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Last updated on 2017/09/16

Florida Tag Team Title

National Wrestling Alliance ( 1968/12 - 1988 )
Florida Championship Wrestling ( 1988/04 - 1989/02 )
Professional Wrestling Federeation ( 1989/02 - 1991 )

The Shadow & Red Byrd 1945/08/05<  
Claim the title in Tampa, FL.

Bull Woods & Blackie Hill 1964/01/12<  
Claim the title in Ft. Myers, FL.

Medics (Billy Garrett & Jim Starr) 1968/12/10Tampa, FL
Defeat Jose Lothario & Wahoo McDaniel in final of 7-team tournament; vacant on 69/01/21 after a controversial victory by Jack Brisco & Nick Kozak over the Medics in Tampa, FL.
Infernos1969/01/28Tampa, FL
Defeat the Medics in tournament final.
Medics [2] 1969/02/04 Tampa, FL
Held up after a match against Bobby Fields & Lee Fields on 69/02/18 in Tampa, FL.
Medics [3] 1969/02/25Tampa, FL
Defeat Bobby Fields & Lee Fields in rematch.
Lester Welch & The Gladiator1969/04/29Tampa, FL
Hiro Matsuda & Missouri Mauler1969/05/27Tampa, FL
Ciclon Negro & Jack Brisco1969/07/22Tampa, FL
Hiro Matsuda & Missouri Mauler [2]1969/08/05Tampa, FL
Ciclon Negro & Sam Steamboat1969/09/03Miami, FL
Bronko Lubich & Chris Markoff1969/10/25Tampa, FL
Ciclon Negro & Jack Brisco [2] 1970/01/06 Tampa, FL
Bronko Lubich & Chris Markoff [2] 1970/01/30 Tallahassee, FL
Missouri Mauler & Dale Lewis1970/03/14Tampa, FL
Jose Lothario & Argentina Apollo1970/04/20Orlando, FL
Texas Outlaws: Dusty Rhodes & Dick Murdoch 1970/09/17Jacksonville, FL
Stripped in 70/12.
Jose Lothario & Danny Miller1970/12/25Tampa, FL
Defeat Infernos in one-night 6-team tournament final.
Infernos1971/01/04Orlando, FL
Jack Brisco & Jerry Brisco1971/02/16Tampa, FL
Dory Funk Jr. & Terry Funk1971/03/30Tampa, FL
Jack Brisco & Jerry Brisco [2]1971/04/13Tampa, FL
Vacant in 71/06 when Jerry is injured.
Ron Garvin & Ole Anderson 1971/07/22Jacksonville, FL
Win tournament.
Australians: Larry O'Day & Ron Miller 1971/08/05Jacksonville, FL
Dick Murdoch & Bobby Duncum1971/10/21Tampa, FL
Australians [2] 1971/11/10<Miami, FL
Alaskans: Mike York & Frank Monte1971/12/08Miami, FL
Australians [3]1971/12/22Miami, FL
Infernos (Frankie Cain & Rocky Smith) 1972/01/10W. Palm Beach, FL
Australians [4]1972/02/15Tampa, FL
Bobby Shane & Bearcat Wright1972/03/09Tampa, FL
Boris Malenko & Bob Roop1972/05/09Tampa, FL
Mike Webster & The Professional (Doug Gilbert) 1972/05/31Miami, FL
Boris Malenko & Johnny Walker1972/06/24Jacksonville, FL
The Zodiac (Bob Orton) & Taurus (Dennis Hall) 1972/06/29Jacksonville, FL
Hiro Matsuda & Tim Woods1972/07/05Miami, FL
Nick Bockwinkel & Ray Stevens1972/07/20Tampa, FL
Hiro Matsuda & Bob Orton1972/08/15Tampa, FL
Vacant on 72/09/05 when Orton defeats Matsuda to win both tag team belts, but the NWA rules the title vacant; first tournament ends with Jimmy Golden & Robert Fuller wrestling to a draw with Redbeard & Mike Webster on 72/09/12 in Tampa, FL.
Jimmy Golden & Ron Fuller1972/09/19Tampa, FL
Defeat Paul Jones & Dick Murdoch in final of the second tournament.
Norvell Austin & Sputnik Monroe1972/10/10Tampa, FL
Jack Brisco & Jerry Brisco [3]1972/11/16Tampa, FL
Bobby Shane & Chris Markoff1972/12/27Miami, FL
Tim Woods & Big Bad John1973/01/17 Miami Beach, FL
Bobby Shane & Gorgeous George Jr.1973/02/13Tampa, FL
Mike Graham & Kevin Sullivan1973/02/20Tampa, FL
Samoans: Tio Tio & Reno Tufuuli 1973/06/02St. Petersburg, FL
Mike Graham & Kevin Sullivan [2] 1973/08/01Miami Beach, FL
Samoans [2] 1973/08/14 Tampa, FL
