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Pro Wrestling Fusion ( 2009/01 - 2009/10 )
National Wrestling Alliance ( 2009/10 - 2011/07 )
Florida Tag Team Title

Blunt Force Trauma: Jon Davis & Bruce Santee 2009/01/10Ft. Pierce, FL
Defeate Heartbreak Express in tournament final to become the first champions; vacant on 09/05/16 due to injury.
International Assassins: The Sheik (Joseph Cabibbo) & Chris Gray2009/05/16Ft. Pierce, FL
The Sheik wins Heavyweight Title on 09/08/01 and vacates Tag Team Title on 09/08/10.
Dark City Fight Club: Kory Chavis & Jon Davis 2009/03/07Daytona Beach, FL
Renamed NWA Florida Title in 09/10.
Heavenly Bodies: Chris Nelson & Vito DeNucci 2010/04/03 Tampa, FL
Dark City Fight Club [2] 2010/04/16 Sanford, FL
Vacant after Dark City Fight Club win NWA World Title on 10/11/20; PWF leaves NWA in 11.

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