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Caribbean Heavyweight Title
L&G ( 1968/05 - 1977/05 )
WWC ( 1977/05 - 2012 )

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* May also be billed as West Indies Title in Trinidad and Tobago.

Jose Lothario 1968/05/25 San Juan, PR
Defeats Red Bastein via forfeit in tournament final to become first champion.
Johnny Valentine 1968/06/08 San Juan, PR
Jose Lothario [2] 1968/10/24 Freeport, BAH
Gladiator 1969/01/18 San Juan, PR
Hans Mortier 1969/04/05 San Juan, PR
Ciclon Negro 1969/04/19 San Juan, PR
Missouri Mauler 1970/01/31 San Juan, PR
Jack Brisco 1970 San Juan, PR
Mefistofeles (Great Mephisto) 1970/09/05 San Juan, PR
Toru Tanaka1975/03/01San Juan, PR
Wins 12-man tournament.
Jose Lothario [3]1975/03/22
Defends title in World Promotions after L&G folds.
Huracán Castillo1976/07/31Bayamón, PR
Moves to WWC in 77/05.
Hercules Ayala1977/11/26Caguas, PR
Joe Novak1977/12/17San Juan, PR
Dick Steinborn1978/02/04San Juan, PR
Invader I (Jose Gonzales) 1978/02/25San Juan, PR
Pierre Martel (Frenchy Martin) 1978/03/11Bayamón, PR
Invader I [2]1978/04/08Caguas, PR
Title held up after match against Dick Steinborn on 78/06/24 in Bayamón, PR.
Invader I [3]1978/07/01Caguas, PR
Armand Hussein1978/07/15Caguas, PR
Jose Rivera1978/08/10Caguas, PR
Gil Hayes1978/10/21Bayamón, PR
Chief War Cloud1978/11/25Bayamón, PR
Don Kent1979/01/06San Juan, PR
Huracán Castillo [2]1979/07/21Bayamón, PR
Dick Steinborn [2]1979/08/21San Juan, PR
Jose Rivera1979
Dick Steinborn [3]1979/11/24
Ciclon Negro1979/12/29Bayamón, PR
Gama Singh1980/06/07San Juan, PR
Jose Rivera [2]1980/06/28Caguas, PR
Luke Graham1980/07/19Caguas, PR
Jay Strongbow1980/10/11Bayamón, PR
Danny Condrey (Wayne Ferris) 1980/12/20San Juan, PR
Maravilla1981/02/09San Juan, PR
Medic II1981/03/07Bayamón, PR
Tommy Gilbert1981/03/21Bayamón, PR
Kim Song1981/05/16San Juan, PR
Jack Brisco 1981/05/30San Juan, PR
Hans Muller1981/12/20San Juan, PR
Pierre Martel [2]1982/01/06Bayamón, PR
Angelo Mosca1982/02/20Bayamón, PR
Stripped on 82/03/13 when Mosca leaves WWC.
Dick Steinborn [2]
Defeats Charlie Cook in tournament final.
Charlie Cook1982/04/10Bayamón, PR
Abdullah the Butcher1982/08/14San Juan, PR
Hercules Ayala [2]1987/03/28Bayamón, PR
TNT (Juan Rivera)1988/06/18San Juan, PR
Buddy Landel1988/08/20Bayamón, PR
TNT [2]1988/09/17Bayamón, PR
Jason the Terrible1988/11/19Carolina, PR
TNT [3]1989/03/04San Juan, PR
Rip Rogers1989/05/14San Juan, PR
Miguelito Perez1989/11/04Bayamón, PR
Harley Race1990/01/06San Juan, PR
Invader I [4]1990/03/04Mayaguez, PR
Leo Burke1990/05/19Carolina, PR
Invader I [5]1990/07/07Bayamón, PR
Kim Duk1990/09/08Bayamón, PR
El Bronco (Ramon Alvarez) 1990/12/15Bayamón, PR
Kim Duk [2]1991/02/07Humacao, PR
Miguelito Perez [2]1991/02/16Caguas, PR
Scott Hall1991/03/03Cabo Rojo, PR
Super Medic III1991/04/20Aguadilla, PR
Rod Price1991/07/06Bayamón, PR
Super Medic III [2]1991/07/13Caguas, PR
Fidel Sierra1991/08/03Bayamón, PR
Miguelito Perez [3]1991/12/07Carolina, PR
Greg Valentine1991/12/25Bayamón, PR
Miguelito Perez [4]1992/01/06San Juan, PR
Yukihiro Kanemura1992/12/18Fukushima, JPN
Jado1993/09/26Hachiohji, JPN
Vacant on 94/02/11 when Jado leaves the W*ING promotion.
Abdullah the Butcher [2]1996/01/06Caguas, PR
Wins 18-man battle royal; vacant when Abdullah loses retirement match to Carlos Colon on 97/08/16 in Bayamón, PR.
Fidel Sierra [2]2001/12/15Caguas, PR
Defeats Bronco and Super Gladiator in a 3-way match.
Super Gladiador I2002/03/23Orocovis, PR
Fidel Sierra [3]2002/03/30Caguas, PR
Rico Suave2002/05/26Caguas, PR
Ricky Santana2002/06/22Cayey, PR
Rico Suave [2]2002/07/06Cayey, PR
Ricky Santana [2]2002/08/24Coamo, PR
Vacant and incative in 02.
Hideo Saito 2010/09/25 Bayamón, PR
Wins 10-man battle royal.
Joe Bravo 2010/11/27 Bayamón, PR
Carlitos 2011
Sometime after 11/01/15.
Chavo Guerrero Jr. 2011/07/16 Bayamón, PR
Defeats Carlitos and Orlando Colon in a 3-way match; title inactive in 12.

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