Mike Graham & Kevin Sullivan [3] 1973/08/21 Tampa, FL
Dick Slater & Dusty Rhodes 1973/10/06St. Petersburg, FL
Jos LeDuc & Paul LeDuc 1973/11/23Tallahassee, FL
Dick Slater & Stan Vachon 1974/02/12 Tampa, FL
Kevin Sullivan & Haystacks Calhoun 1974/03/13 Miami Beach, FL
Hollywood Blonds: Jerry Brown & Buddy Roberts 1974/03/19 Tampa, FL
Mike Graham & Dick Slater 1974/09/03 Tampa, FL
Dusty Rhodes & Mike Graham 1974/09
Graham defeats Slater on 74/09/17 in Tampa, FL and chooses Rhodes as new partner.
Dick Slater & Toru Tanaka 1974/10/01Tampa, FL
Dominic Denucci & Tony Parisi 1974/12/28Tampa, FL
Dick Slater & J.J. Dillon 1975/02/04 Tampa, FL
Immediately break up.
Dick Slater & Johnny Weaver 1975/02/11 Tampa, FL
Slater defeats Dillon, most likely to gain the control of the title.
Harley Race & Roger Kirby1975/04/16Miami, FL
Vacant in 75.
Ciclon Negro & Omar Negro (Omar Atlas) 1975/07/09 Miami Beach, FL
Jim Dillon & Roger Kirby 1975/08/16 St. Petersburg, FL
Ciclon Negro & Omar Negro [2] 1975/09/17Miami Beach, FL
Roger Kirby & Rip Hawk 1975/12/15 W. Palm Beach, FL
Eddie Graham & Mike Graham 1975/12/23 Tampa, FL
Bob Roop & Bob Orton Jr. 1976/01/20 Tampa, FL
Defeat Eddie Graham & Bill Dromo, subbing for Mike.
Bob Orton Sr. & Bob Orton Jr. 1976/04  
Roop injured on 76/03/23 and replaced by Orton Sr.
Bob Orton Sr. & Bob Roop 1976/06
Orton Jr. wins Heavyweight Title on 76/05/25 and replaced by Roop; held up after a match against Jack Brisco & Jerry Brisco on 76/06/08 in Tampa, FL.
Bob Orton Sr. & Bob Roop [2] 1976/06/22Tampa, FL
Defeat the Brisco Brothers in rematch.
Steve Keirn & Bob Backlund 1976/06/29Tampa, FL
Hollywood Blonds [2] 1976/09/07Tampa, FL
Mike Graham & Ken Lucas 1976/10/19? Tampa, FL?
Vacant in 76/10.
Mike Graham & Ken Lucas * 1976/11/01 Orlando, FL
Defeat Bob Orton Sr. & Bob Orton Jr. and the Hollywood Blonds: Buddy Roberts & Jerry Brown in a round-robin tournament; vacant in 76/12<.
Bob Orton Jr. & Bob Roop [2] 1976/12/14Tampa, FL
Defeat Jack Brisco & Jerry Brisco and the Hollywood Blonds: Buddy Roberts & Jerry Brown in a round-robin tournament.
Jack Brisco & Jerry Brisco [4] 1977/01/10Orlando, FL
Billy Graham & Ox Baker 1977/04/02 Ocala, FL
Jack Brisco & Jerry Brisco [5] 1977/06/03 Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Held up after a match against Ivan Koloff & Pat Patterson on 77/06/13 in W. Palm Beach, FL.
Ivan Koloff & Pat Patterson 1977/06/20 W. Palm Beach, FL
Rocky Johnson & Pedro Morales 1977/09/19 W. Palm Beach, FL
Ivan Koloff & Mr. Saito (Masa Saito) 1977/10/26<  
Sometime between 77/10/04 and 77/10/25.
Mike Graham & Steve Keirn 1977/11/26<
Sometime after 77/11/23; vacant in 77.
Ivan Koloff & Mr. Saito [2]1977/12/06Tampa, FL
Defeat the Masked Marauders in a tournament final.
Mike Graham & Steve Keirn [2] 1978/01/01? Orlando, FL?
Ivan Koloff & Mr. Saito [3] 1978/01/10 Tampa, FL
Rocky Johnson & Pedro Morales [2]1978/01/24Tampa, FL
Mr. Saito & Mr. Sato (Kabuki/Akihisa Takachiho) 1978/03  
Jack Brisco & Jerry Brisco [7]1978/06/13Miami, FL
Spoilers (Don Jardine & Bobby Duncum) 1978/06/27Tampa, FL
Mike Graham & Steve Keirn [3] 1978/08/12 St. Petersburg, FL
Spoilers [2] 1978
Defeat Spoiler II & another Spoiler subbing for Spoiler I.
Mike Graham & Steve Keirn [4] 1978/09/05 Tampa, FL
Mr. Saito & Mr. Sato [2] 1978/09  
Mike Graham & Steve Keirn [5]1978/09/23Lakeland, FL
Killer Kox & Bobby Duncum1978/10/03Tampa, FL
Defeat Keirn & Jimmy Garvin.
