.
Slim J. [2]2005/03/26Cornelia, GA
Defeats Eddie and Jay Fury in a 3-way match; unified with NWA Anarchy Television Title on 05/06/04 when Jeff Lewis defeats Slim J. in 4-man tournament final to unify Georgia Junior Heavyweight and NWA Wildside Television titles.

Koonce 2014/10/25 Griffin, GA
Defeats Marko in tournament to be recognized by NWA Atlanta.
Fry Daddy 2014/10/25 Griffin, GA
Michael Stevens 2015/07/25 Locust Grove, GA
Kevin Blue 2015/09/12 Locust Grove, GA
Recognition withdrawn when NWA Atlanta closes in 16/11.
Stunt Marshall 2016/12  
Has defeated Johnny Law on 15/03/21 in Columbus, GA to win the Syndicate Promotions Wrestling Light Heavyweight Title, which is renamed NWA Georgia Junior Heavyweight Title in 16/12; NWA Georgia Wrestling announces the departure from the NWA on 17/08/25.