Pak Song & Eric the Red 1978/10/14Lakeland, FL
Pak Song & Mr. Uganda (Ciclon Negro) 1978/11/10
Eric the Red is killed; Jos Leduc & Mr. Uganda defend the title on 79/02/03.
Mike Graham & Steve Keirn [6] 1979/02
Bugsy McGraw & Pak Song 1979/03/19 W. Palm Beach, FL
Mike Graham & Steve Keirn [7] 1979/03/26 W. Palm Beach, FL
Bugsy McGraw & Thor the Viking (Scott Irwin) 1979/07/04<
Jimmy Garvin & Steve Keirn 1979/07/31<
Mr. Hito & Mr. Sakurada1979/08/25St. Petersburg, FL
Bobo Brazil & Sweet Brown Sugar1979/09/29St. Petersburg, FL
Ray Stevens & Mike Graham1979/10/09Tampa, FL
Stanley Lane & Bryan St. John1979/10/30Tampa, FL
Defeat Stevens & Eddie Graham; declared vacant on 79/11/06 after a match against Mr. Hito & Mr. Sakurada in Tampa, FL.
Mike Graham & Steve Keirn [8]1979/11/13Tampa, FL
Defeat Mr. Hito & Mr. Sakurada.
Stanley Lane & Bryan St. John [2]1979/11/25St. Petersburg, FL
Jack Brisco & Jim Garvin1980/03/10W. Palm Beach, FL
Stanley Lane & Bryan St. John [3] 1980/05/01 Jacksonville, FL
Jack Brisco & Jerry Brisco [8] 1980/06/22Orlando, FL
Ivan Koloff & Nikolai Volkoff1980/08/07Jacksonville, FL
Vacant sometime after 80/09/09.
Barry Windham & Scott McGhee1980/10/18St. Petersburg, FL
Defeat Assassins in tournament final.
Cowboy Connection: Bobby Jaggers & R.T. Tyler 1980/12/02Tampa, FL
Barry Windham & Mike Graham1981/01/02Orlando, FL
Cowboy Connection [2] 1981/01/08? Jacksonville, FL?
Dusty Rhodes & Andre the Giant 1981/02/12Gainesville, FL
Vacant in 81; title inactive and temporarily replaced with North American Title.
New Breed: Sean Royal & Chris Champion 1986/12/25Tampa, FL
Defeat Kendall Windham & Vic Steamboat.
Southern Boys: Steve Armstrong & Tracy Smothers 1987/02/21Sarasota, FL
MOD Squad: Basher & Spike1987/03/15Daytona Beach, FL
Mike Graham & Steve Keirn [9]1987/04/17Daytona Beach, FL
Sheepherders: Butch Miller & Luke Williams 1987/06/23Tampa, FL
Mike Graham & Steve Keirn [10]1987/08/29St. Petersburg, FL
Mighty Yankees (Bob Cook & Jerry Grey) 1987/09/08Tampa, FL
Mike Graham & Steve Keirn [11]1987/10/17Lakeland, FL
Continue to be recognized by FCW after 88/04.
Johnny Ace & The Terminator1988/09/20Tampa, FL
Nasty Boys: Brian Nobbs & Jerry Saggs 1989/01/05Nassau, BAH
Johnny Ace & The Terminator [2]1989/01/26Tampa, FL
Nasty Boys [2]1989/03/24St. Petersburg, FL
Southern Force: Black Bart & Bobby Jaggers 1989/03/28Tampa, FL
Mike Graham & Dustin Rhodes1989/05/09Tampa, FL
Southern Force: Black Bart & Tony Anthony 1989/05Tampa, FL
Nasty Boys [3]1989/06/11Orlando, FL
Playboys: Brett Sawyer & Jimmy Backlund 1989/07  
Nasty Boys [4]1989/08/22Tampa, FL
Jumbo Baretta & Dennis Knight1989/10/17Tampa, FL
Mark Starr & Lou Perez1989/11/12Tampa, FL
Bounty Hunters1989/11/16Tampa, FL
Defeat Perez & Brickhouse Brown.
Nasty Boys [5]1990/01/06Nassau, BAH
Defeat Bounty Hunter & The Terminator.
Robert Fuller & Kendall Windham1990/04/12Tampa, FL
Defeat Brian Nobbs & Hurricane Walker.
Mike Graham & John Gomez1990/05/08Tampa, FL
Vacant in 90 when Graham retires.
Sgt. Rock & Mark Starr 1990/09/13 Tampa, FL
Defeat Joe Gomez & Hurricane Walker.
Hurricane Walker & Tim Parker 1990/10  
Sgt. Rock & Ron Slinker 1990/11/12  
PWF closes in 91.

Post-PWF Versions

NWA Florida ( 1997 - 2005/06 )
Florida Championship Wrestling ( 2008/02 - 2012 )
Pro Wrestling Fusion ( 2009/01 - 2011/07 )
AWA Florida ( 2010/10 -   )
NWA Championship Wrestling from Florida ( 2012/04< - 2012/09 )
NWA Florida Underground Wrestling ( 2014/03 - 2015/11 )